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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Savannah, GA

Savannah, Georgia

Its location along the coast of Georgia and by the Savannah River means that there is always a varied and excellent supply of fresh fish and seafood in Savannah. This is something that the local restaurants take advantage of in the creation of their dishes, and you will see seafood options on the menu at almost every eatery in the city. If you are a seafood enthusiast and prefer to dine in restaurants that specialize in this type of food, then you will find a diverse range of places to eat. Here are the 10 best seafood restaurants in Savannah, GA.

10. Riverhouse Seafood

Open for more than 30 years, Riverhouse Seafood is housed in an 18th-century cotton warehouse that has been restored to create a trendy yet welcoming restaurant that features exposed brick walls and muted lighting. Although the menu offers extensive seafood options, the best dishes include the lobster bisque, the blackened mahi-mahi, and crab cakes. On the menu, there are some delicious options for meat-eaters, such as steaks and chicken dishes. This restaurant is also known for its mouthwatering desserts, so save some room for some banana pudding or the peach cobbler.

9. A-J’s Dockside Restaurant

Overlooking Back River, this Tybee seafood restaurant has earned an excellent reputation among the locals. Those with boats often dock by the restaurant, grab a bit to eat, and then continue their sailing endeavors. There are both indoor and outdoor eating areas, so you can sit directly by the water in good weather if you prefer. Some of the highlights of the seafood section of the menu include snow crabs, mahi-mahi, and deviled crabs. Meat options include steaks, burgers or wings.

8. Geralds’s Pig and Shrimp

As its name suggests, this restaurant serves both seafood and meat options. This means it is popular with both meat lovers and seafood enthusiasts. In terms of the seafood on offer, it is most famous for its fried shrimp and its fresh oysters. The meat options include beef brisket, ribs, and pork served in a variety of ways. A dish that will suit both meat and seafood fans is the restaurant’s low country boil, which is a dish featuring both shrimp and sausage, along with corn on the cob and potatoes. The side order options are plentiful and varied.

7. Tortugas Island Grille

Located on the Intercoastal Waterway in the Thunderbolt neighborhood. Tortugas Island Grille is like a tropical oasis. It serves a vast array of seafood dishes, some of which are influenced by Southern cuisine while others feature the flavors of the Caribbean. Some of the options include jerk steamed shrimp, Maryland crab cakes, or shrimp and grits. This restaurant serves both lunch and dinner, and it is a popular spot for Sunday brunch. There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas.

6. Barracuda’s Bob’s Bar & Grill

Known for its excellent customer service and its welcoming ambiance, Barracuda Bob’s Bar & Grill. The menu is extensive, with some of the most popular offerings including pan-seared scallops, shrimp and grits, crab and corn chowder, and tuna tacos. There are also plenty of meals for non-seafood eaters on the menu. An interesting feature of the menu is a selection of dishes made from alligator. Another reason to dine at Barracuda Bob’s Bar & Grill is the great selection of beers, which includes several beers that are brewed locally.

5. Russo’s Seafood Restaurant

Ever since it opened in 1946, Russo’s Seafood has been the top seafood market in Savannah. Several years ago, the market was expanded to make way for a restaurant. As the restaurant uses all the fresh ingredients available from the market, it has been a big attraction to the locals since it opened. This casual restaurant serves a range of seafood sandwiches, tacos, crab cakes, deviled crabs, steamed or fried shrimp, and a large choice of side orders.

4. Olde Pink House

Olde Pink House Restaurant is one of the top seafood restaurants in Savannah, according to Four Square. This southern soul food restaurant serves heart classics, such as fried lobster tails and shrimp and grits. One of the most popular accompaniments on the menu is the fried green tomatoes. Along with the high standard of the food served, this restaurant is known for its fun cocktails and excellent customer service.

3. Driftaway Café

Driftaway Café sits by a pretty stream and is surrounded by the lush landscape in the Sandfly neighborhood. This cozy restaurant serves up many coastal classics, such as a seafood combo platter, along with an extensive seafood sandwich menu. Alongside the seafood offerings, there are also plenty of options for meat lovers. This means there are choices for everyone.

2. Pearl’s Saltwater Grille

Sitting on Herb River, diners can enjoy river views as they dine. The dining experience begins as soon as you arrive at Pearl’s, as guests are given a basket of hush puppies to snack on until their meal arrives. The menu includes lots of steamed or fried options, along with the house specialties that they have been serving since they opened. There are options to customize dishes with a range of sauces. One of the most popular dishes at this seafood joint is the flounder stuffed with crab.

1. Crab Shack

According to 10 Best, the best seafood restaurant in Savannah, GA, is Crab Shack. This casual eatery has both indoor and outdoor seating. Regardless of which option you choose, you can enjoy water views while you dine. As the name suggests, one of the best options from the menu at this establishment is the crab, and there are several varieties of crab served in a myriad of ways. Crab is not the only option on the menu as it is a seafood lover's dream. Those who prefer a meat dish can opt for pork or chicken cooked barbecue style.

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