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The 10 Most Beautiful Places to Live in Colorado

Fort Collins

Practical matters are often at the forefront of people’s minds when they are searching for somewhere to live. For example, schools, employment opportunities, affordability, and leisure activities are all potential criteria people may use to help them decide where to live.

However, the aesthetics of a location can also play a part, as many people want to live somewhere set in beautiful surroundings. The diverse landscape of Colorado means that this state has multiple locations that have visual appeal to suit different tastes. Here are the 10 most beautiful places to live in Colorado.

Estes Park

10. Estes Park

The main reasons why people want to live in Estes Park is because it is set in the ideal place to appreciate the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and to spend time exploring the Rocky Mountains National Park.

The landscape of forests, mountains, hills, and rivers mean that popular activities include hiking, horseback riding, skiing, fishing, biking, kayaking, and rock climbing. The pretty main street has historic buildings, benches, flowers, and Victorian lights. However, it also serves the practical needs of the residents, as there is a good selection of shops and eateries.

Cripple Creek

9. Cripple Creek

Not only is Cripple Creek a beautiful place to live, but it is also a popular tourist destination. The historic buildings and museums in the town appeal to history lovers, while the surrounding mountains and the Pike National Forest are the perfect playgrounds for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits. Cripple Creek is ideally suited to those who want to get away from the urban lifestyle and live somewhere more peaceful in picturesque surroundings.

Crested Butte

8. Crested Butte

Crested Butte is a former mining town that holds year-round visual appeal. It is similar in appearance to the villages in the Swiss Alps. In the winter, the town is surrounded by a snow-covered landscape. In warmer weather, the snow melts away to uncover fields of colorful wildflowers. Due to the summer landscape, the town has become known as the ‘Wildflower Capital of Colorado.’


7. Creede

Creede was once a hunting ground for the Native American Ute people, and then it became a thriving silver-mining town during the 19th century. The town is surrounded by mountains, volcanic cliffs, forests, and streams.

Within the town, the historic buildings add the aesthetic appeal of Creede. Kayaking, fishing, and hiking are popular activities in this area. For those who are not interested in spending time outdoors, there is a theater and museums in the town, and annual events include the Derby Race and a Balloon Festival.


6. Breckenridge

The town of Breckenridge is surrounded by beauty as it is in the Rocky Mountains. It was originally a mining community that was founded in 1859, and there is evidence of the town’s history in the large historic district, which includes Main Street.

The town attracts those who enjoy the outdoors, says The Culture Trip, as there are multiple outdoor activities to enjoy, including hiking and skiing. It is a fun place to live as there are festivals and events taking place throughout the year.


5. Pueblo

Due to Pueblo’s location in the high desert part of Colorado, it has a different look and feel to many of the other most beautiful places to live in the state, although it shares the advantage of spectacular mountain views. Some of the visual appeal of the area is in the historic downtown area, and a popular local beauty spot is the Pueblo Reservoir.

Colorado Springs

4. Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs has all the amenities of a big city, yet it maintains a small-town feel. It is closer to the Front Range Mountains than Denver, and it is home to Pikes Peak and a natural attraction called Garden of the Gods, which is a registered National Landmark. The downtown area has many historic buildings, although most of these are home to modern businesses and restaurants. Another appealing feature of Colorado Springs is its affordability.


3. Denver

Denver is the capital of Colorado and the largest city in the state, and it is home to 716,492 people. Due to the city’s elevated position along the Front Range Mountains, Colorado has the nickname ‘The Mile-High City.’

In addition to the beautiful surroundings, there is plenty to enjoy within the confines of the city. There are multiple outdoor spaces to explore and many activities and attractions to suit all interests and ages. Denver offers employment opportunities across various sectors, and the transport links are excellent. It is an affordable city in which to live, and it will ideally suit those who enjoy the outdoors.


2. Boulder

Boulder is a small city in Colorado with a lot of character. It is known for culture, art, food, and music, and there are various events and festivals throughout the year that celebrate these subjects.

Boulder is nestled against the Flatiron Mountains, which is a magnificent backdrop to the city. However, it is Boulder’s position against the mountain range that has also made it one of the most expensive places to live in Colorado. There are limited options for expansion due to the city’s mountainside location, and this means that property is in high demand and has pushed up the property prices.

Fort Collins

1. Fort Collins

According to Hashtag Colorado Life, the most beautiful place to live in Colorado is Fort Collins. It is the northernmost city in Colorado, and it sits before the Front Range mountains. No matter where you are in the city, you can enjoy mountain views. However, it is not only the mountains that make Fort Collins an attractive place to live, as the city’s high street and historic downtown area are charming and quaint.

The area was used as the inspiration for Disney’s Main Street. Due to the surrounding landscape, hiking and biking are popular pursuits in Fort Collins. People also enjoy water-based activities at beauty spots such as the Cache la Poudre River and the Horsetooth Reservoir.

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