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The 10 Best Chinese Food Restaurants in Denver

Denver has a long list of excellent Chinese restaurants that showcase some of China’s most delicious culinary dishes. Whether you are looking to sample noodles, dumplings, or wontons, the city has plenty of options to choose from. Here are the ten best Chinese restaurants in Denver you should check-in.

10. Mason’s Dumpling Shop

Everybody loves a good dumpling dish. Mason’s dumpling shop claims that it’s ‘not your average dumpling shop,’ and we couldn’t agree more. This dumpling shop serves an array of handmade dumplings, including steamed, pan-fried, and boiled dumplings. The dumplings consist of delicious fillings such as beef, cheese, onion, crab and pork, and fish and napa. The restaurant prides itself on its locally sourced and fresh ingredients. Don’t forget to have a taste of their stewed pork belly and rice bowl when you visit next.

9. Sunflower Asian Cafe

Sunflower Asian Cafe is a casual eatery that serves an extensive menu of Chinese classics and Sushi Rolls. The cafe offers regional specialties from across China while balancing it with Sichuan tingling dishes. If you are a spice lover, then make sure to order the Sichuan-style boiled fish that’s flooded with chili oil. You can also try the smoked eel that’s smoked in tea and sugar. The Nanjing salted duck is another smooth and meaty Sichuan specialty that you cannot afford to miss out on. Don’t forget your side of well-prepared veggies that complete the Chinese dishes.

8. Yum Yum Spice

Indulge your taste buds in Chinese delicacies at this family-owned restaurant in Denver. When Yum-Yum Spice first opened in 2015, it primarily catered its dishes to Chinese students who lived close to the school area. Now it’s popularly known as an Asian American restaurant that serves classic and beloved Chinese cuisine. Their most popular meals include sesame chicken, Fried Rice, and delectable Szechuan-style hotpot. Yum Yum Spice also serves Gan Guo specialty dishes, a stir fry meal that consists of meat and vegetables. You must try a Chengdu staple known as the Dry Pot, which is served hot spicy with toppings served full to the brim.

7. Meta Asian Kitchen at Avanti Food & Beverage

Meta Asian Kitchen at Avanti Food & Beverage is one of the best restaurants in Denver to celebrate Chinese cuisine. The Kitchen brings together American Chinese flavors and traditional Cantonese to make modern family-inspired dishes. This fast-casual restaurant has a delectable signature dish popularly known as the Chinatown dumplings. The hospitality of the staff will help you relax and unwind before your delicious meal.

6. Shanghai Kitchen

Shanghai Kitchen prepares Shanghainese food styles, sauces, and techniques quite perfectly. Harry Zhou, the restaurant’s chef since 2000, serves food from his native home. The menu consists of American-Chinese classics and dishes that are traditional Shanghai meals. This Best Chinese Food Denver restaurant serves plentiful portions of mouthwatering tofu, fish, meats, and veggies. A few of their most praised delicacies include Dumplings with crispy, golden bottoms, General Tsao chicken, and their lemon chicken. People can’t stop raving about their Dynasty fish with pine nuts as well. The ambiance and spaciousness of Shanghai Kitchen’s dining room reflect on the taste of Old Shanghai.

5. Zoe Ma Ma

The fast-casual Zoe Ma Ma restaurant was named after Anna Zoe, Edwin Zoe’s mother and Taiwanese chef. Edwin Zoe is the owner of this restaurant. Zoe Ma Ma has two branches in Boulder and another near the ever-busy Union Station. Edwin Zoe serves an array of different meals than his folks served in their restaurant. This not so Chinese-American restaurant serves crisp and bottom-browned ginger potstickers, pearl with meatballs, za Jiang Mian, with egg noodles made from scratch, za Jiang Mian, with egg noodles and crisp vegetables and saucy pork as toppings as well as bao stuffed with buns, and pork fragrant with five-spice powder. The restaurant also specials for noodle soup, including Sichuan braised-beef noodle soup and duck-wonton noodle soup.

4. Uncle Zoe’s Chinese Kitchen

Uncle Zoe’s Chinese Kitchen serves its specialty, Rou Bing, which is often compared to a western sandwich. These Chinese-style pies are filled with delicious ingredients, including pork and string bean, shrimp and pork, and beef and celery. Diners who are not meat lovers can order meatless Rou Bing. Aside from that, you can also try a steaming basket of xiaolongbao. These handmade soup dumplings are only made when a guest orders and are one of the most extraordinary in Denver.

3. Yuan Wonton

Yuan Wonton restaurant offers its guests signature Hong Kong-style wontons served with shrimp and pork; the wontons are steamed in a light egg dough wrapper and served with Szechuan Chilli sauce. The owner, Penelope Wong, wanted to share this family tradition with the people of Denver. Her restaurant serves uniquely prepared noodles, wontons, rice dishes, and noodles.

2. Little Chengdu Asian Cuisine

Officially known as Blue Ocean Asian Cuisine, Little Chengdu welcomes you to exquisite home-style handmade cooking. The restaurant offers its guests an American-Chinese menu that you may want to toss aside at first. Go ahead and ask for the Chinese menu and let your taste buds enjoy a cultural experience like never before. Here you will find an array of Chinese specialties, including an all-you-can-eat hot pot experience that allows you to cook up your own meal and a list of Shaanxi-style knife-shaved noodles. Depending on your taste for the day, you can also taste the Chinese-American fare that includes noodles or a big tray of chicken.

1. Hop Alley

In the 1880s, riots broke down in Denver, burning the entire Chinatown neighborhood down to the ground. Hop Alley gets its name from a Chinese restaurant that was a big hit back in the day. The chef-owner Tommy Lee reopened the restaurant in 2015 and, together with his team, serve their cooking with a funky twist and balance of complex food. Their menu consists of innovative seasonal and signature meals. Ask for the fried rice and bone marrow for a soothing and stirring experience. If you’d like to indulge in a sweet and sour Chinese dish, try the pork loin, green tomatoes, and peaches, which are bound to leave you wanting more. For a fully enjoyable experience, tag your friends or family along.

In conclusion

Ready to test your taste buds? Choose your best Chinese restaurant among these gems. Sorting through a number of options is difficult, and the second hardest part is, deciding which Chinese restaurant to try first.

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