The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Tarpon Springs, FL


Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Tarpon Springs is a small city that is known for the Historic Sponge Docks. It is a fantastic place for dining out because there is a vast array of restaurants serving various cuisine. Due to the coastal location, seafood restaurants are a popular choice because they use fresh locally caught seafood. If you fancy trying some seafood in this city, the following are the 10 best seafood restaurants in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Tarpon Turtle Grill

10. Tarpon Turtle Grill & Marina

Both American fare and Caribbean cuisine are served at Tarpon Turtle Grill & Marina which is located on Lake Taron Avenue. The indoor space has a modern mission style, while the outdoor waterside deck is equipped with booths. The main focus of the menu is on seafood, although there are also some meat and vegetarian options on the menu. This restaurant is open from 11 am to 10 pm daily.

Davidson's Dockside Restaurant

9. Davidson’s Dockside Restaurant

Located on Anclote Road in Port Tarpon Marina, diners at Davidson’s Dockside Restaurant can enjoy water views if they sit outside on the patio. Inside the restaurant, there is a casual atmosphere, the prices are affordable, and the staff is friendly. Typical items you will find on the menu at this eatery include fish tacos and raw oysters. This restaurant is also known for serving craft beers to wash down your food.

Molly Goodheads

8. Molly Goodhead’s Raw Bar & Restaurant

Set in a waterfront spot on Orange Street, Molly Goodhead’s Raw Bar & Restaurant is a bi-level eatery with an interior styled with kitschy décor. The oyster bar is one of the highlights of the restaurant, and the menu is seafood-heavy. Some examples of popular dishes on the menu include grouper sandwiches, crab soup, and blackened gator. Open from 11 am daily, diners can enjoy both lunch and dinner at this popular establishment. Diners have praised the affordable prices, the generous portion sizes, and excellent customer service.

The Fish Guy

7. The Fish Guy

Of all the seafood restaurants in Tarpon Springs, The Fish Guy is the one that is most typical of a seaside shack. This casual eatery serves up crowd-pleasing seafood dishes such as fish platters, fried oysters, various chowders, catfish sandwiches, and local-sourced seafood served in many ways. The interior has a rustic, seaside-themed style that is relaxed and comfortable. You will find The Fish Guy on Grand Boulevard.

Ozona Blue Grilling

6. Ozona Blue Grilling Company

An airy waterfront restaurant in Home Port Marina on Orange Street, the Ozona Blue Grilling Company has an excellent reputation locally. Many people opt to dine outdoors on the patio to take advantage of the sunny weather and to enjoy the views of the harbor. An interesting feature of the restaurant is that it has its own boating pool off the harbor by the side of the restaurant. This means it attracts the sailing crowd. There is an extensive menu that features grilled fish, various seafood dishes, and flatbreads. The crab legs and shrimp dishes are particularly popular. Some meat options are also available, such as steaks, which is great if you have people in your party who are not fans of seafood. It is a lively restaurant, and there is often live music. This means it is a fantastic place for socializing with friends. It is open for both lunch and dinner service seven days a week.


5. Mykonos

If you are a fan of both Greek cuisine and seafood, then you should book a table at Mykonos. This upbeat restaurant on Dodecanese Boulevard Mykonos specializes in grilled seafood, although there are also meat plates on the menu. One of the most popular options on the menu is the seafood platter. There is a fun vibe in this restaurant with Greek music playing in the background. It is open from 11.30 am until 10 pm daily.

Mystic Fish

4. Mystic Fish

Open from 4 pm daily, Mystic Fish is an upscale seafood restaurant located in the Shoppes at Cloverplace on Tampa Road. Some of the seafood highlights on the menu are the paella and the Bermuda fish soup. There is also the option to order small plates, and the desserts have received praise from former diners. Although the food is exquisite, the food is surprisingly affordable and the portion sizes are generous.

Rusty Bellies

3. Rusty Bellies Waterfront Grill, Inc.

Rusty Bellies Waterfront Grille, Inc, is a family-owned restaurant with a laid-back vibe. It specializes in seafood and there is a tiki bar. One of the best aspects of this hotel is the waterfront location on Dodecanese Boulevard. Another reason that this is a popular spot amongst the locals is that there is live music every weekend. Some of the seafood served in this restaurant, including the shrimp, is fresh off the restaurant’s own boat. The rest is sourced from other local fishers. Diners say that they love the friendly atmosphere in this restaurant.

Pelican Point

2. Pelican Point Seafood

The menu at Pelican Point Seafood changes according to the seafood available, although you can usually expect to find an all-you-can-eat shrimp option. Diners have noted that the fish and seafood served in this restaurant is always fresh and prepared to perfection. It is worth noting that this restaurant gets very busy at the weekends, so you may have to wait for a table. However, the fact that the restaurant is so busy is also a positive, as it gives the restaurant a great vibe.

Jimmy's Neighborhood Restaurant

1. Jimmy’s Neighborhood Restaurant

According to the reviews and ratings of former diners, the best seafood restaurant in Tarpon Springs is Jimmy’s Neighborhood Restaurant. The highlight of the menu is the seafood dishes as there is a good selection of grilled fishes along with dishes such as New England chowder. There are also pizzas, sandwiches, pasta options, and some meat dishes. The vibe in this eatery is casual, and there are televisions to watch while you dine. You will find Jimmy’s Neighborhood Restaurant on Gulf Road.

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