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The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Live in Texas


While practical considerations are usually a priority when choosing somewhere to live, many people also feel that a location’s aesthetics are important.

Some people believe that they have a better quality of life when they live in beautiful surroundings, so they look for places surrounded by stunning landscapes or pretty towns with interesting architecture. Texas has many attractive locations, each of which has different features.

Here are the 10 most beautiful places to live in Texas.

Willow City

10. Willow City

Willow City is a small town close to Fredericksburg, and it has similar historic buildings. It has a long and rich history, as it was settled before the American Civil War. Surrounding the town is the Willow City Loop, which is a 13-mile drive that takes you through fields filled with vibrant colors and traverses over hills.

The town is also close to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, where there are spectacular views and opportunities for outdoor recreation. Although the town is picturesque, there is plenty going on, as there are some amazing BBQ joints and restaurants with live music each night.

Marble Falls

9. Marble Falls

Marble Falls is a great option for those who work in Austin but do not want to live in an urban environment. It is just 45 minutes away from Austin, so the commute is reasonable.

Residents of Marble Falls benefit from the employment opportunities and amenities in the city while also having the advantage of living amongst beautiful surroundings.

There are five lakes in Marble Falls, and these add to the aesthetic beauty of the town while also providing ample leisure opportunities. Another gorgeous space that is the ideal playground for outdoor lovers is Pace Bend Park, where residents and visitors can enjoy camping, hiking, and biking.


8. Rockport

Rockport is a coastal town that sits between Aransas Bay and Copano Bay. It is only a small town measuring 15-square-miles, and it has a crescent-shaped beach lined by shallow waters.

In the postcard-worthy downtown area, there are brightly colored shops and restaurants, with many of the latter serving locally-caught fish and seafood. It is a pedestrian-friendly town with a laid-back vibe and a tight-knit community. Rockport is also close to Goose Island State Park.


7. Canyon

Canyon has been given the nickname of the ‘Grand Canyon of Texas’ due to the stunning and unique landscape that surrounds the town. This panhandle town in Texas is also called the gateway to the Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

It is a fantastic place to live for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits, and popular activities include hiking, horseback riding, and mountain biking. In the downtown area of Canyon, there are historic and quaint buildings that give the town an old-world feel. The town is located in Randall County, and it is home to 15,305 people.

Port Isabel

6. Port Isabel

Port Isabel is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Texas, and this is primarily because of the area’s beauty. Its location on Laguna Madre Bay means that the port town has stunning coastal views and gorgeous beaches.

Popular activities in Port Isobel include dolphin watching, boating, parasailing, fishing, and kayaking. Port Isabel is one of the oldest towns in Texas, and it is home to the only town square with a lighthouse in the state.

The Queen Isabella Causeway separates Port Isabel from South Padre Island. Port Isabel is in Cameron County, and it has 6,292 residents.


5. Salado

If your idea of beauty is historic buildings, then a pretty place to live in is Salado. It is a small village in Bell County that has around 20 locations listed on the National Register of Historical Places.

These include Stagecoach Inn, which is Texas’ oldest hotel to be kept continuously in operation. Main Street is charming, with boutique shops, cafes, and restaurants set in historic buildings.

There are also art galleries, a sculpture garden, and wineries in the town. Furthermore, Salado hosts multiple events and festivals throughout the year, so there is always something for the residents to enjoy.


4. Hunt

The Culture Trip lists Hunt as one of the most beautiful places to live in Texas. It is a town in Texas Hill County that is known for its rolling hills, limestone peaks, rivers, lakes, and the Kerr Wildlife Management Area. The small historic town is the ideal place to live for those who enjoy outdoor recreational activities.


3. Wimberley

One of the most picturesque towns in Texas is Wimberley, which sits at the confluence of the Blanco River and Cypress Creek. The town is home to many areas of natural beauty, such as Old Baldy Mountain and Blue Hole Regional Park.

However, it is not only the natural beauty of the place that makes this such a fantastic place to live, as there are also plenty of other things for residents to enjoy in their leisure time, such as shops, performing arts venues, restaurants, and galleries.


2. Jefferson

Jefferson has many beautiful features, both inside the city and in the surrounding area. It is a city steeped in history, with stunning architecture from different eras. The Big Cypress Bayou runs through the city, and there are many parks. Jefferson is in the Piney Woods region of Texas, which is filled with natural landmarks and gorgeous outdoor areas to explore, such as the 17,000-acre Lake O’ The Pines and Caddo Lake.


1. Fredericksburg

According to Trips to Discover, the most beautiful place to live in Texas is Fredericksburg. It is between the big cities of San Antonio and Austin, but it has a small-town feel, unlike its larger neighbors.

The city is set against the backdrop of the Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, and the surrounding landscape means that Fredericksburg’s residents have plenty to explore in their free time. In the city, the German heritage is clear in the architecture on Main Street. The charming buildings house various shops and eateries.

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