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The 20 Safest Places to Live in Arizona

Paradise Valley

Sweeping sunsets, desert landscape, and breathtaking canyons—these are the things that most everyone think of when someone says Arizona. But the Nation’s Valentine has so much more to offer. It has more sunshine than Florida and more pine forests than people think. You can find the world’s largest solar telescope here and more national monuments than any other state. Better not refuse anyone a drink of water here because it’s totally illegal to do so. That kind of hospitality is common throughout Arizona, and it’s the reason why many cities here are great for living. If you’re ready to have one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World in your backyard, you can find your home from Arizona’s 20 safest places to live in.

Sierra Vista

20. Sierra Vista

Considered to be one of the safest in the state, Sierra Vista is a gem of a city. With 45,000 residents calling this home, Sierra Vista has grown to be one of the most favored communities in all of Arizona. This city is known for its excellent schools, bountiful employment opportunities, year round temperate climate, and a lifestyle that’s focused on the great outdoors. Sierra Vista has a good mix in population, and its actually home to some of the brightest brains in the nation.


19. Goodyear

Residents of Goodyear, Arizona take pride in their city. In fact, 72% of this city owns their homes. It’s a different kind of accountability when it comes to keeping the area safe and secure for residents and families. Family-friendly and accessible like no other, Goodyear has become an easy city to choose for those looking for a new place to call home.

El Mirage

18. El Mirage

Rural areas often tend to be safer than many city alternatives. This suburb of Phoenix is not necessarily a small-scale town with over 35,000 residents, but it still sees the kind of safety that only remote areas truly experience. The rate of violent crime that happens at El Mirage is significantly lower than the national average. El Mirage offers a ton of outdoor activities from parks, off road adventures, wildlife and more.


17. Chandler

With a population of over 265,000, it’s hard to deny how big this city is. The city of Chandler had humble beginnings as an agricultural community when it was first founded, but it has grown to be one of the largest high-tech communities in Arizona. Chandler has an impressive safety score of 81.09, and that’s likely because of the declining trend in both violent crimes and property crimes. It’s an achievement that takes a community’s hard work and dedication. No matter how long you’ve lived in Chandler, Arizona, you’ll always have something to discover.


16. Peoria

Home to almost 158, 600 residents, the city of Peoria is not exactly small. It’s interesting to note that this community is vastly demographically white. Although it isn’t as diverse as other cities on this list, living in Peoria does have a few advantages. It’s considered to be one of the most livable places in all of the state, with growing retirement communities. Peoria also offers a large school district that operates under a unified system. The city is safe for over 36,000 students, and it’s certainly safe for adults.


15. Scottsdale

When it comes to livability, Scottsdale pretty much checks all the boxes. From diversity to safety, Scottsdale offers plenty of sunshine and positive attributes for its residence. Combined with affordable housing costs, residents of Scottsdale appreciate the natural surroundings and the many outdoor activities the city has to offer. The downtown area is vibrant but safe, and the culture here is deep and rooted. Scottsdale is considered to be the Miami of the Southwest, but this Arizona city really has its own personality.


14. Marana

Having only been founded in 1977, Marana is still considered to be a young town. It has grown its population significantly within the last few decades, and its popularity has also seen an increase when it comes to residential opportunities. The area is probably best known for the all the sporting events that the city holds each year. People from all over the world visit Marana for outdoor recreation, and the town also serves as a nice retreat just about 25 minutes outside of Tucson, Arizona. It’s much safer in Marana, and it’s also a lot less dense in comparison.

Prescott Valley

13. Prescott Valley

Prescott Valley offers the best of both worlds. Residents in this area get a good mix of suburban and rural—all with a central location that’s the envy of many places. Living in Prescott Valley means that you’ll have easy access to almost every other location in the state. Prescott Valley has become quite a retirement destination, but there’s plenty of room for all sorts of residents here. It’s easy to want to come live at Prescott Valley because of the area’s high safety rating.


14. Buckeye

Although Buckeye’s safety rating has gone down in the last year, this city still happens to be one of the safest in the entire state. The population in Buckeye is about mid-sized, and it has grown to a rough total of 65,630 residents. There are plenty of things for residents and visitors to enjoy in Buckeye, and that includes a visit to some of the area’s best regional park. You can also see the Historic Gillespie Dam Bridge here, which as restored in 2012.

Lake Havasu City

11. Lake Havasu City

Nicknamed “Arizona’s Playground,” there’s a reason why Lake Havasu has become one of the state’s top vacation destinations. Although Arizona is mostly known as a desert and dry state, Lake Havasu offers a completely different profile of the state. The stunning waterway of Lake Havasu is a lovely reprieve from the endless mountains and canyons in the state. Everyone always seems to be in a good mood at Lake Havasu, and most people may not think about safety right away. But the powers that be in Lake Havasu put many resources into safety in order for visitors and residents to be as safe as possible here.


10. Surprise

Surprise, Arizona boasts of crime rates that are significantly lower than the national average. In fact, this city is safer than 63% of the US. The yearly decline in crime rate in Surprise isn’t at all surprising. This city gets a grade of A when it comes to crime. The population may have increased in the last few years, but life in Surprise has remained generally subtle and simple.


9. Maricopa

The town of Maricopa is poised to be the next big development in Arizona. What was once a small farming community has now grown into a budding suburb with a population of about 50,000 residents. There are still many things about Maricopa that needs work including its healthcare and commuting sectors. However, safety is one thing that many residents here have never really had to worry about, since Maricopa is one of the safest towns in the state.


8. Somerton

Somerton has some of the lowest population count among the locations on this list, and it serves a great purpose for the entire locale. Less population means less density, which has an overall positive effect on the safety rating of the town. Somerton attracts a certain type of resident demographic because of the area’s top industry. Some of Somerton’s biggest industries include agriculture, healthcare, and also tourism. Somerton is a great location for outdoor recreation, sports, gambling, and so much more.


7. Sahuarita

15 miles south of Tucson is the beautiful town of Sahuarita. Although the town was founded in 1911, Sahuarita’s history dates back to the time when the Hohokam people occupied the area from the 200 until 1450. An area that has a rich background like Sahuarita is full of archaeological and historical sites for both residents and visitors alike. The main attraction here is Sahuarita Lake—a man-made managed lake that serves an ecological purpose for the town. It also sets the peaceful and serene vibe of the town that’s really mostly due to the safety rating there. It’s as safe in Sahuarita as you can ever imagine.

San Luis

6. San Luis

You might have difficulty finding diverse employment opportunities here in San Luis, but you’ll definitely be in one of the safest towns in Arizona if you lived here. San Luis boasts a safety rating of 8.5, which is truly great for people that can afford to live in the area. San Luis was once one of the fastest growing towns in all of Arizona. It has a border crossing station into Mexico—an important piece of the town’s makeup.


5. Thatcher

With only a little more than 4,800 residents to account for, Thatcher is officially one of the smallest towns on this list. Life in Thatcher is as simple as it could be. There’s a college here called the Eastern Arizona College that attracts a younger demographic. The town is predominantly a white community, and it’s settled by the Madrean Sky Islands on the Upper Gila River Valley. Thatcher has a unique location that promotes safety for its residents. Given the population count and remote location, Thatcher is one of Arizona’s safest for sure.

Oro Valley

4. Oro Valley

Perhaps one of Arizona’s more stunning communities, Oro Valley is a quaint suburban town located just a few miles away from the hustle of Tucson. Southern Arizona has nicknamed Oro Valley as the state’s Upscale Tech Mecca. There are over 10 tech firms in the area and the median household income here is extremely high—double than the US averages are in fact. Situated between a collection of mountain ranges, Oro Valley gives its residents the best views combined with the safest streets in all of Arizona.


3. Gilbert

Covering about 69 square miles of area is what was once the Hay Shipping Capital of the World. Gilbert is very similar to the town of Chandler. What was once a mainly agriculture community has evolved and has since capitalized on the many opportunities an economically diverse suburban center could bring. Apart from being one of the safest communities in all of the US (not just Arizona), the town of Gilbert is also actually the seventh best place to raise a family.


2. Florence

Florence is one of the oldest towns in Pinal County, and the area shows this off in its historic downtown area. In fact, so many buildings in Florence has been designated as a National Register of Historic Places that the area has gone on to become a National Historic District. The town’s population of roughly 27,000 may seem like a big number for a total town area of only 8.3 square miles. However, Florence is a remarkably flexible community that’s gone through a lot in history to just buckle down under a surge of residents. Florence prioritizes the forward movement of its town, and a big part of that is keeping the town safe.

Paradise Valley

1. Paradise Valley

It’s small. It’s affluent, and it almost has an exclusive feel. The town of Paradise Valley is all about luxury—from golf courses to real estate to retail and more. While design premium doesn’t always translate to high safety ratings, it does in the case of Paradise Valley. This small town takes the top title of being Arizona’s safest place to live. The fact that the residents of Paradise Valley fought to keep their town as pristine as possible is a testament to what a community can do together. Because of this, not only is Paradise Valley the safest in the state; it’s only one of the best places to simply live at.

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