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The 10 Best Chinese Restaurants in Albuquerque


If you are a lucky person in Albuquerque, you will find yourself living near a dependable Chinese restaurant that serves the best cuisine. This town is best known for dishes with a kick, especially those served with red and green chilies. Several Chinese restaurants make this town phenomenal for people who have a craving for dishes from eastern parts of the globe. Here are the 10 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Albuquerque that offer the best savory Chinese dishes.

10. Budai Gourmet Chinese (Located Northeast Heights, Albuquerque)

Budai Gourmet's menu is rich with Taiwanese, Southern Chinese, and Shanghai dishes. If you are looking for authentic Chinese dishes, request their Chinese menu, you will love it. Their signature dishes are their pork belly and mini pork buns. Additionally, if you need catering services when you plan to hold a small or large event, you can book them. It is situated along 6300 San Mateo Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87109, New Mexico, United States. Opening hours are Wed-Fri 11.30 am to 3 pm and from 5 pm-8.30 pm; Sat-Sun 12 pm to 8.30 pm. The joint is closed on Mon and Tue.

9. Chinshan Chinese Restaurant (Located Eastside)

If you want to enjoy a memorable moment in Albuquerque, make a stop at Chinshan Chinese Restaurant, which serves authentic Chinese dishes. This joint also has Cantonese dishes and Americanized cuisines on its menu. The restaurant has regular customers, indicating that this place has consistently served locals and visitors with quality dishes and service. The bestsellers that you won't miss on the menu include barbecue pork ribs, spicy garlic chicken, beef in garlic sauce, and salt and pepper shrimp. Additionally, you will get lunch and dinner sets in this joint. The staff is well trained, very friendly to receive and serve you. Chinchan opens its doors to customers from Tuesday - Sunday from 11 am to 9 pm. On Mon it is closed.

8. Tsai's Chinese Bistro (Located Uptown Albuquerque)

Another best Chinese Food Albuquerque is Tsai's Chinese Bistro. It was established in 2016 and has become a top joint where most residents and visitors check in to try different Chinese combo dishes. The chefs at their disposal never disappoint with the array of fantastic dishes they put on top of customers' tables. You can visit and enjoy solo diners at a reasonable price. The bestseller on their menu is Eight Uncle spicy dumplings. You can also fill your taste buds with orange chicken or beef, volcano shrimp, Mongolian beef, and sesame chicken. This restaurant has plenty of parking for its customers. Tsai's is situated along 2325 San Pedro, Albuquerque, NM 87110, United States, and is open every Tue-Sun from 11 am-9 pm. On Mon it is closed.

7. Joy Cuisine (Located in Midtown, Albuquerque)

Joy Cuisine serves the best healthy Chinese cuisine in town. This joint is rated highly for the American and traditional versions of Chinese dishes they have been serving since they were opened. They serve big portions that, if you are alone, you will have plenty of leftovers to be packed for you to enjoy at home. Joy Cuisine also prepares other Asian food like pad Thai, orange chicken, crab Rangoon and pu pu platter that you can try. You will be served a sweet drink as you wait for your order. It is worth noting that ordering online may take time. You can check in on Mon-Sat from 10.30 am-9 pm to enjoy your favorite dish on the menu. Doors are fully closed on Sundays.

6. Chinese Cuisine (Located Uptown, Albuquerque)

This is the place to rush if you want to fill your taste buds with affordable Chinese food. You will be served very fast with fresh Chinese cuisine. Bestsellers include chicken lo Mein, Szechuan beef, shrimp fried rice, and peanut chicken. You can also order egg rolls on the side of your plate. Chinese Cuisine has the best customer service; they can remove proteins from your order if you want customized dishes. This joint is open from Mon-Sat between 11 am-9 pm; Sun around 4 pm-8.30 pm.

5. Chen's (Located Eastside, Albuquerque)

Chen has existed in Albuquerque since 1980. For over 40 years of its existence, it has been serving nothing but the best Chinese dishes in the area. The dishes that have remained on its menu this many years include wonton soup, garlic shrimp, beef fried rice, and sesame chicken. You can drop by Chen's if you want value for your money to enjoy lunch and combination plates prepared by the best chefs in the region. It is also worth noting that all dishes on their menu are served in big portions. If you have a big appetite, prepare well. Opening hours are from Sunday to Thursday from 11 am to 9 pm, and Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 10 pm.

4. Rising Star Chinese Eatery (Located in the Business Parkway/Academy Acres, Albuquerque)

If you want to relax and have a good time, Rising Star Chinese Eatery is the best place to go and enjoy a casual dining experience. The dishes you need to try in this joint include sesame chicken, fried shrimp, and Kung pao chicken. You can also enjoy take-out from this joint. According to Tripadvisor, for those working on a budget, you can order lunch and dinner, and they will include rice, egg roll, and soup. Those on a diet can order gluten-free, low sodium, and low-carb options.

3. Chopstix (Located Uptown, Albuquerque)

Chopstix offers authentic Chinese cuisine to its customers instead of Americanized versions. This is the place to visit when you miss your favorite Chinese cuisine. You will enjoy hollow heart vegetable and garlic bok choy on the menu for vegetable lovers. Meat lovers can try ginger chicken and pork meat cooked twice. You can enjoy Szechuan fish filet if you love to fish.

2. Yummi House Chinese Cuisine (Located Eastside, Albuquerque)

This joint offers authentic Chinese cuisine served in large portions to customers. The foods are fresh and tasty prepared by the best chefs for family-style. Bestsellers include General Tso chicken, potstickers, and egg drop soup. You can also enjoy Korean food in this joint.

1. China City (Located Midtown, Albuquerque)

China city has it all from huge servings, affordable dishes, and freshly and testy prepared food. When you visit this joint, you will enjoy food to your fullest. This joint is top of our list because it ticks on all corners and doesn't compromise on quality for its affordable dishes. They come with soup, fried rice, and an egg roll when you order lunch and dinner. Dishes to try when you visit China City are Szechuan chicken, shrimp, pork.


The Chinese take pride in their vast delicacies. Their cuisine is to die for, and for this reason, they have availed their expertly cooked and served meals to many countries to celebrate their rich culture and history. There are many Chinese restaurants in Albuquerque, but there must be one that cooks Chinese food just how you like it. This list of the best Chinese food restaurants in Albuquerque will help you choose your next favorite restaurant.

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