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Why Sparks is One of the Best Steakhouses in NYC


When it comes to dining out, New York City has thousands of excellent places to dine. There are restaurants serving cuisine from all around the globe and you will find somewhere you love no matter what your budget. Steakhouses are one of the most popular choices, and they are always the go-to option for meat lovers. Although there are some outstanding steakhouses that you can try, one of the best is Sparks Steak House, and here is an overview of why you should choose this restaurant next time you fancy a steak.

The first thing to consider when considering the quality of any restaurant is the food. At Sparks Steak House, you will find an extensive dinner menu that offers you plenty of choices. As you would expect from a steakhouse, the main part of the entrée list consists of various cuts of steak along with other options from the grill, such as veal or lamb chops. These are all cooked fresh to order to the liking of the customer. According to those who dine here, the steaks are delicious, juicy, and cooked to perfection.

What is unusual about the menu at this steakhouse is that it is almost just as much a seafood restaurant as it is a steakhouse. There are multiple fish and seafood dishes on the menu, so it is ideal for those who prefer not to eat red meat. The list of appetizers comprises almost entirely of fish and seafood dishes, while there is a whole section of the entrée part of the menu devoted to fish and seafood options. You can also opt for a whole live lobster, and the price of these is based on the weight of the lobster.

For healthier eating options, there is also a selection of salads on the menu. If you are not concerned about the calories, then you should save some room to try one of the indulgent desserts, such as the delicious cakes and pies. Some examples include warm pecan pie a la mode and chocolate mousse cake. There are even sharing options on the dessert menu, including a selection of all the cakes and pies along with fresh fruits. This is intended for groups of four or more diners.

Sparks Steak

Sparks has become known for its extensive wine list, which review site Zagat describes as exhaustive. In addition to the main wine list, which has almost every variety of wine imaginable, there are also separate wine lists for half bottles, large format bottles, library wines, and dessert wines. If you are not a fan of wine, you may prefer to view the list of after-dinner drinks, which is also extensive. This includes single malt whiskeys, sipping whiskeys, brandies, ports, and a selection of liqueurs.

Of course, the overall dining experience is about a lot more than the food and drink available. The atmosphere of the place can also make a big difference in how much you enjoy the dining experience. Lonely Planet says that this restaurant was once a mob hangout before it became an honest-to-goodness New York steakhouse around 50 years.

The restaurant has retained a certain element of the mob hangout atmosphere from its history with its masculine décor. However, there are also elements of warmth and old-world charm to the ambiance in this restaurant. The vibe of this restaurant makes it equally suitable for intimate occasions as it is for business dinners.

An interesting feature of this restaurant that makes it stand out from its competitors is the private rooms. There are ten private rooms in total, that range in size to accommodate various sizes of parties. The smallest of these is the Lilac Room, which can accommodate up to 14 guests. The largest private rooms is the Hudson Room, which is suitable for parties of up to 250 guests. This means that you can host a party or event at this restaurant to suit any size of party.

In terms of pricing, Sparks Steak House is comparable to similar high-end steakhouses in the area. For the steak dishes, you can expect to pay in the region of $30 to $40, although the prices are not stated on the menu and you will need to ask the waiter if you are concerned about the cost. The overall cost of the meal will soon begin to add up if you want appetizers, vegetable side dishes, a bottle of wine or two, and an after-dinner drink. Therefore, this is the type of place that most people would visit for a special treat, rather than a casual mid-week meal out.

Another feature of note at Sparks Steak House is the customer service. Diners at this restaurant feel that the customer service is excellent. The staff is experienced, helpful and polite, which makes dining there a pleasant experience. They are also willing to offer guidance with regards to the menu and wine list options, which you may need as the options are so extensive. Furthermore, diners are seated in a timely manner and the food arrives in a reasonable amount of time considering it is freshly prepared to order.

Overall, Sparks Steak House has many features that make it one of the best steakhouses in New York City, not least the quality of its food and the extensive drinks lists. You can expect a high-quality meal and excellent customer service in surrounding that offer a great ambiance.

If you want to try out Sparks Steak House for yourself and make your own decision whether it is one of the best in New York City, then you can visit it on East 46th Street. It is open for both lunch and dinner service between 12 noon and 11 pm every day except Sunday when it is closed. Although making a reservation is not compulsory, it makes sense to book a table in advance during busy times.

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Written by Liz Flynn

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