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The 10 Best Places to Eat in Naperville, IL

The Craftsman

Naperville is considered one of the best areas to live in Illinois. Although many factors contribute to this, one reason is that it has such a great food scene. Therefore, both locals and visitors to the city will find some fantastic places to dine. There are options for everybody in this city, as the diverse offerings include everything from Japanese food to pizzas and from Indian cuisine to traditional American fare. Here are the 10 best places to eat in Naperville.

Catch 35

10. Catch 35

The Culture Trip lists Catch 35 as the best seafood restaurant in Naperville. It is famous in the city for serving delicious, fresh seafood and fish. Although the restaurant specializes in seafood, they are also known for their top-quality steaks and mouthwatering desserts. It is a fine dining restaurant with a sophisticated interior, and the walls are adorned with modern art.

Biaggi's Ristorante

9. Biaggi’s Italian Restaurant

There are many Italian restaurants in Naperville, as it is a cuisine that most people enjoy. Therefore, there are multiple options for those who enjoy this type of food. One of the best venues is Biaggi’s Italian Restaurant. It stands out from the competition as it offers something a little different from the menu options you typically expect to see on an Italian restaurant menu. The dishes combine the traditional ingredients and cooking techniques of Mediterranean food with creative flair and originality. Pasta dishes feature highly on the menu, and small plates are available for those with a smaller appetite.

Le Chocolat de Bouchard

8. Le Chocolat Bouchard

Those with a sweet tooth should dine at Le Chocolat Bouchard. The establishment is divided into three sections. Downstairs, the space is split between a chocolatier and patisserie on one side and a French bistro on the other. Upstairs, there is a private events space. Even if you skip the chocolatier and patisserie to head straight to the bistro, make sure you leave room for one of their delectable desserts.

Pho Thien Vietnamese

7. Pho Thien Vietnamese Kitchen

Vietnamese food is increasingly popular, and Pho Tien Vietnamese Kitchen is an excellent place to try some authentic Vietnamese cuisine. Although it is located on a strip mall, you will feel as though you have been transported to Southeast Asia. Expect to find crowd-pleasing dishes such as banh mi, spring rolls, and various pho options. It is an affordable place to eat for those with a limited budget for dining out and a great option for those who are new to Vietnamese cuisine.

The Craftsman

6. The Craftsman

The Craftsman has a dining experience to suit everyone, as each of its three floors offers something different. On the first floor, you will find a casual coffee station, a bar, and a sandwich counter, so this is the ideal floor for a quick lunch or a drink after work. The second floor is called The Modern Tavern, and it is open for both lunch and dinner. On the restaurant’s top floor, there is a cocktail bar that also serves lite bites. It has a terrace for those who fancy a spot of alfresco dining or to enjoy the views while drinking a cocktail. The Craftsman is located on Jefferson Avenue.

Santo Cielo

5. Santo Cielo

Time Out describes Santo Cielo as serving some of the most intriguing food in Naperville. The food is predominantly Spanish-inspired, although there are also other international influences. Santo Cielo is also the place to go to enjoy cocktails, as its bar serves a wide selection of signature cocktails to accompany your meal or just to enjoy a drink with friends. You will find this restaurant on the top floor of The Hotel Indigo, and it is open to the public as well as the hotel’s guests. There are floor-to-ceiling windows that offer impressive views over downtown Naperville and beyond.

Jackson Ave Pub

4. Jackson Avenue Pub

Jackson Avenue Pub has earned a reputation for serving some of the best burgers in Naperville. There are eighteen different burgers on the menu and a choice of three different burger bun varieties. After choosing your burger and bun, there are also multiple toppings and side orders you can add to your meal. There are many other selections on the restaurant's menu for those who prefer something other than a burger.

Jackson Ave Pub

3. Fat Rosie’s

Fans of Mexican food should head to Fat Rosie’s. Although it is one of the newer dining establishments in Naperville, it has quickly become a favorite amongst the locals due to its fabulous menu of authentic Mexican cuisine. You can expect to see dishes such as enchiladas with mole sauce, shrimp in garlic, and chihuahua cheese dip on the menu. Another reason to choose this restaurant is its fun and relaxed vibe. Fat Rosie’s also serves a great selection of tequilas.

Wild Rice Sushi

2. Wild Rice Sushi & Grill

If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, then the best place to dine is at the Wild Rice Sushi & Grill. This establishment offers the best choice of sushi and sashimi in the city, along with inventive rolls and food cooked on the teppanyaki grill. There is something for both seafood fans and meat lovers on the menu. Despite the quality and array of food on offer and the friendly customer service, many people miss this restaurant due to its discreet location on East Ogden Avenue.

Meson Sabika

1. Mason Sebika

According to Foodie Flash Packer, the best restaurant in Naperville is mason Sabika. It is a Spanish tapas joint that is located in a historic manor in downtown Naperville. Although lunch and dinner are served at this restaurant, the best time to visit is at brunch when there is a prix fixe menu. There is a buffet with a wide range of tapas at brunch, so it is a great place to sample different traditional Spanish dishes. Included in the price are champagne and mimosas.

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