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The 20 Best Places to Live in Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix Neighborhoods

If you are planning to move to Phoenix, AZ, it is important to compare the different neighborhoods and suburbs to find the area that best meets your needs. Which area is best suited to you will depend on your personal preferences, your stage of life, and the lifestyle that you want to live. Some of the most common factors that people consider when choosing an area to call home include safety, schools, leisure activities, the cost of living, house prices, employment opportunities, transport links, and the general vibe of an area. Here are 20 of the best places to live in Phoenix, AZ, to help you find the best area for you.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

20. Goodyear

Home Snacks lists Goodyear as one of the best places to live in Phoenix. This suburb of Arizona has a population of around 66 thousand, and it is the third fastest-growing place of all the cities and towns in Arizona. It is an area with diverse housing that is reasonably affordable, and the community is equally diverse. There are plenty of amenities in this area and the schools are highly rated.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

19. Queen Creek

The wide range of leisure activities is one of the most appealing features of life in Queen Creek, which is a suburb of Phoenix with a population of around 34 thousand. There are activities to suit all tastes and ages in this area. It is also a good option for families as there are decent schools in the area. Professionals flock to Queen Creek because of the multiple job opportunities that this area offers. The main downside to living in this suburb is the high cost of living.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

18. Rio Vista

One of the smaller neighborhoods in Phoenix that is listed by many experts as one of the top places to live in the city is Rio Vista. This neighborhood has less than nine thousand residents, so it has a sparse suburban feel. There are lots of benefits to choosing this area, such as the diverse community, the wide range of housing options, the reasonable cost of living, the affordable house prices, and the job opportunities in various industries. It is also a good option for people who want a wide range of leisure activities to choose between to have a fulfilled lifestyle.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

17. North Mountain

Niche says that North Mountain is a neighborhood in Phoenix with a population of almost 183 thousand residents. This neighborhood has a dense suburban feel and most people own their own properties rather than renting. The public schools in this area are rated above average and there are some good options in terms of activities that families can enjoy together. Young professionals like this area because there is a lively nightlife, lots of jobs, and good transport links.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

16. Deer Valley

There is a strong sense of community in Deer Valley, despite this large neighborhood in Phoenix has a population of almost 187 thousand people. Although this neighborhood has a dense suburban feel, there are plenty of outdoor spaces for the residents to enjoy. This is something that appeals to both families and to those who enjoy spending time outdoors. This area has a lot going for it, so it is little wonder that it is considered one of the most desirable parts of the city. The schools are highly rated, the cost of living is reasonable, there is a wide range of housing options and the transport links to the surrounding area are good. This means that many different groups are attracted to the area, and this has created a diverse community.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

15. Camelback East Village

Those who prefer a more rural lifestyle should consider setting up home in Camelback East Village, which sits between Salt River and the Phoenix Mountains against the backdrop of Piestewa Peak and Camelback Mountain. The area is known for its scenic hiking trails and as a natural playground for a diverse range of outdoor activities. Other advantages of living in Camelback East Village are the diversity of the community, the low crime rates, and the excellent transport links. On the other hand, house prices and the cost of living are high.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

14. Litchfield Park

Starting with the one negative aspect of life in Litchfield Park, the cost of living is high compared to many other Phoenix suburbs. However, there are many positives that outweigh this one negative aspect of the area. Some of its best features include the highly-rated public schools, the job opportunities, family-oriented activities, and leisure options. Other good points to make about this area are that the nightlife is vibrant, there are decent transport links, and the crime rates are low. Litchfield Park has a population of under six thousand people.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

13. North Gateway

Those who enjoy the outdoors often choose to live in North Gateway as it is close to many hiking and biking trails. There are also good health and fitness facilities in this area. Other advantages of living in North Gateway include the housing, the diversity in the community, the low crime rates, and good employment opportunities. Like most places, there are also some downsides to life in this suburb of Phoenix. The two main negative points to make are that there is a lack of nightlife and the cost of living is above average.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

12. Gilbert

Gilbert is one of the largest suburbs in Phoenix with a population of over 232 thousand. According to Niche, it maintains a sparse suburban feel despite the large population and urban location. Young professionals like this suburb because of the plentiful employment opportunities, the great nightlife, the decent transport links, the health and fitness facilities, and the wide range of leisure activities. It also appeals to families because of the family-oriented activities, the outdoor spaces, and the fantastic public schools. Like many desirable areas, the high cost of living is the downside to living in Gilbert.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

11. Desert View

Although Desert View has a dense suburban feel and a population of more than 66 thousand people, there are also nice surroundings that give this area a sense of rurality. It is an area that will suit a wide range of people because there are good schools, low crime rates, a vibrant nightlife, plenty of jobs, good transport links, and a wide range of leisure activities to enjoy. The downsides of living in Desert View are the high house prices and the above-average cost of living. However, most people who live in this area feel that it is worth the extra cost to enjoy such a good standard of living.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

10. Chandler

A suburb of Phoenix, Chandler has a population of almost 250 thousand people, says Home Snacks. The best aspect of life in this suburb is the array of amenities. Some people also love that the community is diverse. Other benefits of choosing to make Chandler your home are the diverse and affordable housing, the good public school, the reasonable cost of living, the good transport links, and the employment opportunities.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

9. Ahwatukee Foothills

Ahwatukee Foothills is a large neighborhood in Phoenix with a population of around 82 thousand and a dense suburban feel. Those who live in this area say that it is quiet with a friendly community. It is a neighborhood that attracts lots of families due to its highly rated schools and family-oriented activities. There are also plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy in this area thanks to the nice open spaces, along with health and fitness facilities and options for those who want to go out at night. Other advantages of Ahwatukee Foothills are the plentiful jobs and the good transport links to the surrounding areas.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

8. Glendale

Glendale is located in the northwestern quadrant of the Phoenix Metro area, and it is the fourth largest city in Arizona. It is a city that those who like shopping or sports will enjoy due to the sports team in the area and the wide range of shopping options. Depending on where you live in this city, you can enjoy either an urban or a suburban feel, so there is something to suit everyone.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

7. Tempe

Many people choose to live in Tempe because it is ideally located for residents to benefit from the best the area around Phoenix has to offer. It is bordered by Phoenix and Guadalupe to the west, Mesa to the east, Chandler to the south, and Scottsdale to the north. Although the surrounding neighborhoods mean there are excellent transport links, entertainment, job opportunities, and leisure activities, residents can also enjoy all these features without leaving Tempe. People living in this area can also enjoy lots of water-based activities, such as kayaking, as Salt River runs through the northern part of the city.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

6. Roosevelt Row Arts District

Known by the locals as RoRo, the Roosevelt Arts District links Downtown Phoenix to several residential neighborhoods. Entertainment and leisure options in this neighborhood include galleries, museums, indie films, live music, bars, and an eclectic mix of restaurants. Due to the range of activities and the potential for a fantastic social life, the area appeals to a younger crowd. The housing in this area is predominantly apartments in older buildings.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

5. North Scottsdale

If your preference is to live in a residential area with a suburban feel, then North Scottsdale is a great option. It is an area that has a lot to offer as the development of Scottsdale Airpark, a large employment center, spurred commercial and residential growth in this area. Not only has it created lots of job opportunities, but it has also turned the area into somewhere that its residents can live, work and play. As it is located close to the McDowell Mountain Range, there are lots of outdoor activities for residents to enjoy nearby.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

4. Downtown Scottsdale

Zumper says that one of the most popular areas among young professionals is Downtown Scottsdale. This is because they are attracted to the lofts and luxurious apartment complexes and the many job opportunities. They also love the social life that this area offers as there is plenty of shopping, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars. The highest population of millennials is in the Old Town district of Downtown Scottsdale.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

3. Downtown Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix is considered one of the most desirable areas of the city and it will suit those that enjoy urban living and a busy lifestyle. It is at the heart of the city’s restaurant and bar scene, and there are events and entertainment taking place throughout the year. It is also an area with a lot of job opportunities and there are excellent transport links. This means that the neighborhood has a lot that will appeal to young professionals. However, it also suits families, as there are some interesting attractions for families to enjoy and the schools in the area, are highly rated.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

2. Arcadia

The house prices in Arcadia are a little above the average, but they are good value for money because most of them come with large lots. Those who like spending time outdoors are drawn to this area as it is good for hiking, running, and cycling due to its proximity to Camelback Mountain and the Arizona Canal Trail. Arcadia is excellent for shopping and dining out, and it also has excellent public schools.

Phoenix Neighborhoods

1. Paradise Valley

According to Get Bellhops, the best place to live in Phoenix is Paradise Valley. The main reason for this is the lifestyle it offers in terms of leisure activities in the area. It is home to golf courses, museums, family attractions, bars, and restaurants. The housing in Paradise Valley is varied, ranging from affordable family housing to luxurious homes that cost well above the average for the area. Families like this area because there are some excellent public schools.

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