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The 20 Best Sushi Restaurants in St. Louis 2022


St. Louis is a leading culinary destination. Perhaps no other type of food has impacted the culinary scene in St. Louis than sushi. In fact, St. Louis probably now has more sushi restaurants than any other city in the world. But the abundance of options means there's a lot of sub-standard sushi out there as well.  Fortunately, you don't have to look too far to find excellent examples of this Japanese specialty that's much more than just raw fish on a hibiscus-leaf "skewer."

To help you avoid sub-par offerings and discover what authentic sushi tastes like, we've compiled our list of the 20 best sushi restaurants in St. Louis. These are places where owners use only the freshest ingredients. And traditional techniques to create distinctive renditions of this classic dish—not reheated frozen rolls in weird sauces with unappetizing names like "crab explosion" or "eel attack."

20. Kurocchi Inokiya Sushi Restaurant, Missouri City

Kurocchi Inokiya Sushi Restaurant is located at 3310 Olive Street, Missouri City. This sushi restaurant offers a variety of rolls and nigiri as well as traditional Japanese favorites like ramen, Chirashi, and donburi. The establishment has an open kitchen where you can see your food being prepared in front of you by the chefs who work there daily. Prices range between $7-$12 per plate, with most items under $10 each time they are offered on their menu—specials include spicy Tuna Roll (spicy tuna with eel sauce) and Tamago Don.

19. Cafe Natasha's

Cafe Natasha's is an excellent option for anyone looking to relax and enjoy some good sushi. According to Emerging, the design interior design of an eatery has a significant impact on your appetite. And this is a concept that the owner o Café Natasha understands. The warm and inviting atmosphere, with friendly staff who go out of their way to make you feel at home. And the quality of the food is impressive. Cafe Natasha's has been serving delicious meals since 1995—and the place hasn't changed much since then either! It has become one of those rare establishments where everything seems right about it, whether its location, service or price point makes sense.

18. Tokyo Japanese Cuisine, Ladue

One of the best sushi restaurants in St. Louis, Tokyo, offers a variety of dishes from sashimi and tempura to teriyaki and ramen. The menu also includes several specialty rolls sure to please any sushi lover. The atmosphere is casual but elegant simultaneously—you can enjoy your meal while sitting on an open-air patio or inside on their cozy dining room floor with flickering candlelight overhead as you eat. Try their ramen if you want something different from traditional Japanese cuisine! It consists of pork broth instead of chicken broth which gives it an extra flavor kick (and makes it vegetarian-friendly). You won't be disappointed when ordering this dish, either. They use fresh ingredients, including chives, instead of onions or garlic powder. So even if you don't like those veggies too much, it'll probably still taste good!!

17. UMI Japanese Restaurant, Ladue

UMI Japanese Restaurant is a fine choice if you're looking for a good quality sushi restaurant. The service is friendly and efficient, and the atmosphere is relaxed—perfect for enjoying an evening with your family or friends. The prices are reasonable, too—especially considering that you'll be getting quality food with each bite. Additionally, the menu here is quite extensive. Its highlights include classic rolls like California or Spiderman, Spicy Tuna or Salmon Avocado Roll, and traditional favorites such as Maguro. If there's one thing that sets this place apart from others on our list, though, it's their selection of sashimi!

16. Kyo, Downtown

If you're looking for a sushi restaurant in the heart of downtown St. Louis, look no further than Kyo. The restaurant has been serving Japanese cuisine since it opened in 2011. It's known for its quality sushi and sake selection but also offers other items on the menu. Kyo also has a full bar with over 100 beverages on tap. They have everything from margaritas to martinis to beer (and even some local brews). If you're not interested in alcohol, don't worry—they also have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating areas that are perfect for warmer months when there aren't too many people around (or if you want to enjoy some fresh air). If you're looking for privacy while dining out with friends or family members, then Kyo may be just what your party needs at this point.

15. Sake Cafe, Brentwood

Sake Cafe is the perfect place to meet up with friends and family, especially if you're looking for a spot that features sushi and shochu. The menu contains classic dishes like bento boxes (Japanese rice bowls) and nigiri, but it has some innovative options. These include the spicy tuna roll paired with jalapeño furikake. For dessert, there's always an option of creme brûlée or sweet potato pancakes drizzled in honey syrup—if that doesn't satisfy your sweet tooth, then maybe we can try having some sake together instead. The atmosphere at Sake Cafe is relaxed yet lively. Hence, it is an ideal place for all ages, from toddlers to those who prefer their drinks neat or with ice cubes made from coconut water instead!

14. Osage Thai-Sushi Restaurant and Lounge, Central West End.

This restaurant is the most expensive on this list, but it's worth every penny. Osage Thai-Sushi Restaurant and Lounge is situated in the Central West End, near Washington University and Forest Park. The menu features an array of sushi rolls unique to this location (like their signature roll). There are also other types of seafood like salmon carpaccio, Chilean sea bass, and fried oysters if you'd like something lighter than traditional sashimi. They also have a full bar where you can order drinks such as sake bombs or martinis alongside your meal

13. Yumi Fusion, Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar Ramen and Dumplings

According to RestaurantClicks, California rolls are one of the best sushi dishes you can try. However, there aren't many eateries that make it well in St Louis. Yumi Fusion is a sushi restaurant in downtown St. Louis that excels in making these rolls. It's also one of the few places where you can order ramen and dumplings.

Located at Bridge Tap House & Wine Bar, this restaurant offers an array of Asian fusion dishes that will satisfy your taste buds. The menu includes sushi rolls like tuna and salmon sashimi; tempura shrimp; California roll; spicy tuna hand roll (with spicy mayo); avocado unique hand roll (avocado with pressed sushi rice); spicy tuna teppanyaki (spicy mayo sauce). You'll find plenty more options on their website or by calling them directly.

12. Hiro Asian Kitchen & Sushi Bar, Tap Room, Westport Plaza.

Hiro Asian Kitchen & Sushi Bar is a restaurant in St. Louis that's been around for quite some time. And they've made sure to keep up with the latest trends. They serve delicious sushi rolls and other dishes like ramen noodles or rice bowls. Their selection is diverse enough to please everyone in your party—and with its convenient location right off I-64 (just east of downtown), it's easy to get there!

11. Kintaro Sushi Asian Grill and Lounge

Kintaro Sushi Asian Grill and Lounge is a bar with a sushi menu. The restaurant has an extensive selection of rolls, nigiri, and sashimi that you can order. The menu varies depending on what you're looking for—you may want to order from their specialties section if they have it listed on their website (which they do). You can also ask your server if any items aren't available online; they'll do their best to find them for you! Kintaro Sushi Asian Grill and Lounge has plenty of seating options. Both inside and outside seating areas on both levels offer great views of downtown St Louis while enjoying some delicious food in between bites. This restaurant has ample space, so groups don't feel crowded or confined during dinner hours too!

10. Cafe Mochi

If you're looking for the best sushi in St. Louis, Cafe Mochi is the place to go. The menu offers various options, including soups, salads, appetizers, and sushi rolls like tuna tartare or spicy scallops. They also have desserts such as chocolate mousse with vanilla ice cream. And although it is a high-quality restaurant, Café Mochi has a simple and beautiful setup with subtle décor. As soon as you step into this joint, you can tell you are in a well-run establishment. Its staff is professional and quick to attend to customers. They have sound knowledge of all the sushi dishes and can even help you if you are unsure what to order.

9. Wasabi

According to Consumer Reports, Sushi is quite good for your health. If you have been hesitant to try it, start at the Wasabi restaurant. This eatery is located in the Central West End and has been around since 2011. It's a great place for sushi lovers, but not just because of its wide selection of fish (including salmon, tuna, and sea bass). The menu also offers many other options: tempura vegetable rolls, teriyaki rice bowls, or udon noodle bowls. The prices at Wasabi range from $10 to $19 per plate, including tax! If you're on a budget but want to try something new while in town, this will be your best bet regarding value for money. And their environment is welcoming for every sushi lover, including families.

8. SAPPORO Sushi & Grill

SAPPORO Sushi & Grill is a great place to go if you're looking for fresh and delicious sushi. They offer a variety of rolls, from basic California rolls to more elaborate creations like the "Big Boy" (a combination of salmon, avocado, cream cheese, and special sauce). Their sashimi is also top-notch: thick cuts of fish served with wasabi on the side for your enjoyment. The prices here are reasonable, so don't feel you have to break the bank just because it's sushi night! The staff is friendly and helpful—and they're happy to make suggestions based on what sounds good or looks good based on what they see in front of them at any given moment during service time.

7. Seigo's Sushi Bar

Seigo's Sushi Bar is an excellent place for lunch, dinner, happy hour, and late-night drinks. It's also the perfect spot if you're looking to get to know your new friends from work or school. The menu at Seigo's has something for everyone. Some of the best options include traditional sushi offerings like. These are the likes of California Rolls and Spicy Tuna Roll. And if you want to be more adventurous, rolls such as The French Fry, consisting of tempura-fried potato slices could be a great idea.

6. BLK MKT Eats

What makes BLK MKT Eats at 9 S Vandeventer Avenue a stand-out sushi restaurant in St. Louis? The quality, of course, and the selection. But there are a couple of other contributing factors as well. The first is that BLK MKT Eats combines the effort of two sushi restaurants. According to River Front Times, the owners Ron Turigliato and Kati Fahrney are cousins.

They were interested in branching out independently and tried various cuisine before settling on sushi. They decided to join forces and open a sushi restaurant together. The second factor is the innovation-friendly business model. This sushi restaurant in St. Louis offers diners a variety of sushi and rolls, yes, but also a wide range of cooked dishes. That means more kitchen flexibility, making it easier to create dishes that appeal to a wide range of diners.

5. Sushi Hana

If you're looking for an unpretentious sushi restaurant that offers great value, Sushi Hana at 8809 Gravois Road is a good choice. This small sushi restaurant in St. Louis uses high-quality ingredients but doesn't overdo it with the fancy presentation. The result? Delicious, authentic sushi at affordable prices. Sushi Hana does offer higher-end sushi options, but you're not likely to bankrupt yourself if you just order the standard sushi roll. The "standard roll" at this sushi restaurant in St. Louis is a California roll. Yes, the most basic and unassuming of all sushi rolls and one that sushi snobs would sneer at as being nothing more than "Americanized sushi." But even the simplest sushi dishes can be full of flavor and variety if appropriately prepared.

4. Kampai Sushi Bar

Kampai Sushi Bar at 4949 W Pine Boulevard gets its name from the tradition of drinking "sake," the Japanese rice wine, at the end of a meal. The owners of this sushi restaurant in St. Louis believe that the taste of the rice wine is best when it's served chilled, just as the sushi at this sushi bar. In addition to the rice wine, they also serve a variety of other beverages, including beer and sake cocktails. The friendly and attentive staff at this sushi restaurant in St. Louis pride themselves on using only fresh, high-quality ingredients, including daily fish deliveries from Chicago. If you're looking for a place where the sushi is both delicious and affordable, Kampai Sushi Bar is worth a visit.

3. Mizu Sushi Bar

Mizu Sushi Bar at Washington Avenue is one of the most unassuming sushi restaurants in St. Louis. It's located on the first floor of an office building and is probably best known as where office workers go for lunch. But this unpretentious sushi restaurant in St. Louis offers some of the best sushi in the city. You can also order take-out sushi if you don't have time to sit down and eat a full meal at Mizu Sushi Bar. But if you do eat in, consider ordering the sashimi instead of a sushi roll. Sashimi is strips of raw fish served without rice. It's a great way to experience the fish's natural flavor without the rice's distraction.

2. Sakura Hibachi Sushi Bar

According to Web Magazine, the origin of sushi can be traced back to Japan and South East Asia. And although most restaurants are adopting modern methods of preparing this dish, a few have stuck to the traditions. Sakura is a traditional sushi restaurant in St. Louis that offers high-quality sushi and other Japanese dishes at affordable prices.

The interior is comfortable and relaxed, and the staff is friendly and accommodating. This is a great choice if you're looking for a place to enjoy a quick lunch or an affordable dinner. When trying new Japanese cuisine or just not sure what to order, one of the better options here is the "sushi deluxe," a combination of sushi, sashimi, and teriyaki. Alternatively, you can select specific items from the menu, such as the rainbow roll or the eel dragon roll, known as classic sushi dishes.

1. Drunken Fish

If you're looking for a special night out, consider booking a table at the Drunken Fish at Maryland Plaza. This upscale sushi restaurant is one of the most luxurious sushi places in the city. It's also one of the most expensive sushi restaurants in St. Louis. But if you want the best sushi in St. Louis, you will have to pay for it.

And the beautiful decor and attentive service at this Maryland Plaza restaurant will make you feel like you're getting your money's worth. The sushi chefs at Drunken Fish are Japanese masters who also have a great sense of humor. That's because they're not just creating delicious sushi rolls and serving them to you. They're also putting on a show while they do it. And, yes, they have a couple of "drunk" dishes on the menu, so you can enjoy the fun while sipping a glass of wine or a cocktail.


Sushi should be fresh and not overly processed. If you're trying to eat healthily, you can enjoy it once in a while. It's also a good idea to look for restaurants that offer other types of Japanese food because they likely have fish available. We've covered you with some of the top sushi restaurants in St. Louis! Traditional to modern, these establishments will delight your taste buds and keep them returning for more.

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