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Where to Find the Best Chinese Food in Milwaukee


Regardless of what type of cuisine you fancy eating in Milwaukee, you will find something to tantalize your tastebuds. The options include various types of Asian, American, and South American cuisines, although Chinese food is one of the most popular options in this city, as it is across the United States. If you are amongst the people who have Chinese at the top of their culinary wish list, there is a vast array of eateries serving this type of food. These range from restaurants serving authentic Chinese cuisine to buffet-style venues and to takeouts with a menu of American-Chinese food. Here are the 10 best places to get Chinese food in Milwaukee.

10. China Gourmet

China Gourmet is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Milwaukee in terms of value for money. Although the food is good quality and the portions are generous, it is surprisingly affordable. China Gourmet is on East Wells Street. If you opt to eat at the restaurant at lunchtime or at the weekend, you can enjoy the buffet. For those who prefer to eat at home, China Gourmet offers takeout and no-contact delivery.

9. Huan Xi

If you are close to North Murray Avenue and you fancy a takeout, order a meal from Huan Xi, as it is highly recommended by the locals. Like several of the Chinese eateries in Milwaukee, they offer two menus. One is the main menu, which has standard fare you will find on most Chinese menus. The other is described as a secret menu, and it has traditional and authentic Chinese specialties that are not as commonly seen on the average Chinese restaurant menu. There is no dining room at this venue, so the options are takeout or no-contact delivery.

8. Lucky Liu’s

You will find Lucky Liu’s on North Van Buren Street. It is a small restaurant with a relaxed atmosphere, and it serves both Chinese and Japanese dishes. Diners who have eaten in the restaurant say the service is helpful and friendly, while those who have ordered takeout note that the food comes quick and hot. The latter group also says the meals arrive with plates, utensils, sauces, and plenty of napkins, which they find useful and convenient. Both restaurant diners and those who order takeout say the portions are generous and good value for money.

7. RuYi

RuYi is a Chinese restaurant in Potawatomi Bingo Casino on West Canal Street in Milwaukee, WI, although you do not need to use the casino to dine in the restaurant. There is a diverse range of Chinese dishes on the menu, alongside dishes from other Asian countries, including Korean, Japanese, and Thai food. The restaurant is also known for its drinks selection, which includes bubble tea and an extensive list of cocktails. Although the restaurant offers takeout, it does not provide a delivery service, so you will have to collect the food yourself if you feel like eating Chinese food at home.

6. Peking Garden

Bamboo House is included on the list of the best places to get Chinese food in Milwaukee on Stacker. It is praised for the quality of the food, the customer service, and for being good value for money. It is takeout only, and it serves authentic Chinese dishes with regional food, including Cantonese, Szechuan, Hunan, and Mandarin. You will find Peking Garden on West Beloit Road.

5. Emperor of China

Three Best Rated says that the Emperor of China is one of the best places to get Chinese food in Milwaukee. It is one of the city’s best-established Chinese restaurants, as the family-run restaurant has been open since 1986. It is only a small restaurant that can seat up to 25 diners, and you will find it on East Brady Street. The menu has a diverse range of dishes that reflect various regional Chinese cuisines, and these include meat, seafood, and vegetable options. The staff at this award-winning restaurant makes customers feel welcome and can offer assistance with meal choices to those who are unfamiliar with Chinese food.

4. DanDan

If you only want to eat traditional Chinese cuisine, then DanDan is not the place for you. The menu is American-Chinese food, but rather than being second-best to restaurants serving only Authentic Chinese food, DanDan has become so successful because they take pride in the Asian-inspired menu they have created. It is one of the best options for vegans and vegetarians, as there is such a diverse choice of vegetables meals and side orders. The restaurant is named after its owners, Dan Van Rite and Dan Jacobs. Conveniently, a dan dan is also a carrying pole used by Chinese street vendors.

3. Jing’s

Jing’s is one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in the Historic Third Ward district of Milwaukee, and you will find it on East Buffalo Street in The Marshall Building. Most of the dishes on the menu are American-Chinese. However, the owner is from Shanghai, and she has included some specialties from her home city. Diners who eat in the restaurant regularly love the calm and quiet atmosphere of the restaurant.

2. Fortune

There are two menus at Fortune, which is a popular Chinese restaurant on 108th Street. One menu boasts authentic Chinese dishes, while the other has Americanized Chinese options. In addition to the typical meals you will find on most Chinese menus, there are some more adventurous and unusual choices, such as salt and pepper fish, eggplant in plum sauce, and shredded duck and mushroom soup.

1. Sze Chuan

According to Milwaukee Magazine, the best place to get Chinese food in Milwaukee is Sze Chuan. The owners of the restaurant are from southwest China, so they create authentic Szechuan cuisine. A popular option amongst the regulars is a Chinese hot pot, where diners cook their chosen ingredients in a flavored stock at the table. You will find Sze Chuan on West National Avenue.

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