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Where to Get the Best Chinese Food In New Haven

New Haven

The City of New Haven is filled with an amazing collection of antique musical instruments and several historical antiquities for you to enjoy. New Haven is the home to Yale University, which is well-known for its Art Gallery adorned with a unique collection of arts. This city is also packed with a wide array of Chinese restaurants, which offer tasty traditional Chinese dishes. In this post, we will take a look at the where to get the Best Chinese Food in New Haven.

10. Formosa Asian Fusion Restaurant ( 132 Middletown Ave, North Haven)

Formosa Asian Fusion Restaurant is home to perfectly-steamed chicken, tasty pancakes, chicken sushi, and garlic shrimps. Other tasty dishes offered on their menu include; steamed bun, fried rice, smoked duck, beef, seafood, and fish. The restaurant also provides its customers with services such as parking, delivery, booking, and takeaway dishes for clients who wish to have their lunch in a hurry. The restaurant is usually open from 11 AM to 10 PM on weekdays but is closed on Tuesdays.

9. China Star (208 Dixwell Avenue, New Haven)

The China Star Restaurant is first on our top ten list of Best Chinese Food Restaurants in New Haven. This restaurant is famous for its mouthwatering wontons, pork, and Chinese chicken. China Star is usually open to all customers from 11 AM to 10 PM on weekdays and is open from 12 PM to 10 PM on Sundays. The restaurant also offers amazing customer features, including; takeaway, delivery, outdoor dining settings, and payments via credit cards. Moreover, most of the food prices on their menu are quite affordable.

8. House of Chao (898 Whalley Avenue, New Haven)

House of Chao restaurant is the home to tasty traditional Chinese dishes. Their signature dishes include; spicy pork, pan-fried dumplings, and ginger chicken. Other meals offered on their menu are moo-shoo chicken, rice cakes, ginger cookies, egg-drop soup, and many others. The restaurant also offers its customers with services such as takeouts, table service, and seating. In addition to its affordable dishes, the restaurant offers a fancy interior decor and a superb atmosphere. House of Chao restaurant is usually open to all customers from 12 PM to 10 PM on weekdays and 4 PM to 9 PM on Sundays.

7. Junzi Kitchen ( 21 Broadway, New Haven)

Junzi Kitchen is famous for serving its customers delicious northwestern Chinese cuisines. Their signature dish on the menu is knife noodles topped with meatballs and pickled red cabbage. Other favorite dishes on their menu include; perfectly cooked beef, grilled chicken, fried rice, and tofu. They also provide delicious beverages like rose tea, ice tea, or jasmine tea. The restaurant is usually open to all customers from 11.30 AM to 9 PM the whole week. They offer their customers services such as takeaway, delivery, payment via credit cards, and free Wi-Fi.

6. Golden Dragon (778 Boston Post Rd, West Haven)

Golden Dragon Restaurant is well-known for its delicious traditional Chinese dishes, particularly pork chops and barbecued ribs. Other tasty dishes on their menu include; shrimp soup, fried chicken, wonton soup, egg-drop soup, and sweet & sour pork. The restaurant is open from 11 AM to 10.30 PM on weekdays and from 12 PM to 10.30 PM on Sundays. Several customer reviews have claimed that the restaurant’s staff are very welcoming and energetic.

5. Bao’s Kitchen (152 Campbell Ave, West Haven)

Bao's Kitchen is a new and trendy Chinese restaurant well-known for perfectly combining the best of Chinese cuisines with impeccable serving standards. The restaurant also offers other expertly crafted Asian dishes such as; fried rice, crispy egg rolls, boneless spare ribs, and the vegetable Mai Fun served with fresh carrots, onions, and broccoli. Moreover, the restaurant's staff are very friendly and provide satisfactory customer service despite the strict Covid-10 environment. Other services offered by the restaurant include; takeaway, delivery, parking, and payment via credit cards.

4. State Garden II (1452 Whalley Ave, New Haven)

State Garden II restaurant is famous for offering its customers mouthwatering Asian cuisines that include; nut roast, sweet corn soup, seafood pancakes, sugar cookies, boiled corn, steamed beef, and chicken curry. Their signature dish is buffalo chicken served with lemon rice. The restaurant is usually open from 11 AM to 10.30 PM from Monday to Thursday and from 11 AM to 11 PM on the weekends. Most reviewers have claimed that the restaurant's staff are very competent and the customer service is satisfactory. The restaurant also provides its clients with the following features; takeaway, TV, wheelchair accessibility, delivery, and credit card payment.

3. Lucky Kitchen (108 Campbell Ave, New Haven)

Lucky Kitchen is among the few Chinese restaurants in New Haven that serve the best chicken wings, dumplings, and egg rolls. Other dishes offered on the menu include; chow mein, pasta, chicken, vegetable fried rice, and seafood. The restaurant is open from 12 PM to 10 PM the whole week. Moreover, the restaurant has a 4.3 score rating by Google.

2. Whitney Garden (2411 Whitney Ave, West Haven)

The Whitney Garden restaurant is well-known for offering delicious traditional Chinese cuisines. Some of the meals offered on their menu include; dumplings, pasta, vegetarian rice, fried rice, meat, and seafood. The restaurant is open from 11 AM to 10 PM from Monday to Thursday and from 11 AM to 10.30 PM on weekends. They also provide features such as TV, takeaway, delivery, and wheelchair accessibility.

1. New Haven’s Taste of China ( 954 Chapel St, New Haven)

According to Vacationidea, New Haven's Taste of China restaurant is known to have an extensive choice of both vegan and non-vegan food options. Their signature dishes on the menu include; smoked duck, chicken dumplings, and spicy pork. The restaurant is also located in an area with a warm atmosphere, making the guests feel relaxed and comfortable as they enjoy their meals. There have been several positive reviews about this restaurant claiming that it is one of the best Chinese restaurants in the area. The restaurant also boasts a classy interior and plenty of unique Chinese cuisines. Moreover, the restaurant is located near the historic Yale University Art Gallery.

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