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Where to Find the Best Chinese Food in Boulder, CO

Boulder Colorado

Despite it being a relatively small town, Boulder is home to a number of Chinese restaurants that provide the most delicious traditional Chinese cuisines. Some of the most known Chinese restaurants in Boulder include the China Gourmet, Jim Chan restaurant, Tsing Tao restaurant, and many others. Read on to learn more about the top ten restaurants to try mouthwatering Chinese food in Boulder, CO.

10. Vina Pho & Grill Restaurant (located on 30th St, Boulder)

The Vina Pho & Grill restaurant is best-known for serving delicious traditional Vietnamese dishes, including; sesame chicken, crabs, and cooked vegetable broth. Their tasty dishes are accompanied by bubble tea or lemonade. The restaurant is conveniently located to allow easy access to all customers. The service is also worth noting as the staff works very hard and provide satisfactory customer service. Moreover, the prices are pretty budget-friendly. According to Wanderlog, the Vina Pho & Grill Restaurant boasts modern interior décor and an ambient atmosphere that allows customers to feel calm and relaxed as they enjoy their meals.

9. China Gourmet (located at 3970 Broadway St, Boulder)

Are you a fan of traditional Chinese cuisines? Then you should visit the China Gourmet restaurant. The restaurant has the most exciting menu with mouthwatering delicacies such as; sesame chicken, cooked prawns, and wonton soup. Most customers have also claimed that the restaurant has the best pancakes in the area. The China Gourmet also provides its clients with takeout, comfortable dine-in experience, outdoor dining, and deliveries but does not accept credit card payments. In addition to their affordable meal prices, the restaurant is located in a spectacular environment that helps create a relaxing atmosphere. The China Gourmet restaurant is the 2021 Silver award winner in the Best of Boulder awards for Best Chinese Food. Their menu also includes various vegetarian dishes such as hot vegetable pot, veggie fried rice, or their tasty tofu.

8. Tsing Tao Restaurant (located at 607 S Broadway St, Boulder)

The Tsing Tao restaurant usually serves its customers Vegetarian and Chinese cuisines. Their signature dish is sesame rice, lo mein, and perfectly cooked hot & sour soup. The restaurant's staff are very welcoming and provide fabulous customer service. One notable feature about this restaurant is its swanky interior décor that helps create a comfortable dining experience.

7. Aloy Thai Cuisine (Located at 2720 Canyon Blvd, Boulder)

The Aloy Thai Cuisine is best-known for serving the most delicious Panang curry, perfectly cooked cucumber salads, chicken satay, soup dumplings, and drunken noodles. Other mouthwatering dishes on their menu include; filia, dan dan noodles, pancakes, mango dessert, and sticky mango rice that are perfectly accompanied by good bitter wine, Thai iced tea, beer, or juice. The restaurant is also located in an easily accessible area that makes it easily reachable by any form of transport. The staff are very accommodating and work hard to ensure you enjoy your dining experience while in the restaurant. In addition to the serene atmosphere, the restaurant provides its clients with takeaway and food delivery.

6. Flower Pepper Restaurant (located at 2655 Broadway St, Boulder)

The Flower Pepper restaurant is the perfect place to enjoy your favorite Chinese meals. Their signature is the dan dan noodles, soup dumplings, and well-cooked cucumber salads. In addition to their tasty pancakes, they offer a wide array of delicious wine varieties. People who have visited the Flower Pepper restaurant have reviewed that their staff is very welcoming and provide satisfactory customer service. Their prices are also affordable and provide their customers with services such as delivery, takeaway, credit-card payment, and outdoor settings.

5. May Wah Restaurant (Located 2500 Baseline Rd, Boulder)

The May Wah restaurant is best-known for serving the most authentic Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. Their signature dish is the sesame chicken, broth, and delicious egg rolls. Their menu also includes beverages such as ice tea, wine, beer, and Americano Thai- iced tea. They offer their clients with services such as takeaway, delivers, outdoor settings, and credit-card payments. In addition to their affordable prices, the restaurant boasts a pleasant interior décor and atmosphere. According to Your Boulder, the May Wah restaurant is usually closed on Tuesdays.

4. Khow Thai Restaurant (located at 1600 Broadway, Boulder)

The Know Thai restaurant is located around Andrews Arboretum in Boulder. They some of the best traditional Thai dishes and also introduce new unique cuisines. Their menu includes delicious meals such as nicely-cooked Thai chicken, Thai chicken pad, sticky mango rice, and tofu. The restaurant has also been praised for its impeccable customer service, budget-friendly prices, and accommodating staff that is always ready to meet any dining needs. The restaurant is decorated with classy homey interior décor that helps in creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere while enjoying your favorite Chinese delicacies. They provide their clients with credit card payments, takeaway, and delivery but do not provide Wheelchair accessibility, booking, TV, and outdoor dining settings. The Know Thai restaurant is open from 11 AM -10 PM on weekdays and from 12 PM – 10 PM on Saturdays.

3. Yurihana Sushi Bar & Pan-Asian Restaurant (Located Dr. Ste 330, Boulder)

Are you looking for tasty traditional Japanese and Chinese dishes? Then you should visit the Yurihana Sushi Bar & Pan-Asian restaurant. Their signature dishes include; mouthwatering beef, sushi, and miso soup. They provide their clients with services such as food delivery, takeaway, booking, wheelchair accessibility, credit card payments, outdoor dining settings, free Wi-Fi, and parking. Their food prices are very affordable and ensure you have a unique dining experience by creating a cozy and calm atmosphere. The Yurihana Sushi Bar & Pan-Asian Restaurant is usually open from 11 AM-9.30 PM from Monday to Thursday and from 3.30 PM-1OPM on weekends.

2. Jin Chan Restaurant (located on 28th St, Boulder)

The Jin Chan restaurant is the local's favorite Chinese restaurant that serves the best Chinese cuisines in Boulder, Colorado. The restaurant is centrally located, making it convenient for prospective clients to access the restaurant and enjoy a delicious Chinese dish made from fresh local ingredients. The restaurant is also considered a major favorite as it provides its customers with takeaways, food deliveries, credit-card payments, and Wi-Fi connectivity. According to Restaurantji, the Jim Chan Chinese restaurant was awarded the Best of Boulder write-in award for the Best Chinese cuisines.

1. Hot Pot Noodle House (located 4800 Baseline Rd, Boulder)

The Hot Pot Noodle Restaurant is best-known for serving some of the best Chinese dishes. Their menu includes dishes such as brisket, stuffed mushrooms, and perfectly-cooked spicy soup. Customers also love their cream buns, doughnuts, and tiramisu. The restaurant provides takeaway, food delivery, credit card payments, and parking. Their food prices are also affordable.

Bottom Line

With so many amazing Chinese restaurants to try out in Boulder, you can perform thorough research and determine which of them are located near you. Get started today and visit any of the above-mentioned Chinese restaurants to fill your taste buds with delicious Chinese cuisines.

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