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The 10 Best Restaurants in Tel Aviv, Israel


Not only is Tel Aviv one of the most popular tourist destinations in Israel, but it is also the country’s financial and technological center. Therefore, it is a city visited by people for both business and leisure purposes. The city was originally a suburb of the old port city Jaffa that was developed in the 1940s, so there are both historic and modern neighborhoods in the city. Not only are there plenty of activities and attractions to enjoy during a visit to Tel Aviv, but there are also some fantastic eateries. It is known for its café culture, but there are also many fine dining options and opportunities to sample both local and international cuisines. Here are the 10 best restaurants in Tel Aviv, Israel.

10. Catit


One of the best fine dining options in Tel Aviv is Catit, which you will find on Hechal Hatalmud Street. It is in the historic setting of an Ottoman mansion, so there is plenty of atmosphere to enjoy at this restaurant. The dishes are inspired by several cuisines, including Arab, Mediterranean, and French. Therefore, the food at Catit showcases interesting flavor combinations, and the dishes are served in a creative, colorful, and visually appealing manner. There are two dining rooms inside the restaurant, or there is the option to dine alfresco on the pretty terrace.

Manta Ray

9. Manta Ray

Manta Ray is a fantastic option for those who enjoy eating seafood, as many of the dishes contain fish or seafood. However, there are also other options on the menu, and Manta Ray is famous for its meze. Although the food is outstanding, it is the location of the restaurant that makes it stand out from its competition. It sits right next to the beach, so diners can enjoy sea views as they eat. The best place to take advantage of the views is on the terrace, so book a table outside if you can. Manta ray is also a popular spot for enjoying a beach breakfast. This restaurant is also known for its relaxed atmosphere and warm welcome.


8. Taizu

On the menu at Taizu, there are fusion dishes combining the flavors of Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. The food is predominantly small plates, and seafood features highly on the menu. While Chef Yuval Ben Neriah takes care of the savory dishes, Pastry Chef Ana Shapiro creates the mouthwatering and visually stunning desserts at this restaurant. It has earned numerous accolades over the years and has a reputation for excellence. You will find this restaurant on Derech Menachem Begin.


7. Alena

One of the best hotels in Tel Aviv is The Norman Hotel, which has an excellent reputation and is known for its top-class restaurants. One of the newest on-site restaurants within the hotel is Alena, which serves local cuisine with a Mediterranean influence. While Alena retains the high standards expected of restaurants in this hotel, it is less formal and more relaxed than some of the other options, which makes it more accessible. The menu is diverse, with meat, seafood, pasta dishes, and vegetarian options available.


6. Mashya

Mashya is a contemporary restaurant within the Mendeli Street Hotel that is open to both guests and the public. Chef Yossi Shitrit creates modern cuisine influenced by the flavors of Morocco. The outstanding quality of the food means that it is one of Tel Aviv’s most celebrated restaurants. It has separate breakfast, lunch, and dinner services, and it is open seven days a week.


5. Claro

Time Out lists Claro as one of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv. It is a farm-to-table restaurant in the Sarona Compound. The menu is devised by Chef Ran Schmueli, who is one of Israel’s most respected chefs. Each item on the menu is a celebration of the local produce, and many items are cooked in a brick oven called a tabun in the open kitchen. In addition to the delicious meat and fish options, there is also handmade pasta and bread on the menu.

4. Yoezer Wine Bar


The ambiance is an integral part of the experience of dining at Yoezer Wine Bar. It is set in a stone mansion in historic Jaffa, and the interior is reminiscent of a wine cellar with its exposed walls and arches. The food is classic French dishes with an Israeli twist, and the restaurant has a philosophy of using only fresh, local, and seasonal ingredients. It also boasts one of the largest wine lists in Israel, and the options include some local wines as well as wines from the world's most famous wine regions.

3. Mul-Yam


For seafood enthusiasts, one of the best options in Tel Aviv is Mul-Yam. The dishes are created not only from locally-caught seafood but also using seafood from around the world. There are traditional local dishes and as well as dishes inspired by global cuisines on the menu. Inside the restaurant, there is a Mediterranean style, and glass walls allow diners to look out over the city’s port area as they dine.

Herbert Samuel

2. Herbert Samuel

Although it is one of the newest restaurants on the Tel Aviv food scene, Herbert Samuel has already got a reputation as one of the best fine dining restaurants in the city. The chef at the helm of the restaurant is Yonathan Roshfeld, who creates imaginative tapas-style dishes. In addition to the outstanding food, Herbert Samuel is known for its sea views and impeccable service.


1. Messa

According to Elite Traveler, the best restaurant in Tel Aviv is Messa. The restaurant has been redesigned in recent years, and it has a contemporary vibe with zoned areas for the bar and restaurant. The menu at this fine dining restaurant is international fusion dishes inspired by many cuisines. Chef Moshe Aviv has developed innovative and creative dishes that highlight the ingredients using flavor, color, and texture.

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