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The 10 Best Places to Eat in St. Lucia

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat

Even if you are staying in a hotel with multiple dining options during your vacation, you will probably want to eat out at some point. For many travelers, sampling the food in various restaurants is an important part of their experience. They like to try different establishments to enjoy new settings and to try a variety of different cuisines. It is also important for many people to enjoy local dishes, as it adds to the experience's authenticity. If you are visiting St. Lucia, you will find a vast array of excellent restaurants to enjoy. To help you find some amazing dining options, here are the 10 best places to eat in St. Lucia.

Jade Moutain Club

10. Jade Mountain Club

Although Jade Mountain Club is a hotel, its restaurant is open to the public. The restaurant is set around an infinity pool, and there is often live music from local jazz or acoustic guitar musicians. The menu consists of seasonal Caribbean dishes created by Chef Allen Susser, who has won the James Beard Award. The food has a modern-fusion style that you will not find anywhere else on the island. Before enjoying your meal, head to the rooftop lounge to whet your appetite with a pre-dinner cocktail and to admire the spectacular views.

Coal Pot

9. The Coal Pot

Sitting on the waterfront of Vigue Marina is The Coal Pot, which is a family-run restaurant that was established in 1966. Its welcoming dining room and cozy bar have the perfect atmosphere to enjoy a romantic meal. Chef Xavier Ribet is at the helm of this restaurant, and he creates an extensive menu of poultry, meat, and seafood dishes with a French twist. If possible, sit at one of the water's edge tables to enhance your dining experience. The Coal Pot is known for its generous portions and the stunning views across the boatyard.

Orlando's St. Lucia

8. Orlando's

A top place to enjoy a romantic meal during your visit to St. Lucia is Orlando's. It is an alfresco restaurant at the end of Soufriere, where you will eat in the courtyard garden. The restaurant serves small plates of Caribbean food that are made using only locally-sourced ingredients. Many of the dishes contain locally-caught seafood. There is a selection of gourmet tasting menus that allow you to taste various St. Lucian flavors.

Masala Bay

7. Masala Bay

Fans of Asian cuisine should enjoy at least one meal at Masala Bay, which is in the Capella Hotel in Marigot Bay. It is a waterfront restaurant with an extensive menu of Asian-fusion dishes, including Indian and Hakka delicacies. Masala Bay is open from Tuesday to Sunday for both lunch and dinner. At lunch, they offer a tasting menu so you can sample lots of different flavors. Try to get a table on the balcony so that you can enjoy the views across the bay while you dine. If you are closer to Rodney Bay, then an alternative place to visit is Masala Bay's sister restaurant, Spice of India.

Pink Plantation House

6. Pink Plantation House

Locally sourced ingredients are used to create Caribbean dishes that are visually appealing at Pink Plantation House. It is a fantastic place for vegetarians and vegans to eat, as there are plenty of options on the menu. The restaurant's famous rum punch and the friendly customer service add to the dining experience. You will find this restaurant in an elevated position overlooking the port of Castries.

The Naked Fisherman

5. The Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Grill

An excellent option for seafood enthusiasts is The Naked Fisherman Beach Bar & Grill, which is a casual beachside option that is open for both lunch and dinner service. Some of the seafood items that you will typically see on the menu include locally caught snapper, lobster, grouper, and dorado. Seafood is not the only option on the menu, as this restaurant also serves burgers, steaks, platters, and ribs. A further reason to visit this restaurant is that the sunset views from the bar are spectacular.

Big Chef Steakhouse

4. Big Chef Steakhouse

Steak fans should consider dining at the Big Chef Steakhouse, as this restaurant serves the best steaks on the island. It is also a great place to eat for seafood lovers, and lobster is one of their specialties. Everything is cooked to order and served to your liking. In addition to the outstanding food, this restaurant is known for its extensive cocktail list.

The Cliff at Cap

3. The Cliff at Cap

For a fine dining experience, Inspiring Travel Company recommends The Cliff at Cap. Set on a private ocean-front bluff, the views of Martinique and Pigeon Island from this restaurant are spectacular. It is an elegant fine dining restaurant with a menu consisting of French-West Indian dishes served in inventive ways. It is the ideal restaurant to visit if you are celebrating an event or you feel like treating yourself. It is open for both lunch and dinner service.

Martha's Tables

2. Martha's Tables

Arguably the best place to eat if you want a casual lunch is Martha's Tables. It is a casual place to eat that serves rustic, traditional Caribbean food. Creole-style grilled meat and seafood are specialties at this restaurant. Martha's Tables is one of the most popular places to eat on the island, and it is known for its friendly customer service, generous portions, and good value for money.

Boucan by Hotel Chocolat

1. Boucan Hotel Restaurant

Olive Magazine lists Boucan Hotel Restaurant as one of the best places to eat in St Lucia, as this restaurant offers a unique dining experience. It specializes in food made using chocolate and cacao nibs, but this does not mean that it is a menu full of desserts as there are savory dishes that include cacao nibs and chocolate in unique ways. The chocolate experience continues with tours of the plantation or the chance to make your own chocolate bars. This hotel's location is also amazing, as it is set against the Piton mountains, and it overlooks the Caribbean Sea.

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