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The 10 Best Restaurants in Tulum, Mexico

El Asadero

When visiting Tulum in Mexico, this destination has many features to enjoy, along with plentiful activities and attractions. Its coastal location means there are beautiful beaches and fun water sports to try. The city is surrounded by a stunning landscape to explore, and Tulum's history means there are lots of historic landmarks and attractions to visit. While you are in this city, you will most probably want to dine out, and there are some amazing restaurants to try. There are options to suit all tastes and budgets, so you will have no problems finding somewhere to enjoy an outstanding meal. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Tulum, Mexico.


10. WILD

WILD serves both gourmet Mexican cuisine and creative international dishes, so there is something to suit all tastes on the menu. The dishes are made using locally sourced ingredients, and many of the dishes are cooked over an open wood fire. Like many of the restaurants in Tulum, Mexico, it is an open-air restaurant in a jungle setting. This venue has a cocktail bar that uses fresh juices to create their signature drinks.

Casa Banana

9. Casa Banana

Casa Banana is one of the best steakhouses in the Middle Beach Zone. There is a wide selection of meat cuts on the Argentine-Mexican menu. It is also worth noting that the restaurant makes its own homemade chorizo. Diners can enjoy a refreshing local beer or one of the many mezcal cocktails with their meal. Although it is most popular as a dinner venue, Casa Banana is open all day, says Mexico Dave.


8. Safari

There are two locations of Safari in Tulum. The original venue is in the Middle Beach Zone, and there is outdoor seating in a jungle setting. Safari's second location is in Aldea Zama, and there is both indoor and outdoor seating at this restaurant. While the original venue is only open for lunch and dinner, the newer venue also serves breakfast. At both restaurants, the dishes on the menu are rustic Yucatecan-Mexican cuisine. The food is prepared in a retro-chic Airstream trailer before being cooked over an open fire. Diners can accompany their meals with house-made Aguas Frescas, Mexican craft beer, or signature cocktails.

Clan Destino

7. Clan-Destino

Clan-Destino is a burger restaurant serving homemade meat and vegetarian patties. The restaurant is in the jungle in the Middle Beach Zone, and it is built around a private cenote called Virgin Cenote, and local legend says those who swim in its waters at night will have their virginity restored. A chandelier lights the cenote, and there is always music playing, as there is a jukebox, karaoke session, and sometimes, live bands. It is one of the top places to enjoy a late-night meal in Tulum, as it is open from lunchtime until 5 am.

Posada Margherita

6. Posada Margherita

If you do not want to eat Mexican cuisine at every meal during your visit to Tulum, there are plenty of other options in the city. For those who love Italian food, a fantastic option is Posada Margherita, which is one of the best Italian restaurants in Tulum. This casual beachside restaurant has a laid-back vibe, and diners can enjoy views of the beach and the Caribbean Sea while they eat. Most of the dishes on the menu are either handmade pasta dishes or pizzas made using an old family recipe, although there are other options.


5. NU

NU is set in the jungle, and guests dine under the stars. Therefore, diners can enjoy an unusual dining experience with a romantic atmosphere, and it is an amazing restaurant to visit for a celebratory meal. The menu consists of Maya-Mexican cuisine that is prepared in a creative way and served in a modern style. There are meat, seafood, and vegetarian options available. Due to the popularity of this restaurant, it is advisable to make a reservation in advance.


4. Hartwood

Located in the Middle Beach Zone of Tulum, Hartwood is one of the city's premier fine dining restaurants, says Boundless Roads. It serves an ever-changing menu that showcases the local, seasonal produce, including both meat and seafood dishes. However, it is not the typical fine dining restaurant that you might see on the streets of cities such as London or New York, as it is a partially covered outdoor restaurant where all the food is cooked over an open fire.


3. Arca

Arca is a high-end, contemporary restaurant that serves Maya-Mexican food, and many of the dishes are cooked over an open flame. The menu changes regularly to reflect the availability of locally-grown seasonal produce, including meat and vegetables from local farms and locally-caught seafood. Most of the restaurant and the bar area is in a partially-covered outdoor space surrounded by palm trees.


2. Mateos

Mateos is a fun place to visit because the restaurant is set in a treehouse-style venue that has multiple levels, including an outdoor terrace. It is also one of the best eateries to visit if you want to get a true taste of the flavors of Mexico, as the menu consists predominantly of Mexican cuisine. There are also burgers and salads for those who are not lovers of Mexican cuisine. If you are on a budget, then you can save money if you visit during one of the happy hours. There is a fun vibe in this restaurant, and the customer service is excellent.

El Asadero

1. El Asadero

According to Getting Stamped, the best restaurant in Tulum, Mexico, is El Asadero. It is an upscale, modern steakhouse restaurant with an Argentinian-style menu. Steaks are the highlight of the menu, with plenty of cuts available that are cooked to the diner's liking. However, there are also chicken, fish, and vegetable dishes on the menu for those who are not fans of steaks. Another reason to visit this restaurant is the extensive cocktail and wine list. Despite being one of the city's top steakhouses, the prices are reasonable.

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