The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Cleveland, OH


Cleveland has a diverse community, and this is reflected by the cuisine in this city. You will find restaurants serving dishes inspired by cuisines from around the world. However, seafood restaurants remain one of the most popular options in the city, and there are some outstanding options for seafood lovers. These restaurants range from budget-friendly diners to sophisticated establishments serving high-end food. They also range from restaurants serving traditional American fare to those that create seafood dishes with global influences. Here are the 10 best seafood restaurants in Cleveland, Ohio.

10. Alley Cat Oyster Bar

If you are an oyster enthusiast, one of the top spots to eat oysters in Cleveland is Alley Cat Oyster Bar. There are both cooked and raw oyster options available, along with an extensive menu of other seafood options. While the freshly shucked oysters are the most popular options on the menu, there are some creative dishes using a wide range of fish and seafood for you to try. This is a lakeside eatery on Old River Road that has the advantage of excellent water views for diners to enjoy during their meal. The interior has an aquatic style that adds to the seafood dining experience.

9. Rusty Anchor

One of the best spots for al fresco dining in Cleveland is the Rusty anchor. This restaurant sits along the waterfront of Main Avenue and there is a large decking area for diners to enjoy the river views. Sitting outside is not compulsory as there is plenty of seating indoors, which is preferable during colder weather. There is a fantastic seafood menu, and the Rusty Anchor is famous for its weekend brunch options. Customers have praised the customer service at this restaurant and say that the place has a great vibe.

8. Fish Shack and Grill

You do not necessarily need to visit the most sophisticated establishments to enjoy the tastiest food. Fish and Shack is far from refined, as this no-frills, casual eatery keeps things simple with their menu of traditional fried favorites. They do not even have printed menus, as the menu changes daily and is simply written on a large chalkboard on the walk. The menu is based on the availability of fresh ingredients. Therefore, if you visit at different points throughout the year, you will probably find new dishes on the menu that were not there on your previous visit.

7. Mallorca

Don’t be misled into thinking that Mallorca is a Mediterranean restaurant due to its name. Actually, it is a seafood restaurant that serves dishes that are influenced by the flavors of South America. The chef has taken some seafood classics and added some Latin spice and flair. This makes the dishes served at Mallorca a little different from the other seafood restaurants that you will find in Cleveland. Mallorca is located on West 9th Street.

6. Shark’s Seafood and Deli

If you just want a delicious meal without all the frills and the price tag of a fine dining restaurant, then you should head for Shark’s Seafood and Deli on Lee Road. The menu at this casual eatery predominantly consists of piping hot fried seafood, although there are some other options on the menu. One of the most popular options is the basket of savory fried scallops. What is lacking in finesse at this restaurant is made up for by the crowd-pleasing dishes and the excellent customer service.

5. The Burnham Restaurant

The Burnham Restaurant has a sophisticated atmosphere with an interior decorated in a New American style. They serve seafood classics using only the freshest ingredients that are carefully prepared and beautifully presented. Diners who have eaten at this restaurant describe it as a unique experience and say the food is delicious. They have rated the restaurant as one of the best seafood options in Cleveland.

4. Pier W

Pier W is one of the most unusual restaurants on the list as it is suspended from the side of a cliff overhanging Lake Eerie, says Only In Your State. Its unique position gives it some of the best views of the lake anywhere in the city. All the seafood served at this restaurant is fresh, carefully prepared, and beautifully presented.

3. Don’s Lighthouse Grille

You will find Don’s Lighthouse Grille on Lake Avenue in Cleveland. There are nightly specials, such as a mussel night and a burger night. The dining room has an intimate and inviting ambiance due to the low ceilings and dimmed lighting. The menu at this establishment is varied as they use a vast array of fish and seafood to create both traditional American fare and globally inspired dishes. This restaurant has been in business since 1972, so it is well-established and popular among the locals.

2. The Nauti Mermaid

Open seven days a week for both lunch and dinner service, Nauti Mermaid is an affordable seafood restaurant on West 6th Street. The varied menu is based on fresh ingredients such as Alaskan king crabs, salmon, conch, lobster, yellowfin tuna, oysters, shrimp, and calamari. There are happy hours throughout the week when you can enjoy cut-price food and drinks. Other than the mouthwatering drinks, this restaurant is known for its drink options, which include beers on tap, a large wine list, and a well-stocked top shelf.

1. Blue Point Grille

According to Three Best Rated, the best seafood restaurant in Cleveland, OH, is Blue Pointe Grille. This is one of the best places to dine on fresh oysters as they shuck more than 75,000 oysters every year. From the front, this looks like a small restaurant, but there is seating over two floors. Other than oysters, there is a vast array of fish and seafood dishes on the menu, many of which have international influences. There are also a few meat options on the menu to please those in your party who are not seafood fans.

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