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Why M. Wells Steakhouse is Considered One of NYC's Finest

M Wells Steakhouse NYC

Dwellers of New York City are fortunate enough to have a vast choice of steakhouses. While some of these are amazing, others are mediocre at best. M. Wells Steakhouse falls into the former category, with some of its frequent diners describing it as one of the best steakhouses in New York City, and here are just some of the reasons why. AFAR says that this restaurant is run by husband and wife team chef Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis and that they have achieved an amazing feat by enticing diners to travel all the way to Long Island City to enjoy a steak. The chef gained experience at Montreal’s Au Pied de Cochon before embarking on his own venture. He is now at the helm of this old-school chophouse that combines classic steakhouse cuts with some rather unusual dishes, many of which focus on offal as the main ingredient. According to The New York Times, the owners of this restaurant have bought the rather tired concept of steakhouses back to life with their personal take on what diners should get from a steakhouse. On the one hand, they have reinvigorated the concept by adding some modern twists. On the other hand, they have taken a step back in time by cooking their steaks over a crackling wood fire, which gives them a nice smoky flavor.

The Menu

A closer look at the dinner menu clearly demonstrates this combination of traditional and modern. To start, diners can choose something from the raw bar or opt for one of the starters. A dish called John’s Gundy comes highly recommended. This is a potato waffle topped with pickled smelts, roe, dill, and crème fraiche. Another delicious option is the soft shell crab with red peppers. The steak options on the meat course include Wagyu flank steak, New York strip, grass-fed ribeye, and dry-aged porterhouse for two. These are all cooked over the open fire to order. Due to the manner of preparation, the cooking is a little uneven with some charred areas, but this makes the meal a little more interesting. Other main course options include chicken fried beef heart, whole trout, dry-aged meatloaf, Amish leg of lamb, and a stack of pork chops with anchovy butter. Regardless of whether you choose a steak or one of the other options from the main course, you can accompany your meal with one of the side dishes. There are the typical potato options that you would expect to see in a steakhouse, along with some options that are unique to M. Wells Steakhouse, such as the fried shishito peppers and the braised Romano beans.

Following your meal, there is a selection of desserts. Again, there is a selection of classic desserts that are typical of steakhouses, such as key lime pie and hot fudge profiteroles. There are also some more unusual options, such as choco-roq and elderflower posset. It is also possible to order a custom cake from Jenny, the pastry chef. Most people like to enjoy an alcoholic beverage when dining out at a steakhouse. There is a reasonable wine list at M. Wells Steakhouse if you prefer to accompany your steak with a bottle of wine. However, this is not the only option available as you can order from a selection of beers or spirits from the bar. There are also plenty of alcohol-free options for the driver in your group and those who opt not to drink alcoholic beverages. While the food is of a high standard, this is not the only factor that impacts on the overall enjoyment of a meal. It is also important to consider the vibe of a place and the customer service that you will receive. There is a good vibe in this steakhouse, and that is partly thanks to the décor. The space was once an auto-body shop that has been converted into a beautiful restaurant, says The Infatuation. Like the menu, the style of the restaurant is a mix of a traditional steakhouse with some modern twists. The exposed brick is painted in bold red, and the auto-body shop doors have remained. This is combined with traditional wooden tables and mood lighting. One of the best features of this restaurants design is the open kitchen that allows you to see your food being prepared on the open fire and grill. Not only is this a source of entertainment, but it also gives you confidence in the preparation of your food.


The ambiance is perfect for both casual dining with friends, or for enjoying an intimate and romantic meal with a loved one. There is plenty of space in this restaurant, so it can easily accommodate larger groups without making people feel claustrophobic and as though they are sat on each other’s knees. The customer service is also excellent, and the friendly staff will greet you as though you are a long-lost member of the family. They are attentive enough to make you feel special while giving you enough space to enjoy your meal in peace. They are happy to help any customers who want recommendations from the menu or the wine list. Compared to many other steakhouses in New York City, the prices at M. Wells Steakhouse are very reasonable. You can expect to pay between $80 and $100 per person for a three-course meal with a side and a bottle of wine. Many other steakhouses in the area would cost significantly more for a meal of this size. Therefore, M. Wells Steakhouse is a good value option. If you fancy giving M. Wells Steakhouse a go yourself, then you will find it at 43-15 Crescent Street, Long Island City, New York. It is open from 5 pm to 10 pm on Mondays and Tuesdays, and between 5 pm and 11 pm from Wednesday through to Sunday. Although booking is not essential, it is recommended for larger groups and at busier times to avoid disappointment.

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