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Where to Find the Best Chinese Food in Kansas City

Kansas City

Year after year, Chinese food ranks among the most popular ethnic foods in the United States (sometimes tied for first place with Mexican food). The fact that there are over 40,000 Chinese restaurants in all 50 states attests to this reality. The majority of Chinese food served in the United States is American-Chinese cuisine, which is largely its own cuisine due to how dishes have been altered to suit American tastes. For example, Fortune cookies, General Tso's chicken, and chop suey were all invented in the United States. Continue reading to see where in Kansas City you can get the best Chinese food.

6. Kin Lin

Kin Lin claims to use only the freshest, most natural ingredients in each dish, then meticulously prepared. The chefs are constantly looking for new ways to improve the health and taste of the food served to the customers. Customers will experience a warm and inviting ambiance due to the careful attention paid to the details. You can rest assured that you will enjoy a delicious meal and a great atmosphere when you dine here. Every time you come to eat at Kin Lin, the owners and employees will greet you with a friendly smile. They've worked hard to make the cleanest and tidiest dining area possible. They will make every effort to provide you with prompt, courteous service. They are concerned about the needs and feelings of their customers in the restaurant. So, you can speak with the friendly staff about anything.

5. Princess Garden

The cuisine served at this restaurant is mostly Chinese. Most reviewers agree that the Peking duck, cashew chicken, and fried dumplings are excellent. The pancakes at Princess Garden are delicious. The right pick is a delicious Mai tai. It may also be enjoyable to sip some great tea. You may get takeout from this location. Imagine a place with great food and friendly staff, which you'll find at this restaurant. The restaurant owners are more focused on providing excellent service. This restaurant offers a diverse menu at reasonable costs. The lovely decor and pleasant atmosphere make customers feel at ease.

4. Red Snapper

After a long walk around The Alexander Majors House & Barn, stop by this restaurant for some delicious food and a place to relax. Taste Chinese cuisine at this amazing spot. Red snapper, smoked salmon, and chicken pad thai are among the dishes offered. Waiters provide good wine, according to the reviewers. A large number of visitors place coffee orders. After a long day at work, guests may unwind in Red Snapper's comfortable ambiance. This restaurant's service can be described as pleasant. The cost of food is reasonable. The decor is opulent, as many customers have noted. Snapper is a good choice for a date night or lunch if you're looking for high-quality Asian cuisine. It's like a fusion of Asian and Western cultures. You can choose from a wide range of Asian cuisines (Thai, Chinese, Korean, and so on) at the restaurant. San Shan Jampong is a popular local cuisine. It's a mildly spicy Korean-Chinese meal with a lot of seafood and crunchy potato noodles. The flavor is not quite as strong as the original, but it's still tasty. Another great dish at the restaurant is Kan Pun Sawo (Kkan Poong Shrimp). It's tangy, and a side of rice is included. The lunch menu is also excellent and is offered Monday through Sunday. If you're adventurous enough, you can try a variety of Red Snapper recipes.

3. Dragon Inn

Dragon Inn has been serving classic Chinese mains for years in a location with crimson booths and classic decor. The environment is pleasant, and the seating is comfy. The cuisine is delicious and well-balanced. They serve some of the finest hot and sour soup in the Kansas City metro area. If you're looking for a great meal, this is the place to go. In Overland Park, the Dragon Inn offers a fantastic dining experience. The skilled chefs work so hard to create dishes like ribs that will wow your taste buds.

2. Sichuan Dynasty

Sichuan Dynasty is one of Kansas City's most authentic Chinese eateries. Going here for a Chinese lunch is acceptable. Don't leave without trying the delicious bao, pork belly, or dan dan noodles. Order delectable pancakes at this eatery. You'll return because you will love the good wine in the restaurant, enhancing the flavor of your meal. The best drinks here include a delicious americano or a terrific tea. Visitors who prefer to eat dinner quickly will enjoy the Sichuan Dynasty with takeout meals. Most clients praise the friendly employees and timely service at this location. You'll appreciate the reasonable costs as you relax and unwind in this eatery. Sichuan Dynasty has a Google rating of 4.5.

1. Bo Lings

Bo Lings is a family-owned Chinese restaurant on Kansas City's prestigious Country Club Plaza. Since 1987, the restaurant has been serving the best dim sum. Dim sum is served from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays, and a limited dim sum cuisine is available every day at the Plaza location. Steamed pork buns, Beef Chow, Funn Noodles, prawns, scallops and chives, and dumplings are among the dim sum items served on carts that revolve across the restaurant. Chef's signature plates are displayed on handheld trays. When you come to the correct time, every dim sum item is freshly prepared, and you just never stop after the first round. However, it is more about the eating experience, the fantastic flavors, talking with friends and family, drinking tea, and relaxing over a delicious meal than it is about the amount of food you eat. If you do not feel like taking some dim sum, take a look at the extensive menu, including delicacies like Hot and Sour Soup and Sweet and Sour Chicken, which have gotten excellent reviews from guests. A modern vibe evocative of bigger cities is provided by the beautiful décor. The beautiful décor provides a modern vibe evocative of bigger cities.

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