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The 20 Best Places to Live in Pittsburgh


Like in any major city, there are both good and bad areas to live in Pittsburgh. Each person will have their own preference of where to live, depending on the lifestyle they want, their stage of life, and their personal needs.

Just some of the factors that people consider when deciding where to lay down roots include schooling, employment, safety, leisure options, nightlife, house prices, and the cost of living. Based on these factors and the views of those living in the city, the following is an overview of the 20 best places to live in Pittsburgh.

20. Allison Park

The 20th best place to live in Pittsburgh is Allison Park, says Niche. There are approximately 22 thousand residents in this Pittsburgh suburb which has a dense suburban feel.

Families like this area because of the excellent public schools and the great range of family-oriented activities, while retirees like the outdoor spaces and the low crime rates. Young professionals also favor Allison Park because there are job opportunities, good transport links, and both outdoor and nighttime activities.

19. Seven Fields

Not only is Seven Fields considered one of the best Pittsburgh suburbs, but it is also considered one of the top areas to live in Butler County. With a population of under three thousand, this area has a sparse suburban feel.

There are excellent public schools, a diverse community, plenty of outdoor and leisure activities, a very low crime rate, and good job opportunities within a commutable distance. On the downside, the cost of living in this neighborhood are high.

18. Ben Avon

A suburb of Pittsburgh, Ben Avon has fewer than two thousand residents and it has a sparse suburban feel. Almost every factor that people consider when choosing somewhere to live scores highly in this area. Housing options are diverse, and the cost of living is better than the average for the city. There are lots of leisure activities that will suit people of all ages, and employment opportunities are good.

17. Sewickley

The highly-rated schools in this Pittsburgh suburb are what attracts many families to the area. However, there are many other plus points to choosing this as the area to make your home. These include low crime rates, low unemployment, good transport links, family-focused activities. A diverse community, and plenty of amenities and opportunities for socializing. The one negative of Sewickley is the cost of living, which is above average for Pittsburgh.

16. Swisshelm Park

Extra Space names Swisshelm Park as one of the safest places to live in Pittsburgh as it is safer than 97 percent of cities in Pennsylvania. They also say it is one of the most affordable places to live as the median house price is just over $130,000, while the median monthly rent is around $800. Swisshelm Park is an area that will suit families and young professionals alike.

It is located in East Pittsburgh and it is known for its lush green spaces. Swisshelm Park’s proximity to the Parkway means that there is good access to the job opportunities and amenities of downtown Pittsburgh. There are also plenty of activities to enjoy in the neighborhood to suit all tastes and ages.

15. Fox Chapel

Fox Chapel is one of the best areas in Pittsburgh for families due to the highly-rated public schools and the many activities that are geared towards family fun. Other positives about this Pittsburgh suburb include the diverse housing, the job opportunities, the commutability, the vibrant nightlife, and the health and fitness facilities in the area. The negatives are the cost of living and a lack of diversity within the community. Fox Chapel has a rural feel and there are just over five thousand residents.

14. Shadyside

Shadyside has been ranked as one of the top places to live in Pittsburgh, says Discover the Burgh. It has been described as being a walkable neighborhood with upscale restaurants and shopping. The main housing option is apartments within large, historic buildings. This is a convenient area for students to live as it is close to the universities. It is also ideal for people who want to live somewhere with a vibrant nightlife.

13. Edgeworth

Edgeworth was voted as the best affluent suburb by Pittsburgh Magazine. If you can afford to live in this area, you can take your pick of stunning detached homes on their own plot along tree-lined streets. It is quieter than many areas of Pittsburgh, but it has an average commute time of only 26 minutes to get to downtown Pittsburgh. It is a fantastic neighborhood for families as there are excellent schools nearby.

12. Blawnox

A tiny suburb of Pittsburgh, Blawnox has a population of under two thousand people. Despite the low population, the density of the population combined with the amenities in this suburb means that the area has an urban feel. There are lots of shops, bars, coffee shops, and restaurants in this area.

This is balanced out by the nice parks and public spaces. Some of the top schools in Pittsburgh are in this area, so it is a great place for families to live. There are low crime rates, a diverse community, varied housing options, and a reasonable cost of living. Residents of this suburb can enjoy an active lifestyle due to the vibrant nightlife, the many leisure activities, and the excellent health and fitness facilities in this area.

11. Aspinwall

Aspinwall is a borough of Pennsylvania that is part of the Pittsburgh Metro Area, and it lied on the Allegheny River. The employment opportunities and commutability of this neighborhood appeal to young professionals, while the highly-rated public schools attract families. Aspinwall offers a varied lifestyle that will suit many people, as there are lots of bars, restaurants, parks, and leisure activities.

10. O’Hara Township

A fantastic place to raise a family, O’Hara Township has outstanding public schools and many family-focused leisure activities. It is a suburb of Pittsburgh with fewer than nine thousand residents and a sparse suburban feel. Employment opportunities are plentiful in this area, and there are good transport links. As with many of the most desirable areas in Pittsburgh, the cost of living in this neighborhood is high.

9. Marshall Township

Located in Allegheny County, Marshall Township is a suburb of Pittsburgh with approximately seven thousand residents. It is home to a large research and business park, which provides many job opportunities for residents of the area. Crime rates are low, the schools are excellent, and there are many leisure activities to enjoy. On the downside, the cost of living is high, but residents feel that it is a sacrifice worth making to live in such a desirable area.

8. Upper St. Clair

Like many of the most desirable areas in Pittsburgh, the cost of living in Upper St. Clair is high. However, the many positive features of this area make it worth consideration. The 20 thousand residents of this neighborhood enjoy the sparse suburban feel. Employment opportunities are plentiful, and the transport links are good. It is a popular area among families due to the public schools in the area, which are highly rated.

7. Squirrel Hill South

The low crime rates in this area make it a safe place to live, says Home Snacks. Another appealing feature of this neighborhood is the amenities, which add a level of convenience to living in this area. Employment opportunities are also good, as are the transport links.

Compared to other areas of Pittsburgh, the cost of living in Squirrel Hill South is high. However, many families are willing to pay a higher price to live in this excellent school district. Squirrel Hill South is a fairly large neighborhood in Pittsburgh as more than 16 thousand people are living in this area.

6. Franklin Park

There is a rural feel to Franklin Park, which suits those who want to enjoy a quieter lifestyle away from the hustle and bustle of the inner-city areas. However, there are decent transport links into downtown Pittsburgh, which means that the amenities, employment opportunities, and leisure activities in downtown Pittsburgh.

Both the community and the housing options in this neighborhood are diverse, and the public schools are excellent. It is also a safe place to live as crime rates are low. The cost of living reflects the desirability of this Pittsburgh suburb.

5. Bradford Woods

With a population of under two thousand people, Bradford Woods is one of the smaller Pittsburgh suburbs. The small population means that some areas of this neighborhood have a suburban feel, while other parts feel rural. A lack of diversity in the community is the one negative aspect of this suburb.

The housing is affordable and there are plenty of different types of housing available to suit varying needs. It is one of the top options for families because of the quality of the schools and the variety of family-oriented activities. The low crime rates make this a safe place to live, and job opportunities are plentiful. Bradford Woods offers a good standard of living because there are leisure activities to suit all preferences.

4. Point Breeze

Point Breeze is among the top ten places to live in Pittsburgh, according to Home Snacks. Not only is it one of the safest areas in the city, but it is also an area with plenty of job opportunities. There are plenty of amenities in the neighborhood, and it is an affordable option. It is considered a nice place for families to live as there are good schools and lots of activities for families. This neighborhood in Pittsburgh has a dense suburban feel and a population of over seven thousand residents.

3. Regent Square

A top neighborhood within Pittsburgh is Regent Square. With a population of just over four thousand people, this neighborhood has a predominantly urban feel with some areas feeling suburban. The area is close to Pittsburgh’s universities, and the schools in the area are outstanding.

Despite its central location, this is a relatively affordable place to live with a wide range of housing options regardless of whether you are renting or buying property. Other positive elements of this neighborhood include low crime rates, high employment opportunities, fantastic amenities, and strong transport links. The leisure activities in this area mean that residents can have an enjoyable lifestyle.

2. Squirrel Hill North

Although the cost of living is high in Squirrel Hill North, there are many positives aspects of the lifestyle it offers that make it a wonderful area of Pittsburgh in which to live. It is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh that has a population of approximately 12 thousand people.

It is a mostly urban area with some residential sections that have a suburban feel. The neighborhood appeals to both families and young professionals, but for different reasons. Families are attracted to living in this school district because there are highly rated public schools.

They also enjoy the activities in the area that target families. Young professionals, on the other hand, are attracted to the many job opportunities, the vibrant nightlife, and the strong transport links. Elements that appeal to both groups are the low crime rates, the diverse community, the housing options, and the variety of leisure activities available.

1. Mount Lebanon Township

According to Niche, the best place to live in Pittsburgh is Mount Lebanon Township. This is a suburb of Pittsburgh with a population of almost 33,000 people. Some parts of this suburb have a typical suburban feel, while other parts feel more urban. It appeals to a wide range of people from retirees to families. The public schools in this suburb are highly rated, and there are plenty of family-oriented activities. The crime rates are low, and the employment rates are high. Thee are diverse housing options, and the cost of living is average for Pittsburgh.

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