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The 10 Best Places to Eat in Roswell, NM

Billy Ray

Whether you’re climbing desert canyons or out alien hunting, nothing refreshes the soul and the body like a good solid meal after a long day. Extremely abundant with so many natural sites to explore, Roswell, New Mexico is an adventurer’s dream. It also happens to have a diverse culinary makeup, especially since so many people from the world travel here every year. Roswell has some pretty exciting restaurant options to satisfy hungry stomachs—residents and aliens alike. If you’re planning a trip to Roswell soon, you’ll be glad to know that there are plenty of restaurant options you can discover and enjoy, starting with this list of the 10 best places to eat in the area.

Cattle Baron

1. Cattle Baron Steak and Seafood

With history that dates to 1976, this veteran-owned restaurant has expanded from just one to several locations over the years. Cattle Baron Steak and Seafood is New Mexico dining at its best. Cattle Baron only uses the freshest ingredients. They also take pride in their menu, which has been developed in-house for over 40 years now. It’s basically like eating at home—only the food is much, much better. Cattle Baron offers all sorts of fares, but we highly recommend you don’t leave here without ordering some steak.

Downtown Dive

2. Big D’s Downtown Dive

From Cajun to Thai to Tex-Mex, Big D’s Downtown Dive seems to just have them all. The restaurant is known for its ability to satisfy so many different cravings at the same time. Located on Main Street in Downtown Roswell, Big D’s may be most known for its incredible menu, but patrons also keep coming back here for the ambience. It’s a fun place to be with food that’s just out of this world.

Cowboy Cafe

3. Cowboy Café

Roswell is full of ranches and cowboys, and what better way to spend your day than to dine with cowboys too. It’s definitely not a promise deal, but if you eat at Roswell’s Cowboy Café, you might just spot a cowboy or two. This restaurant boasts of some of this area’s best home cooked meals. That sounds great, but you should also know one thing: Cowboy Café serves breakfast all day. Now that sounds incredible to us, and we’re pretty sure it’s something the cowboy or cowgirl in you would appreciate.

Peppers Grill and Bar

4. Peppers Grill and Bar

You absolutely cannot leave Roswell without a decent sampling of some authentic Southwestern food. Peppers Grill and Bar offers casual dining with a Southwestern flair. This restaurant has been voted to have the best margaritas and burgers in the UFO Capital of the World. Just off of Main Street, Peppers is the perfect place to be whether you’re just looking for light appetizers or going big with some Fresh Mex platters with a side of burgers. Don’t forget that drinks are excellent here too.

Los Cerritos

5. Los Cerritos Mexican Kitchen

The culture of Mexico is quite widespread throughout New Mexico, and it has influenced everything in the state from food to traditions. One thing about Los Cerritos Mexican Kitchen that sets them apart from all other restaurants in Roswell is the fact that Los Cerritos can customize guests’ dining experience. That’s the luxury of being a catering service at the same time. As far as food is concerned, you’ll just have to eat there to make up your own mind. You might just leave completely changed. After all, they serve breakfast Mexican-style—something that we really don’t see much of anywhere else.

Taste of Thai

6. Taste of Thai Cuisine

Just because you’re in Roswell doesn’t mean you can’t get anything eclectic to eat. It isn’t all steaks and cows here, after all. The proof is in this incredible restaurant, Taste of Thai Cuisine. You don’t have to be a Thai food lover in order to appreciate this restaurant. In fact, it’s a great place to be introduced to Thai food if you aren’t acquainted just yet. Taste of Thai offers an intimate setting, authentic Thai flavors, and some excellent Thai iced tea.

Chef Toddzilla

7. Chef’s Toddzilla’s Mobile Cuisine

The name alone sounds like one-of-a-kind, and Chef Toddzilla is no joke—we promise. You’ll forget all about Roswell’s alien obsession as soon as you get your hands on some Toddzilla gourmet burgers. Burgers here are the Holy Grail, and the Toddzilla crew has spent years upon finding it in perfected state. We especially recommend either the Green Chile Cheeseburger or the Chorizo Burger to commemorate your stay in the Southwest. We also recommend indulging in some UFO-themed libations such as astroPOPS and AlienADES.

Pasta Cafe Italian

8. Pasta Café Italian Bistro

Everyday is great-for-Italian day, even in Roswell. There’s nothing like pasta carbs to fuel long treks and difficult hikes. What would make it all even better is if pasta is homemade. Roswell’s Pasta Café Italian Bistro offers homemade favorites and more. You can choose traditional favorites such as spaghetti with meatballs, or you can really go bold with some Green Chili Chicken Alfredo. Regardless of what you choose, you’re bound to have a fully belly. Not to worry if pasta is not what you’re craving. You can have as much pizza as you wish as well.

Mexican Food

9. Martin’s Capitol Café

New Mexican cuisine is the wonderful blend of Native American and Mexican influences. It mimics both cultures in some way, but it also has its own flavor. If you want to try out some authentic New Mexican tastes in Roswell, the award-winning Martin’s Capitol Café is where you should go. They have excellent tamales, and their sopaipillas never last too long on the table.

Billy Ray

10. Billy Ray’s Restaurant and Lounge

Billy Ray’s Restaurant and Lounge is the kind of place that serves rib eye like no one else. We’re thinking of the chile relleno stuffed rib eye you can only find here in this Roswell local favorite. Operating with a simple menu, the owners of Billy Ray know how to make the locals happy enough to come back for more. With excellent food and an incredible ambience, Billy Ray’s has become a Roswell staple for many.

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