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The 20 Most Romantic Restaurants in the United States

Costa Di Mare

Whether you are celebrating an event, such as an anniversary, or you simply want to enjoy a romantic date, one of the most popular activities for romance is going out for an excellent meal. To make sure it is a romantic occasion, you must choose your venue carefully as a drive-thru fast-food chain simply doesn’t cut it if you are trying to show your loved one what they mean to you. It is important to choose somewhere that not only deliver excellent food but also has a wonderful ambiance for a special occasion. If you are lucky, you may have one of the best romantic restaurants in the United States near your home. If not, you can make the occasion even more special by traveling to a different location for your meal and making a weekend out of it. To give you some inspiration for the place you can go, here are the 20 most romantic restaurants in the United States.

Tree Room- Sundance, Utah

20. Tree Room- Sundance, Utah

Tree Room is set within the Sundance Mountain Resort in Utah. One of the most striking features of the main dining room is the tree, which is set against a beautiful Native American rug. The walls feature Native American art, and the romantic ambiance is created by candlelight. The refined menu focuses on American cuisine that combines the comforts of the mountain setting with the use of modern cookery techniques. This establishment is praised for the steak options on the menu, including the peppered steak with buttermilk mashed potatoes, spinach, and mango chutney. However, there are plenty more options on the menu.

Oak Valley Vineyard Restaurant- San Antonio, Texas

19. Oak Valley Vineyard Restaurant- San Antonio, Texas

This rustic yet elegant bistro in Texas is located on the outskirts of San Antonio, and it is set within a vineyard. Inside the Texas-themed restaurant, there is lots of wood to give the interior a warm and romantic ambiance. Diners can also choose to eat in the wine cellar or in the patio room that overlooks the vineyard. They also offer romance package dinners and couples are seated I a gazebo. The menu showcases the best produce that Texas has to offer, and there is an excellent wine list as you would expect in a vineyard restaurant.

The Restaurant at The Inn at Little Washington- Washington, Virginia

18. Restaurant at The Inn at Dos Brisas- Washington, Texas

For a romantic meal in Texas, the top venuei s the Restaurant at The Inn at Dos Brisas. There is elegant Spanish-style décor in the intimate dining room of this restaurant, and interior features include an 18th-century fireplace and a stunning, handcrafted bar made from mahogany and alder. The property is set in stunning grounds that cover 313 acres, and diners can enjoy views across the grounds from the restaurant. Zachary Ladwig is the chef leading the culinary program at this restaurant, and the focus is on using organic vegetables from the on-site farm. The menu changes daily to make the most of the ingredients available.


17. Wisteria- Atlanta, Georgia

In the early 20th-century, this venue close to downtown Atlanta was a grocery store. Now, the historic building has been converted into a cozy neighborhood eatery that is perfect for a romantic meal. The focus of the menu is on Southern comfort food, such a bacon-braised collard greens, broths, and iron skillet-fried chicken. It has been open for around 20 years, and it has an excellent reputation locally.


16. Nostrana- Portland, Oregon

Chef Cathy Whims is the master of the kitchen at this restaurant in Portland. She has been a finalist for the James Beard award on six occasions, so this should give you some idea of the standard of the food served in this restaurant. The main feature of the kitchen is a large wood-burning oven from Tuscany. This is used to make many of the rustic yet delicious dishes on the menu. Locally-sourced ingredients are also used to create the dishes. The warm and rustic dining room has various seating areas, including seating by the bar and the pizza oven. Diners can choose from hand-tossed, wood-fired pizzas, hand-made pasta, or a range of dishes from the various regions of Italy, including robust meat and fish dishes.


15. Kinley’s Restaurant and Bar- Anchorage, Alaska

If you live in Alaska or you are visiting this state, one of the most romantic restaurants is Kinley’s Restaurant and Bar. Located in Anchorage, Good Housekeeping says that there is something for everyone on the diverse menu at this eatery. If you want a casual meal, you will find tasty, crowd-pleasing options such as fried chicken and waffles. For those who want to treat themselves and dine on the finest ingredients, you can choose the more upscale options, such as the filet mignon. This cozy eatery is also known for boasting more than 300 types of wine on its wine list.


14. Ristorante Massimo- Portsmouth, New Hampshire

A well-established business that has been open for more than 25 years, this establishment serves Italian fare from all regions of Italy. It is set in a 19th-century former government customs house in the historic downtown district of New Hampshire. Inside the building, the dining room has a quaint appearance featuring brick walls and beamed ceilings. Everything at this venue is made on-site, as they make their own pasta, bake their own bread, and even cure their own meats. Whenever possible, the food is made using seasonal and locally-sourced ingredients. The customer service at Ristorante Massimo has also received praise from former diners.


13. Plume-Washington, D.C.

A Michelin-starred restaurant, Plume gives diners the option of choosing one of their tasting menus or ordering from the prix fixe menu. The harvest from Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello gardens is the inspiration behind the dishes created. Inside the restaurant, the décor is inspired by both Washingtonian and European styles. At the helm of this restaurant is chef Ralf Schlegel, who creates dishes inspired by both American tradition and Jefferson’s love of French cuisine. This upscale establishment is also known for having the largest Madeira collection across the states.

Perry's Steakhouse and Grille

12. Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille- Birmingham, Alabama

The most romantic place to eat in Alabama is Perry’s Steakhouse & Grille, says Good Housekeeping. The large eating space is light, modern, and sophisticated, The fantastic ambiance and decadent menu make this a popular choice amongst the locals when they are celebrating a special occasion.

Restaurant at The Inn at Dos Brisas- Washington, Texas

11. The Restaurant at The Inn at Little Washington- Washington, Virginia

Set within The Inn at Little Washington, a boutique hotel with just 24 rooms, this is a three Michelin-starred restaurant. The old-school décor in this bistro adds to the romantic ambiance of the venue as there are fringe chandeliers and the walls are adorned with tapestries and textiles. The best seats in the house are the two kitchen tables, as these offer diners a full view of the kitchen. Patrick O’Connell, who is both the owner and the head chef, takes inspiration from French cuisine in the dishes he prepares, and these are served across three tasting menus. Other than the food, the wine is another highlight of this establishment as they have an award-winning 14 thousand bottle wine cellar. This features wine from Virginia, California, and France.

Cress on Oak Street

10. Cress on Oak Creek- Sedona, Arizona

Three-, four-, and six-course prix fixe menus are served at this romantic dining option, which sits by Oak Creek at L’Auberge de Sedona. The seasonally-inspired menus reflect the cuisine of Northern Arizona and include stunning dishes such as exquisitely prepared locally-sourced rainbow trout tartare and the mouthwatering pineapple-braised pork belly. The desserts on the menu are also noteworthy as they make the most of locally-sourced ingredients served in innovative ways.

Cotton Row

9. Cotton Row Restaurant- Huntsville, Alabama

Located in the historic downtown district of Huntsville, this venue has a European bistro-style says Big Seven Travel. The European style setting is combined with fresh American cuisines and Southern hospitality. To maximize the romantic feel of a meal at this restaurant, you should book a table on the second-floor balcony and time your meal to enjoy the sunset while you dine. In addition to the main dining area and the balcony, there is also the option to dine in the wine cellar.

French Laudnry

8. The French Laundry- Yountville, California

Fans of French cuisine should consider booking a table at The French Laundry for their net romantic meal. This upscale establishment has held three Michelin stars for 12 consecutive years. Thomas Keller changes the menu daily, and there is no single ingredient repeated on the multi-course menu. Therefore, this is a true culinary experience that will delight the senses of foodies.

Costa Di Mare

7. Costa Di Mare- Las Vegas, Nevada

Fresh Mediterranean and Italian cuisine are served at this restaurant, including house-made pasta dishes. The seafood-centric menu boasts more than 40 varieties of fish and shellfish, so it is a fantastic option for seafood enthusiasts. Mark LaRusso is in charge at the Costa Di Mare, and he has created a menu that reflects the seasonal availability of ingredients. The warm hospitality of the staff adds to the overall experience of a meal at Costa Di Mare.

River's End

6. River’s End Restaurant- Jennifer, California

You will find this restaurant, which was established in 1927, along the Sonoma Cost where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean. There is definitely a romantic atmosphere in this eatery due to the warm lighting. The menu has an international feel as there are examples of cuisine from across the globe, such as Mexican ceviche and Chinese duck confit. Of course, Californian cuisine also features highly on this menu. This establishment has received praise for its hospitality as the focus is on the guests’ experience.

Casa Tua

5. Casa Tua- Miami Beach, Florida

FSR Magazine lists Casa Tua in Miami Beach, Florida, as one of the best romantic restaurants in the United States. The property is a Mediterranean-style villa with a breathtaking garden. The perfect romantic ambiance is created by cozy lanterns.

One if By Land

4. One If By Land, Two If By Sea- New York City, New York

Located in a historic carriage house that was built in 1767, this venue opened its doors in 1973. It is said that more couples have announced their engagement in this location than in any other eatery in Manhattan, though this is possibly an urban legend. Chef Gary Volkov has been at the helm since 1999 and creates New American dishes. Diners can choose between the tasting or prix fixe menus. There is an amazing ambiance in this restaurant, thanks to the warm décor, brick fireplaces, and candlelit tables. There is also a pretty private garden.

The Little Door

3. The Little Door- Los Angeles, California

There are four rooms at The Little Door in California, and each has a different ambiance. The dining options include the Garden Patio, the Winter Garden, the Piano Room, and the Blue Room. T. Nicholas Peter is the chef at the helm of this restaurant, and he creates seasonal menus to reflect the availability of fresh, local ingredients. The dishes are inspired by Mediterranean cuisine.


2. 2941- Falls Church, Virginia

The surroundings of 2941 are what make it one of the most romantic restaurants in the United States. There are landscaped gardens, waterfalls, koi ponds, and a lakeside view. Located in Falls Church, this restaurant is split over three floors. Each of the rooms has floor-to-ceiling windows to give diners the advantage of the stunning views. It was once a fine dining establishment, but it has now been transformed into an upscale, casual culinary experience. The menu is predominantly New American with some French and Mediterranean influences.


1. Everest- Chicago, Illinois

According to The Daily Meal, the most romantic restaurant in the United States is Everest in Chicago, Illinois. This award-winning establishment has won multiple awards since it opened more than three decades ago. Everest delivers French cuisine that is created using only the finest seasonal ingredients. They offer various tasting menus, including a seven-course vegetarian menu. Another option is to choose meals from the three or four-course prix fixe menus. You will find this venue on the 40th floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange, and its elevated position means that diners can enjoy excellent city views.

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