Why Wolfgang’s is One of NYCs Finest Steakhouses

Wolfgang's Steakhosue

New York City boasts some excellent restaurants for dining out. Each of these has its own features and there are examples of restaurants serving cuisine from across the globe. Despite the diversity of the offerings in this city, one of the most popular options is steakhouses. You will find a steakhouse on nearly every street, so you are almost spoiled for choice. Many people would argue that one of the best steakhouses in New York City is Wolfgang’s. Here is an overview of what makes Wolfgang’s one of NYC’s finest steakhouses.

The Location

There are five Wolfgang’s locations in New York City. The original Wolfgang’s is located on Park Avenue, while Wolfgang’s Steakhouse is on 41st Street. A further two locations are at Greenwich Street and East 54th Street. All these locations are open for lunch and dinner service. The fifth location is Wolfgang’s Steakhouse- Gotham Hotel, which is located on East 46th Street. This location is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. With five locations to choose between, you can enjoy a meal at a Wolfgang’s no matter where you are in NYC.
Forbes notes that the original steakhouse, which opened back in 2004, is still the flagship restaurant of this chain. With fifteen years in business, it is now an established entity in New York. Forbes says that the restaurant has an interesting tiled décor and a great atmosphere. The professionalism of the staff is also noted, as they offer a warm greeting and deliver your order in a timely fashion. Many of the staff also show off their sense of humor when dealing with customers, which makes people feel at ease.

Food and Drink

While the ambiance and the customer service can make a big difference to your dining experience, the food and drink are the most important factors when deciding whether a steakhouse is one of the best or not. The lunch menu differs from those at many other steakhouses as there is not the usual selection of appetizers, salads, and lighter meals. Instead, there is a limited menu of dishes that allows the chef to prepare the meals to order to the highest standard. Diners can choose from the soup of the day, Cajun rib eye steak, filet mignon with either peppercorn or mushroom sauce, and chopped steak with sautéed onions. There are also seafood options, including scampi, sea bass, wild salmon, and yellowfin tuna.

The dinner menu has a more diverse selection of choices, including a range of appetizers, soups, and salads. The main course options include meats from the grill and a list of seafood selections. As this is a steakhouse, most diners opt for something from the grill. Options include lamb chops, filet mignon, prime New York sirloin steak, or rib eye steak. Diners at Wolfgang’s say that the meat is cooked to perfection exactly as it was ordered. The seafood options are the same as on the lunch menu. Diners can order from a selection of side dishes to accompany their entrée.
Although the portions are generous and you may soon feel full, you might just have enough room left for a dessert if you take a short break between courses. The offerings on the dessert menu are typical of what you would expect from a steakhouse. Some of the options include pecan pie, key lime pie, hot fudge sundae, and apple strudel.

There is an extensive range of wines available from the wine list that come from all four corners of the globe. Therefore, you should easily find the perfect wine to accompany your meal. If you are not a wine enthusiast, you are free to order a beer or spirit from the fully stocked bar.


This steakhouse is so popular that it often gets busy and noisy. However, there are some private booths and rooms available if you want a quieter dining experience. It is also worth noting that this restaurant offers a take-out service so that you can enjoy the delicious food from the comfort of your own home if you wish. Every single dish from the lunch and dinner menus are available for take-out. Price is an important consideration for most people when deciding where to eat. Wolfgang’s compares favorably to other similar steakhouses in terms of price. You can easily enjoy a three-course meal with a bottle of wine for around the $100 per person mark. You may pay a little more for some dishes or if you have extra sides and more drinks. While this may seem a little steeper than you would pay in other types of restaurant, this is about average amongst steakhouses and is a reflection of the quality of the ingredients and the nice vibe that the restaurants have. It is certainly worth the spend for a special occasion or an important business lunch when in New York City. 

Overall, there are many excellent features that make Wolfgang’s a place that is well worth a try next time you want to eat out at a steakhouse. The menus offer some delicious options that are made using good quality ingredients that are prepared well. Also, the atmosphere of this venue and the excellent customer service also contributes to an overall positive dining experience at this restaurant. Whether you agree that Wolfgang’s is one of the finest NYC steakhouses is a matter of opinion and you will only find out if you are of the same opinion by dining at this restaurant yourself. If you decide to try a meal there, you do not necessarily need to book in advance as the staff is happy to welcome you straight in off the street. However, it often gets very busy in the evenings, so it makes sense to book if you are dining out with a larger group or if you do not have time to wait for a table to become available.

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