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The 20 Best Restaurants in All of Maryland


If you are visiting Maryland, you will undoubtedly want to eat out during your vacations. Similarly, if you live in this state, you might want to try different establishments to enjoy diverse dining experiences.

Fortunately, there are many outstanding restaurants in Maryland, with options for enjoying traditional local cuisine alongside other venues that offer various international cuisines.

No matter your personal preferences, you will find places to eat out to suit your tastes, and there are also options to suit all budgets. Here are the 20 best restaurants in all of Maryland.


20. Jimmy Cantler's Riverside Inn, Annapolis

Just outside Annapolis, Jimmy Cantler's Riverside Inn has been described as one of Maryland's best crab shacks. The standout dish on the menu is the steamed crab, which diners eat with their fingers. It is served with corn on the cob, and most diners accompany their meal with an ice-cold beer. Another popular option from the menu is soft crabs. Another draw of this restaurant is its waterfront location.

Rec Pier

19. Rec Pier Chophouse, Fells Point

The Rec Pier Chophouse is the on-site restaurant at the Sagamore Pendry Baltimore in Fells Point. It is a rustic yet chic trattoria with large windows in the dining room and a comfy lounge where diners can drink and chat before or after dining. There is something for everyone on the menu, as there are steaks, other cuts of meat, fish, and seafood, or pasta dishes from which diners can choose. It is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner seven days a week, although it closes between 11 am and 11.30 am on weekdays.

Woodbury Kitchen

18. Woodberry Kitchen, Baltimore

Woodberry Kitchen is set in a former flour mill in Woodberry, Baltimore. The menu consists of dishes that utilize the best of the regional meats, seafood, fruit, and vegetables. There are some amazing seafood options on the menu, including Tilghman Island crab cakes and Maryland catfish with heritage grits.

There are also many vegetarian options on the menu that are created using seasonal produce from the local farms. Only In Your State recommends the flatbreads that are made in the brick oven. Due to the restaurant's popularity, it is best to reserve a table in advance.

Out of the Fure

17. Out of the Fire, Easton

Out of the Fire combines Chesapeake Bay's ingredients and culinary traditions with international flavors. It is an eco-conscious bistro that has a farm-to-table ethos. The dishes are predominantly made using seasonal and sustainable ingredients. Due to the international influences, there is everything from pizzas to Thai crab salad on the menu.

It is a fun restaurant with tables for families and groups, and solo diners can eat at the bar, which faces the open kitchen. This restaurant has received praise from former diners for its excellent customer service. You will find this restaurant on Goldsborough Street in Easton.

Thames St. Oyster House

16. Thames St. Oyster House, Fells Point

As its name suggests, the Thames St. Oyster House is on Thames Street in Fells Point. It is one of the top seafood restaurants in the Baltimore area, and the waterfront dining room offers stunning water views that add to the overall dining experience.

The creative dishes on the menu belie the restaurant's rather unimaginative name. Although the oysters are the highlight of the menu, Thames St. Oyster House also serves some of the best lobster rolls in the state.

Blacksmith Bar

15. Blacksmith Bar & Restaurant, Berlin

Lonely Planet recommends booking a table at Blacksmith Bar & Restaurant. The restaurant takes its name from the building's former purpose as a blacksmith shop. Now, it has been converted into a cozy restaurant with low ceilings and a warm tavern vibe. The menu consists of hearty dishes, and there is a farm-to-table ethos at this eatery. There is a decent wine menu, a creative list of cocktails, and a good range of beers on tap.

The Hobbitt

14. The Hobbit Restaurant, Ocean City

You are spoiled for choice if you want to dine at a waterfront restaurant in Maryland, but some offer views that are more spectacular than others. A restaurant that offers some of the best water views in the state is The Hobbit Restaurant in Ocean City.

It is a sophisticated restaurant where you can expect outstanding service in a dining room with white linen tablecloths. The menu is predominantly seafood dishes that are made using fresh local fish. It is a popular spot amongst local couples who want to enjoy a romantic meal.


13. Kloby's Smokehouse, Laurel

If you are a fan of BBQ, then the best place to dine in the whole of Maryland is Kloby's Smokehouse in Laurel. It started out as a counter-service BBQ joint, but its popularity led to the owners opening an official restaurant. It is not a fancy place to eat, but you are guaranteed a meal that is full of flavor.

Expect to find dishes such as blackened salmon sandwiches and bourbon cured grilled pork on the menu. Most diners accompany their meal with a cold beer or a bourbon.

Old Line Fine Wine, Spirits & Bistro, Beltsville

12. Old Line Fine Wine, Spirits & Bistro, Beltsville

If the selection of wine is an essential part of your enjoyment when dining out, then there are few places better than Old Line Fine Wine, Spirits & Bistro. There are simple yet tasty dishes such as gourmet burgers and homemade flatbreads on the menu. However, it is the drinks selections that make this bistro stand out. There is a huge variety of wines from around the world, and the staff makes pairing suggestions to help you choose the best wine to accompany your meal.

Savage River Lodge, Frostburg

11. Savage River Lodge, Frostburg

Save River Lodge in Frostburg offers rustic accommodation, and its on-site restaurant is one of the best in the state. The lodge is set against snow-capped mountains, and the dining room has breathtaking views of the mountains, lakes, and river. The seasonal menu uses meat, fish, and vegetables from the local area. The lodge is surrounded by more than 700 acres of State Forest Land, so you can take a stroll through the grounds after your meal.

El Jefe

10. El Jefe Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar, Stevensville

El Jefe Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar is an amazing restaurant to try if you enjoy Mexican flavors is El Jefe Mexican Kitchen & Tequila Bar. It is a family-friendly joint with a relaxed atmosphere, yet the food is top-notch Many other Mexican restaurants in the area use canned or frozen ingredients, but all the dishes made at El Jefe Kitchen & Tequila Bar are made using fresh ingredients, and you can really taste the difference. Don't forget to finish off the meal with a shot of tequila.


9. Jalapenos, Annapolis

You will find both Mexican and Spanish dishes on the menu at Jalapenos. The robust flavors of the food contrast with the restaurant's rather dull location in an Annapolis strip mall. You will find many traditional and crowd-pleasing Spanish and Mexican favorites on the menu. There is the option to order some of the dishes tapas-style, which is a great way to sample a variety of flavors in one sitting. Former diners recommend washing down your meal with a Margarita or some sangria.

Dutch Daughter

8. Dutch's Daughter, Frederick

If you are in Frederick, one of the top places to dine is Dutch's Daughter. It is one of the city's most popular venues for celebrations and romantic meals, as it has built a reputation for superior service and high-quality food. The main options on the menu are steaks and seafood dishes, and the restaurant's crab cakes have been rated as some of the best in Maryland. Before or after the meal, diners can enjoy a drink in The Dungeon, which is a casual bar on the restaurant's lower level.

Crabcake Factory

7. Crabcake Factory, Ocean City

As you would expect from a venue called the Crabcake Factory, the highlight of the menu at this restaurant in Ocean City is crab cakes. Year after year, this restaurant is ranked as serving the best crab cakes anywhere in Maryland. However, there are plenty more seafood options to choose from the menu if crab cakes are not your thing. The Crabcake Factory is a well-established restaurant, as Johnny Brooks first opened it in 1996. It has been such a success that two further locations are independently owned.

Parts and Labor

6. Parts & Labor, Baltimore

Meat lovers should consider booking themselves a table at Parts & Labor in Baltimore. The meat is sourced locally and then butchered on-site, so real care is taken both during the preparation of the meat and at a very cooking stage. There is a vast choice of meat cuts on the menu that customers can order cooked to their liking.

Many of the meats are wood-fired or cooked on the BBQ. In addition to the meat quality, another reason to visit Parts & Labor is to try some of their homemade cider created using locally-sourced fruit. There are also craft beers and cocktails available.


5. Lemongrass, Annapolis

One of the top options for those who love Asian flavors is Lemongrass in Annapolis, Maryland. It is a Thai restaurant that serves fresh and delicious food that is packed with flavor. If you visit at lunchtime, you will dine amongst some of the area's most influential people, as it is a hotspot for the rich and famous.

The restaurant stands out in Annapolis as it is one of only a handful of restaurants serving Asian cuisine. There are meat, fish, and vegetarian options, but the restaurant is best known for its delectable seafood dishes. Diners at this restaurant enjoy the background music, the attentive service, and the affordable prices.


4. Ananda, Fulton

If you feel like eating perfectly spiced, traditional Indian cuisine, then the place to go is Ananda in Fulton. The menu is filled with classic and regional dishes that have been given a modern twist.

Many of the dishes are inspired by the British Raj, and no matter what you order from the menu, you can expect an aromatic and mouthwatering. Adding to the dining experience is the interior décor and atmosphere in the dining room, as it has modern finishes that are similar to a retreat setting.

Brick Wood Fired Bistro

3. Brick Wood Fired Bistro, Prince Frederick

Brick Wood Fired Restaurant in Prince Frederick, Calvert County, has earned a reputation for using locally sourced, organic ingredients in their dishes. It is a trendy, forward-thinking restaurant that specializes in wood-fired food, such as pizzas topped with delicious, fresh ingredients, with some unusual topping combinations.

Chops and seafood also feature on the menu. Many of the options on the menu are influenced by Italian cuisine. It is a family-friendly restaurant that offers affordable prices despite the classy atmosphere.

The Black Olive

2. The Black Olive, Baltimore

Baltimore's top Greek restaurant is The Black Olive, and it is also one of the best restaurants in Maryland. Although meat, fish, and vegetarian options are on the menu, The Black Olive is best known for its outstanding seafood dishes.

They are served in a rustic fashion, with simple ingredients that are perfectly combined to get the most flavor out of each element of the dish. For example, the wood-fired fish is served with lemon and olive oil. It is a relaxed place to eat with a convivial vibe and friendly staff.


1. Aldo's Italian Restaurant, Baltimore

According to Best Things MD, one of the best restaurants in Maryland is Aldo's Italian Restaurant, and it is described as a fantastic option if you are out for a celebratory meal. In addition to the homemade pasta dishes using fresh ingredients, this restaurant is known for its steaks cooked to the diner's preference. What sets this restaurant apart from the local competition is being served by waiters in tuxedos, which adds to the sense of occasion when dining in this establishment.

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