Why American Cut is One of NYC’s Best Steakhouses

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There is a vast selection of steakhouses in New York City. These vary significantly in terms of the menus, the quality of the food they serve, the ambiance of the restaurant and the price range of the food. Although there are some excellent steakhouses, there are also some that aren’t so great. Finding one that serves top-quality food and has a nice atmosphere is important if you want an enjoyable meal. One of the best steakhouses in New York City is American Cut, and here are the reasons why.


American Cut has established an excellent reputation for its food. The dinner menu offers exactly what you would expect from a steakhouse menu and includes the finest steaks and other ingredients available. There is a selection of hot or cold appetizers to begin your meal, before moving on to the main event. These include several seafood options. The steak options include three wet-aged cuts, three dry-aged cuts, three specialty cuts, and two tableside flambe options that serve two people. The steaks are perfectly cooked to your liking. You can top any steak with one of the three surf options or a selection of four sauces.

Alternatives from the grill include chicken, lamb chops, or veal chops. If you are not a meat lover, there is also a good selection of fish and seafood dishes, including a whole lobster that is sold by weight rather than having a set price. Regardless of which entrée you choose, you can accompany your meal from a list of potato and vegetable side dishes.
If you have a sweet tooth, it is worth saving a little space for one of the delicious desserts. The dessert menu at American Cut is smaller than many of their competitors. However, many of their competitors buy in their desserts, while American Cut has its own pastry chef. Therefore, the quality of the desserts is excellent.

You can also visit this restaurant to simply enjoy a drink at the bar with a bar snack. Some of the options from the bar menu include honey-sriracha wings, shrimp cocktail batch, oysters, and beer-battered onion rings with aioli.
The drinks options are also worthy of note at this restaurant. There is an extensive wine list from which you can choose the perfect wine to accompany your meal. Cocktails are also popular at American Cut as they are prepared tableside for your entertainment. Furthermore, you can choose a beer, lager, or spirits from the fully stocked bar. Therefore, you can enjoy a selection of different drinks before, after, or during your meal.


In addition to enjoying a meal out at American Cut, you can also celebrate an event with larger groups if you hire one of their private dining rooms. There are three private dining rooms at the Tribeca location, the smallest of which accommodates 18 guests, and the largest can accommodate 55 seated guests or 90 standing guests. There is also the option to hire out the full restaurant. This means you can invite up to 220 guests for a seated event or 350 standing guests.

Customer Service

Eating out is about so much more than the food and drink. The ambiance and customer service are also important. The décor of American Cut has a club-lounge style that is swanky and sophisticated. The Infatuation describes the American Cut steakhouses as huge venues, so this means that you are not sitting too close to other people in your party and you will not feel cramped and overlooked while eating your meal. Despite the large size of the restaurants, they manage to maintain a friendly and welcoming atmosphere. There is also a certain element of fun about eating at an American Cut steakhouse, thanks to the tableside elements of service, such as the delivery and carving of the flambe steak option and the cocktail preparation.

This also adds an extra element of customer service beyond the general seating you at a table, taking your order, and delivering your food. This means that you feel special as you gain personal attention during the meal. The level of customer service is exceptional, with waiting staff happy to meet your needs and serve you with a smile.
In terms of the pricing at this restaurant, it is pricier than you might pay at other steakhouses in New York City, and Zagat describes American Cut Steakhouse as somewhere you would go to impress as this restaurant has Wall Street Prices. If you enjoy a three-course meal with wine at this steakhouse, you can expect to pay in the region of $130 to $160 per person, depending on what you order. This means that it is probably somewhere that most people will visit for a special occasion or for a treat. Despite the steep prices, most diners agree that the standard of the food and the amazing ambiance is befitting of the price tag.

On the whole, American Cut Steakhouse serves excellent food and there are plenty of choices. It has a great ambiance and is a reasonably priced option. Therefore, you should give this restaurant a try for yourself. This restaurant actually has two locations. The first is located on Greenwich Street in Tribeca. The second is on East 56th Street in the Midtown neighborhood of New York City. It is worth noting that there are also two American Cut locations in Atlanta if you are ever visiting that area.

The Midtown location is closed on Fridays and Sunday and opens at 5 pm on the other days. It is open until 9 pm every day except Saturday when it has the later closing time of 10 pm. The Tribeca location is closed on Sundays and Tuesdays. It is open between 5 pm and 9.30 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. On Fridays and Saturday, it is open between 5 pm and 10 pm.

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