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20 Best Seafood Restaurants in Providence, RI


Residents living in coastal locations expect only the freshest fish and seafood when eating out in local restaurants. Fortunately, the residents of Providence and visitors to this coastal Rhode Island city have access to some excellent restaurants that promise only to serve the freshest seafood available. These vary significantly in terms of style, cuisine, and price point, so there is something to suit all tastes and occasions. Here are 20 of the best seafood restaurants in Providence, RI.

Waterman Grille

20. Waterman Grille

A refined option is Waterman Grille, which is perfect for a special occasion. This restaurant serves elegant American small plates and mains, and it sits in Richmond Square by the Seekonk River. This means that it is in the perfect setting for eating seafood while enjoying the views. The restaurant is unique because the building that houses it was once a bridge gatehouse. They take a seasonal approach in creating the dishes, which are predominantly seafood, and Executive Chef Noah Metnick adds his personal slant to the dishes he creates. Many of the dishes are cooked on a wood-fired grill that has made this venue famous.

10 Rocks Tapas Bar & Restaurant

19. 10 Rocks Tapas Bar & Restaurant

One of the liveliest places to eat seafood in Providence is 10 Rocks Tapas Bar & Restaurant, which is a great place to hang out with friends because of the lively vibe. This buzzy space has entertainment every night, which is either live music or karaoke nights. The drinks options are varied, but it is best known for its creative martinis. In terms of the food, this is a seafood tapas venue, so it is an excellent place to sample new dishes and to share several tapas dishes between friends. This restaurant is a little out of the way of the main restaurant scene as it is located on Main Street in Pawtucket on the outskirts of Providence.

Stadium Fish & Chips

18. Stadium Fish & Chips

You do not always need to opt for a fine dining restaurant to have an enjoyable dining experience. Sometimes, there is nothing more satisfying opting for a simple fish and chips that is homely and satisfying. There are many places in Providence that serve this crowd-pleasing dish, but one of the best is Stadium Fish & Chips. Although the fish and chips is the star of the show at this small restaurant, there are many other options, including shrimp and scallops. The food is freshly prepared using local ingredients whenever possible, and customers have praised the friendly service.

Al’s Waterfront Restaurant & Marina

17. Al’s Waterfront Restaurant & Marina

You will find Al’s Waterfront & Marina on Water Street next to the marina. It boasts excellent views, and this is one of the reasons the restaurant is so popular. Diners can enjoy the views at their best if you sit in the outdoor eating area. The extensive appetizer menu predominantly features seafood, such as crab cakes, calamari, stuffed clams, and Portuguese mussels. There is also an interesting and large selection of entrees, most of which are seafood dishes and include options such as a fried fisherman’s platter and crab-crusted salmon. The staff is really friendly and there is a lively vibe that makes it a great place to sit with a drink after your meal.

Nick’s on Broadway

16. Nick’s on Broadway

Chef Derek Wagner is at the helm of Nick’s on Broadway. Although this restaurant has the vibe of a casual American diner, the talents of the chef make this an upscale venue. It has a different atmosphere depending on what time you visit. For informal dining, it is best to visit during brunch or lunch service when it is filled with locals. During dinner service, there is a more formal vibe and most people opt for the seven-course tasting menu so they can sample all the delicious flavor combinations that Wagner creates.

RedFin Crudo + Kitchen

15. RedFin Crudo + Kitchen

If you are a fan of tapas-style dining as you like to sample lots of different flavors, then Red Fin Crudo + Kitchen is one of the best options in Providence. This restaurant serves seafood with a Latin American Fare, says Best Things Rhode Island. The ceviche and the oysters are two of the best dishes on the menu, so you should give them a try if you visit. Due to its popularity, it is best to reserve a table in advance.


14. Birch

Due to the formality of this restaurant and its high price-point, it is ideally suited to special occasions or couples who want to share an intimate meal together. The tasting menu experience includes stunning and creative dishes including grilled local squid and seafood foraged from nearby waters. Seating is limited and guests dine at the counter where they can watch the chefs preparing the food.


13. Persimmon

Popular amongst the hipster crowd and the foodies in the local area, Persimmon is a New American bistro. Most of the beautifully presented dishes feature seafood, although there are also meat and vegetarian options available. All the dishes are made using locally sourced and seasonal produce. This bistro is run by Champe and Lisa Speidel who focus on the little details in every dish they served. Originally, this upscale restaurant was located in Bristol, but it is now in the East Side of Providence.


12. Oberlin

Time Out describes Oberlin as a seafood-centric wine bar. The style of food is Italian American, but chef Benjamin Sukle puts his own spin on the dishes. Seafood pasta dishes are some of the most popular options on the menu, as is the locally sourced Crudo. Many guests enjoy a glass of vermouth or sake with their meal.


11. Bucktown

Although not strictly speaking a seafood restaurant, The Food Lens recommends Bucktown if you want to enjoy crispy southern fried fish in a casual environment. Bucktown specializes in casual southern food, including crispy fish and chicken. All the dishes on the menu are made using family recipes that have been passed down through the generations, such as po’ boys, collard greens, and lobster mac and cheese.

McCormick & Schmick's

10. McCormick’s & Schmick’s

McCormick & Schmick’s is a casual establishment that is great for dining out with friends and family. It is open for both lunch and dinner service, and it is located on Dorrance Street. There are more than 30 varieties of fish and seafood served on this menu, so it is a seafood enthusiast’s paradise. However, there is also plenty for meat lovers to enjoy, including steaks and various chicken dishes. Pasta also features on this diverse menu. It has a relaxed and inviting ambiance.

Matanuck Oyster Bar

9. Matanuck Oyster Bar

Although this is on the outskirts of Providence, it is worth the extra drive as this is one of the best oyster bars in the area. It offers an idyllic New England seaside experience and serves only the freshest ingredients. Oysters and scallops feature highly on this menu, although there are many other delicious options. This restaurant also has stunning water views for you to enjoy while you dine. Despite the quality of the food and the beautiful setting, this restaurant is reasonably priced.

Mare Rooftop

8. Mare Rooftop

You will find Mare Rooftop on Waterman Street in Providence. It is a contemporary, glass-covered rooftop and terrace restaurant where you can enjoy exquisite food and spectacular views, all for a reasonable price. This restaurant specializes in fish dishes using locally sourced ingredients. However, they also serve pizzas and pasta dishes. Diners love the fun vibe of this restaurant and have praised the customer service.

Shaking Crab

7. Shaking Crab

One of the most recent additions to the seafood restaurant scene in Providence is Shaking Crab, and this restaurant has already earned an excellent reputation. It was opened by a couple from Shanghai who had visited the Boston area and tried crab legs. They loved the experience of shaking the crab legs in a bag before eating. They decided to move to the area and open a restaurant specializing in shaking crab, thus the restaurant's name. They serve delicious Creole seafood dishes at affordable prices.

Ten Prime Steak and Sushi

6. Ten Prime Steak and Sushi

A fantastic place to eat if your party includes both meat eaters and seafood lovers is Ten Prime Steak and Sushi. Located on Pine Street in historic downtown Providence, this is a modern metropolitan eatery. Although there are some hot seafood options on the menu, this restaurant specializes in creating stunning sushi dishes that are made from the freshest ingredients. If you are a sushi fan, this is the top venue in Providence. Ten Prime Steak and Sushi has happy hours throughout the week when you can enjoy low prices on drinks and selected dishes.

Bluefin Grille

5. Bluefin Grille

Bluefin Grille is named as one of the best seafood restaurants in Providence by Go Providence. Located in the Providence Marriott Downtown, this restaurant is also open to the public. It is an elegant restaurant that serves globally inspired seafood dishes and they use responsibly sourced ingredients. Despite the sophistication of this restaurant, it has a casual and relaxed vibe. It is a fantastic place to celebrate important occasions. This restaurant is also known for its creative cocktail menu.

Los Andes

4. Los Andes

Some have described Los Andes as the top venue for ceviche in Providence. This restaurant is owned by brothers Omar, Cesin, and Diego Curi, and they have created a unique style of South American cuisine that you will not find elsewhere. This restaurant is often missed due to its out of the way location on Chalkstone Avenue. However, you should take the time to find this restaurant and sample some of the delicious dishes. Although ceviche is the most talked-about option on the menu, there are many excellent examples of Bolivian and Peruvian cuisine to try. Los Andes is also well known for its cocktails and friendly customer service.

Mills Tavern

3. Mills Tavern

If possible, you should visit this restaurant during one of the Happy Hours as you can eat oysters from the raw bar and many of the appetizers for less than half price. Visit at any other time, and this is still an affordable option. The menu consists of classics that you would expect to find on a Rhode Island seafood restaurant menu, such as scallops, clam chowder, calamari, and seafood saffron risotto. Mills Tavern is also known for its extensive wine list as there are plenty of options to pair your seafood dish with the perfect wine to compliment the flavors of your meal. This restaurant is in a historic building on North Main Street. Go Providence says that this restaurant won the 2015 OpenTable Diners’ Choice Award.

Providence Oyster Bar

2. Providence Oyster Bar

The top place for oysters in Providence is Providence Oyster Bar. This restaurant specializes in serving oysters in a variety of ways, with both raw and cooked options available. However, the oysters are not the only reason to visit this restaurant as the diverse menu offers a huge selection of dishes, including sushi and shellfish. Just some examples of the dishes include blackened swordfish tacos, Block Island roasted clams, coconut shrimp, New England lobster roll, and much more.

Hemenway’s Seafood Grill

1. Hemenway’s Seafood Grill

According to Three Best Rated, the best seafood restaurant in Providence, Rhode Island, is Hemenway’s Seafood Grill. Located on South Main Street, this restaurant serves all the classics that you would expect to find on the menu of a seafood restaurant in this part of the United States. Typical items include clam chowder, fish tacos, fish and chips, seafood platters, and jumbo lump crab. In addition to the fantastic appetizer and entrée menus, this restaurant has outstanding desserts and a notable wine list. It is an affordable, casual dining venue that has earned an excellent reputation among the locals, and guests can enjoy river views while they dine.

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