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The 10 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Brooklyn


With the increasing number of visitors in Brooklyn, there is a high probability that there will be several Chinese restaurants. Brooklyn is known for having the best Chinese restaurants that offer tasty traditional Chinese dishes and excellent customer service. With huge favorites like the MáLà Project, Shanghai 21, and Lichee Nut, we have outlined a quick review of the best Chinese Food Brooklyn options for you to try.

10. Birds of a Feather (1.7 miles from Manhattan Bridge)

Birds of a Feather is among the newly opened restaurants in Brooklyn, as it was opened three years ago in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The restaurant is popular for offering spicy Sichuan noodles and tasty dim sum dishes that are served in a simple setting. The menu features several traditional Chinese cuisines such as three-pepper chicken, mapo tofu, sautéed duck served with ginger or steamed bao. The restaurant’s dim sum dish clearly represents China’s traditional dishes.

9. Hao Noodle (0.2 miles from Greenwich village)

The Hao Noodle restaurant is well-known for its regional, tasty Chinese dishes, served with housemade noodles and seasonal ingredients. Since it is located at Meatpacking District, the second branch in the Chinese chain, it is easily accessible by all visitors traveling to Brooklyn Heights. Moreover, the restaurant features a skylit dining room filled with colorful flowers to help add a nice edge to the interior décor.

8. Lichee Nut (0.9 miles from Brooklyn Bridge)

At the top of our list is the Lichee Nut restaurant, which offers one of the best Chinese dishes in Brooklyn, NY. This restaurant is popular for providing a wide tasty selection of exotic and traditional East Asian dishes. In addition to its low-priced menu, Lichee nut offers delicious house specials such as the zesty mango with jumbo shrimp, orange chicken, and the General Tso’s Chicken. The restaurant is usually open to all customers from 11.30 A.M to 3.30 P.M on Monday to Saturday.

7. Atlas kitchen (1.2 miles from Upper West Side)

The Atlas kitchen is a stylish, airy restaurant located south of the Columbia University campus. The restaurant is decorated with art-themed paintings that help add a cozy atmosphere and a unique dining experience. Atlas kitchen is popular for offering classic Hunanese, Chinese, and Sichuan dishes. There is also a section on the menu that strictly serves Chinese-American classic cuisines.

6. Friend of a Farmer (0.2 miles from Union Square)

The Friend of a Farmer restaurant is popular for its American country dishes, including a famous brunch that is served in Vermont farmhouse quarters. The restaurant is located along 86th street, passing through Bath Beach, Dyker Heights, and Bensonhurst. The interior is well-spaced and fitted with classy dining tables to help provide an exceptional dining experience. The restaurant’s signature dish is lobster steamed in sticky rice. Additionally, the Friend of a Farmer restaurant has a section on the menu that strictly serves vegetarian dishes

5. Red Farm (3.0 miles from New York City)

The Red Farm restaurant’s signature dishes are the bacon-laced fried rice, pastrami egg rolls, sautéed lobster, dim sum such, black bass tarts, among other seasonal Chinese dishes served in a cozy & elegant farmhouse-style setting. The dining experience is further made exceptional with the restaurant’s red gingham seats and rustic communal tables. Moreover, Red Farm is best-known for offering the best dumplings around the area.

4. Little Alley (0.5 miles from Empire State Building)

Little Alley is the Shanghainese chef’s eatery joint for offering traditional Chinese plates and tasty soup dumplings in a brick-walled setting. The restaurant’s signature dish includes pan-fried pork dumplings (crisp and browned on the bottom), plump dumpling soup, scallions, minced pork, and salted duck eggs. Moreover, the menu features the Shanghai stir-fried noodles (thick ribbons of dough) served with pork chunks, bok choy, mushrooms, and shrimp.

3. Shanghai 21 (1.6 miles from New York City)

The Shanghai 21 is an eatery situated on the lower end of Mott Street that is best known for offering exceptional traditional Chinese cuisines, including soup dumplings. The outdoor design is particularly well-spaced and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy your meals while viewing the busy Brooklyn streets. The restaurant’s signature dishes include rice cake or soup dumplings served with pickled greens and pork. Additionally, the menu features plenty of cold Chinese dishes, such as mock dock, smoked fish, mushrooms, and gluten.

2. MáLà Project (2.4 miles from New York City)

The MáLà project is a Chinese hotspot restaurant best known for its thinly sliced meats, vegetables, a stir-fry-like spread with more than 52 optional add-ins, and the Chongqing –hailing dry pot with dim sum and appetizers. The restaurant is named after the Chinese phenomenon of MáLà (meaning numbing and spicy). The menu offers a wide selection of delicious Chinese dishes, including pig artery, squid balls, fish fillets, konjac, and chayote noodles served with vegetables. The restaurant has a 15-sear communal table; thus, you can enjoy your traditional Chinese dishes with your large group of friends and family.

1. Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao (0.7 miles from Union Square)

Nan Xiang Xiao Long Bao is a cost-effective Shanghainese restaurant that is popular for offering delicious Shanghai soup dumplings, dim sum, and noodle sum. The restaurant has a rich menu of regional Chinese cuisines such as rice with mustard greens chicken in wine sauce, among many other dishes for you to try out. Although the restaurant was relocated to Prince Street last November, the restaurant still provides food take outs and deliver.


With the various Chinese food restaurants located in Brooklyn, New York, it can be difficult when choosing which restaurant serves your favorite Chinese dishes. However, with the help of this guide, you will be able to easily locate a restaurant that offers the best traditional Chinese cuisines for you to enjoy. Get started today and visit any of the above-listed restaurants to overwhelm your taste buds with the best Chinese Food Brooklyn dishes.

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