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The 10 Best Restaurants in Stowe, VT


In Stowe, VT, there are many stunning outdoor spaces to explore and activities to suit all tastes. When visiting this location, you will also find that there are many amazing restaurants to try, and each has something different to offer in terms of its menu, the setting, or the overall dining experience. Regardless of your tastes and budget, and no matter what time of day you are eating out, you will find a venue to meet your needs. To help you choose where to eat during your stay, here are the 10 best restaurants in Stowe, VT.

The Nest

10. The Nest at The Golden Eagle Resort

The Golden Eagle’s on-site restaurant is The Nest, formerly called The Colonial Café. It is only open for breakfast during the week and for breakfast and brunch at the weekends. It is one of the most popular spots for fueling up in the morning before a day on the slopes amongst locals and tourists alike. The coffee is supplied by the Vermont Coffee Company, and the menu consists of a vast array of hot and cold breakfast and lunch. Some examples of menu items include breakfast steak with egg and fries or French toast with maple syrup and crispy bacon. Diners love the warm and friendly atmosphere at this daytime eatery.

Stowehof Lodge

9. Stowehof Lodge

Stowehof Lodge is on Edison Hill Road in Stowe, and it is a popular eatery for people who have spent the day hiking up and down the mountains and want somewhere warm and comfortable to eat. The restaurant shares a building with Coslin’s Pub, so many people stay on to enjoy a drink after their meal. The dishes on the menu have an elevated rustic style, with options such as in-house smoked duck breast, pan-fried trout with herb butter, and brie wrapped in puffed pastry with walnuts and strawberry conserve.


8. Solstice

One of the top destinations for fine dining in Stowe is Solstice, which is the restaurant at Stowe Mountain Lodge on Mountain Road. Not only is it open to the guests of the hotel, but it is also open to the public. The award-winning restaurant has a AAA four-diamond distinction. The food at Solstice is prepared using seasonal and local produce from local farms and artisan producers. Therefore, the menu changes often to reflect the seasonality of the ingredients.

Hob Knob

7. Hob Knob

Hob Knob is a family-owned and operated restaurant within Stowe Vermont Inn on Mountain Road in Stowe. There is a cozy feel inside this lodge-style restaurant, as it has ceiling beams and a fieldstone fireplace. However, it is also light, thanks to the floor-to-ceiling windows, which offer stunning views across the surrounding area. There is a wide selection of dishes from which to choose that are influenced by various cuisines, including steaks, other meat dishes, fish and seafood options, and vegetarian meals.

Green Goddess Cafe

6. Green Goddess Café

Although healthy options and plant-based meals are prominent on the menu at Green Goddess Café, there is something for everyone. For example, there is a pork carnitas wrap with cheddar for meat lovers and the less healthy option of buttermilk pancakes topped with Vermont maple syrup. It is one of the best options in Stowe for lunch, brunch, or lunch. You will find Green Goddess Café along South Main Street.

Trapp Family Lodge

5. Trapp Family Lodge

Not only is Trapp Family Lodge one of the best hotels in Stowe, but it is also where you will find one of the best restaurants. The hotel’s restaurant is open to the public, and the wood-paneled dining room reflects the Austrian architecture of the lodge. From the candlelit dining room, there are stunning views across the mountains. The menu combines New England favorites with classic Austrian dishes. There is an award-winning wine menu and in-house sommeliers to help you choose a wine to accompany your meal.

Doc Ponds

4. Doc Ponds

Shannon Shipman lists Doc Ponds as one of the best restaurants in Stowe, VT. It is a favorite amongst the locals, and it is loved as much for its beers as it is for the food. There are more than 100 varieties of canned and bottled beers at this casual dining establishment, along with 24 rotating taps. The menu consists of American classics, such as taco bowls and mac and cheese.

Crop Vermont Bistro and Brewery

3. Crop Vermont Bistro and Brewery

Crop Vermont Bistro and Brewery aim to use locally sourced and seasonal produce as much as possible. Therefore, all the fish, meat, cheese, wine, and ale come from local farmers and producers. The dishes on the menu range from pub classics to Asian and European-inspired food. The spacious dining room boasts a stone fire pit and floodlit wine cabinets. There is a relaxing ambiance at this venue, and the customer service is excellent.

Bistro at Ten Actres

2. The Bistro at Ten Acres

The Bistro at Ten Acres first opened its doors in 2012, and it has been receiving praise ever since. There are three separate dining rooms at the bistro, and each offers a different view of the surrounding Vermont countryside from its position on Barrows Road. The bistro also has a fireside lounge where diners can relax with a drink before or after their meal, including a good selection of whiskeys, bourbons, and cocktails. The bistro-style menu offers both New American fare and dishes inspired by international cuisines.


1. Plate

According to The Culture Trip, the best restaurant in Stowe, VT, is Plate. It was designed by architect and designer Tania Kratt, and the restaurant has won awards for its design, which combines contemporary and rustic elements. There are beautifully presented meat, seafood, and vegetarian options on the menu, and the chef is happy to adapt the meals to meet the dietary requirements of guests. You can find this restaurant on South Main Street in Stowe, and a meal here might be one of the highlights of your vacation.

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