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The 20 Best Sushi Restaurants in Pittsburgh 2022


Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a premier destination for sports and art, with its beautiful landscapes, friendly residents, and moderate summer temperatures. It's also a great place to find the best places to eat. If you're a sushi lover, nothing but the best will do. Here are the 20 best sushi restaurants in Pittsburgh in 2022, which locals and visitors recommend.

20. Sushi Too

Sushi Too is an authentic Japanese restaurant that serves sushi, salad, and a variety of sushi rolls. It's a small basic eatery, but the locals swear its sushi is the best in the city. The ingredients are fresh and prepared to perfection. It's an affordable restaurant with a full bar and your choice of dine-in, delivery, or curbside pickup. Due to its popularity, the establishment tends to fill capacity around lunch and dinner hours. It's wise to go during the off-times or place a takeout order by telephone or online.

19. Yukiyama Japanese Restaurant

Yukiyama Japanese Restaurant offers a choice of authentic Japanese hibachi fare or the best sushi in the neighborhood. Guests are split between the two options, claiming each is the best in the city. The food is delicious, and the atmosphere is cozy and intimate. It's a sushi/hibachi restaurant that also offers vegetarian menu selections to accommodate the tastes of everyone. The waitpeople are fast, friendly, and helpful when guests need descriptions or advice. It's a popular place for the regulars that offers dine-in, takeout, or delivery. The locals recommend calling the restaurant directly to place your takeout orders.

18. Sushi Fuku

Sushi Fuku gets above average from the locals for its Poke Meat Bowl. The ingredients are fresh, and your order gets prepared in your full view. Chefs happily customize your sushi order. The restaurant specializes in sushi with fast service and various sushi items on the menu. They also offer an extensive menu of Japanese drinks from the beverage section. It's just 2-minutes on foot from the Carnegie Museum of Art. It's a handy place to eat after touring the famous attraction.

17. Umi Restaurant

If you're in the mood for sushi at an upscale restaurant, Umi is an excellent choice. The prices are expensive, but part of the cost is for premium fresh ingredients, precision preparation, and its industrial-chic sushi bar setting. The locals rave about its Omakase, prepared in traditional Japanese fashion. Chef Shu is among the best Japanese chefs in the city. You can also find the best seafood in Pittsburgh at Umi Restaurant. The food looks impeccably presented on the plate. The establishment also offers an extensive authentic Japanese beverage menu. Delivery is not available, but you can choose between dine-in or takeout.

16. Little Tokyo Bistro

Little Tokyo Bistro is an affordable, authentic Japanese restaurant on Pittsburgh's south side. It's a cozy yet vibrant establishment specializing in authentic Japanese sushi and hibachi. Locals confirm it's a neighborhood favorite because the food is always fresh with delicate and flavorful sushi and top-notch hibachi. You'll appreciate the extensive menu. Some customization of dishes is encouraged. The Japanese beers, sake, and wine menu offers guests a broad selection. It's open for dine-in, takeout, or delivery. The interior decor is vibrant and energizing.

15. Mount Everest Sushi

Mount Everest Sushi specializes in various sushi dishes that receive above-average ratings from locals and visitors alike. It's a favorite in Pittsburgh, with beautifully plated meals with a choice of signature dishes. The sushi donut is high on the list of recommendations. The miso soup gets high recommendations, along with other signature dishes you can only find at Mount Everest Sushi. Some claim that it's the best sushi in the Oakland neighborhood. The menu is extensive, and the wasabi delivers a signature flavor. The moderate pricing and skilled chefs make it a must-visit restaurant for anyone who enjoys fresh and flavorful sushi made from premium ingredients.

10. Sushi Atarashi

Sushi Atarashi is one of the most affordable eateries in the Oakland area of Pittsburgh. Diners rate it at 4.4 out of 5 for the signature flavor of its sushi specializations. It's a fast food establishment that allows customers to design Japanese salads and sushi rolls made to order. Guests may opt for dine-in, takeout, or no-contact delivery. The food is always fresh, made to order, and served quickly. The locals recommend the yin-yang roll. The restaurant offers a broad selection of menu items. The small restaurant is unassuming and welcoming to all visitors.

9. Kiku Japanese Restaurant

Kiku Japanese Restaurant specializes in premium sushi. Diners rank it with a nearly perfect score of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It's the best authentic restaurant in the Station Square part of Pittsburgh. The wait staff is friendly with fast service. They compare Kiku with the authentic food you can find in Tokyo, Japan, New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco. It's a favorite of sushi enthusiasts in the area. You can choose from dine-in or takeout services.

8. Ginza Japanese Restaurant

Ginza is an affordable, authentic Japanese restaurant with high recommendations from regulars. It's a small establishment with a cozy atmosphere that's casual and welcoming. It's ideal for people in a hurry with takeout available but no delivery. The eatery specializes in sushi and hibachi. The menu also offers other kitchen entrees and bento boxes. You may also dine in, although it's cozy and fills up quickly. The food is flavorful and made of fresh ingredients by skilled chefs. Locals recommend the gyoza and the sushi. It's a popular restaurant, so it's best to visit ahead of the lunch and dinner crowd or order takeout. You can learn more about the menu and takeout orders by visiting the website.

7. Little Tokyo Restaurant

Little Tokyo Restaurant is a small, cozy establishment with vibrant decor and welcoming staff. The prices are reasonable, and the food is fresh and flavorful. They specialize in sushi and hibachi menu items. There's also a selection of wines, Japanese sake, and beers. Guests may opt for dine-in to enjoy the fast and friendly service or place a takeout order. Delivery services are not available. Little Tokyo caters to guests with various tastes, offering sushi and hibachi entrees.

6. Nakama

Nakama is a high-quality establishment that offers authentic Japanese cuisine, rated as the best in Pittsburgh's PPG Paints Arena area. Guests shared their experiences with the restaurant and claimed that the sushi was of premium quality. Ingredients are always fresh and flavorful, and the service is top-notch. You can find non-sushi dishes on the menu to please guests in your party that are not partial to sushi. Its hibachi items are also highly rated. Unlike other establishments, the restaurant is easy to find with a great parking area. Its location is convenient for visitors from activities at the PPG Paints Arena. It offers a less expensive option for stadium food.

5. Yoshino Asian Fusion

Yoshino Asian Fusion is a diverse restaurant that offers an extensive menu of sushi and non-sushi items. It's a great option for families with varied tastes in Asian fare. The prices are reasonable, and diners may choose from authentic Japanese, Thai, and Chinese dishes. Sushi lovers recommend the Tuna Poke bowl, but the hot dishes are also popular.

4. No. 1 Sushi Sushi

One of the finest sushi restaurants in Pittsburgh is No. 1 Sushi Sushi. The restaurant is known for its specialty sushi rolls, but it also offers basic sushi to accommodate all tastes and preferences. Guests enjoy the friendliness of the owner and the help they receive in learning more about specific signature dishes served. Other favorites are the salads and miso soup. Guests may dine in, order takeout, or have the food delivered. The atmosphere is basic and unassuming with friendly staff. It fills up fast around dinner time. Many locals take advantage of takeout and delivery services to avoid crowds.

3. Gi-Jin

Gi-Jin specializes in authentic Japanese sushi menu items. It provides guests with total immersion and a cultural experience that enhances dining. The sushi is fresh, flavorful, and prepared precisely by the chef. If there are family members who don't like sushi, the restaurant also offers traditional Japanese hibachi and other dishes. Guests recommend the shrimp tempura for those who prefer cooked kinds of seafood. The eatery also serves a variety of other menu items and tasty desserts. It also offers an extensive beverage menu with traditional Japanese sake and more. This sushi restaurant is a dine-in-only establishment that does not offer delivery services or takeout.

2. Sushi and Rolls

Sushi and Rolls is a sushi restaurant in the One Oxford Centre. Twenty diners shared their experiences and gave it a nearly perfect score of 4.8 out of 5 for its sushi. Many have made it a daily habit to take lunch at the establishment. The staff is helpful and friendly, with a welcoming environment. They claim that it serves the best sushi options in Pittsburgh. Another recommendation is the Kimchi pork. You can choose from dine-in or takeout options. The establishment does not offer delivery services. It opens at 10:30 am to serve brunch, lunch, and dinner crowds. It tends to fill up during peak hours, so it's wise to go at an off time or order takeout.

1. Sushi Kim 2: Best-rated sushi house in the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The highest-rated sushi restaurant in Pittsburgh is Sushi Kim 2. The establishment specializes in signature sushi and sashimi. Guests shared their experiences at the eatery and claimed that the authentic cuisine is similar to what you'll find in Asia. The chef is the owner. He and the staff are friendly and welcoming. They interact with diners to ensure total satisfaction with their orders. Service is fast, and the food is top-quality with fresh ingredients and perfect preparation and plating.

The restaurant has been in business for over thirty years, becoming a neighborhood staple. The chef prepares authentic Korean dishes and offers an extensive menu of options to please the entire family. The venue is small and cozy, with a warm and friendly vibe that makes everyone feel welcome. If you're visiting Pittsburgh, this sushi restaurant has high recommendations from the locals and other guests. They gave it nearly perfect ratings for being the best sushi joint in the city.

Final thoughts

You'll find a diverse selection of options if you're a sushi-lover in Pittsburgh. Not all of its restaurants made the grade for inclusion on this list. We chose the best-rated establishments ranked by locals and visitors through online reviews. If you're unfamiliar with the area, use this guide to find the best sushi and other Asian fare options.

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