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The 10 Best Indian Restaurants in San Antonio, TX

San Antonio

When hunger calls, few things are quite so satisfying as an authentic Indian meal. Spice lovers of San Antonio are spoilt for choice when it comes to venues, with the city offering a huge range of Indian take-outs, buffets, and fine dining options. Whether you’re in the mood for a mild korma, a comforting lentil dal, or a mind-blowing vindaloo, you’re sure to find a few things to tempt you on the menu of one of our top 10 Indian restaurants in San Antonio, TX.

10. Madurai Mes

Where: 5152 Fredericksburg Rd, Suite #125, San Antonio, TX 78229-3695

“Good spicy Indian food with friendly service. Feels like you’re back in India. The interior is not fancy, but you’re there for the food which is worth it. I’ll be going back again when I visit San Antonio again in October. I’ll be craving their food until then”… so reads one of the reviews of Madurai Mes on Trip Advisor, and as reviews go, it tells you pretty much all you need to know about this friendly Indian restaurant. With great service and some exceptional south Indian cuisine, it’s a great addition to the San Antonia restaurant scene.

9. Biryani Pot

Where: 9386 Huebner Rd, Suite 109, San Antonio, TX 78240-1652

If you’re in the mood for a great biryani, the Biryani Pit is the perfect place to satisfy your cravings. With affordable prices, excellent service, and authentic Indian cuisine, it’s a superb place to while away a few hours in a warm, welcoming environment.

8. Café Bahar

Where: 10227 Ironside Dr, San Antonio, TX 78230-3252

The friendly welcome you receive at the excellent Café Bahar is perfectly complemented by its menu of authentic Indian dishes. It's hip, casual atmosphere is a breath of fresh air, while the perfectly judged menu offers enough variety to suit every taste, regardless of whether you’re in the mood for a mind-blowingly spicy vindaloo or something altogether gentler. With most mains coming in at around 12 dollars or less, it’s also refreshingly affordable.

7. Spice fine Indian Cuisine

Where: 4987 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX 78229-5352

The level of service at Spice Fine Indian Cuisine is almost as good as its menu... which really is saying something when you consider the delicious dishes like Crispy Pepper Corn Masala, Gobi Manchuria, Chicken Manchuriam, Saag Paneer and Navratan Korma that are on offer. With a friendly, warm welcome, this is a great place to soak up the ambiance and flavors of an authentic Indian eatery.

6. India Taj Palace

Where: 20323 Huebner Rd., Suite 107, San Antonio, TX 78258

If you want authentic Indian flavors, you’ll find it hard to beat the superlative India Taj Palace. Its buffet-style dining experience lets you fill your plate (and your belly) with as many different options as your appetite can handle. For families, there’s a special kid’s menu that lets youngsters sample some new dishes without the full-on heat of adult versions.

5. Tarka Indian Kitchen

Where: 427 N Loop 1604 W, Suite 101, San Antonio, TX 78232-1029

A causal setting, a friendly, hospitable service, a great range of refreshing lassis’, takeout with online and mobile ordering, an award-winning environmental policy, and some truly superb dishes – if this extensive list of perks doesn’t convince you to visit the excellent Tarka Indian Kitchen, then maybe the very affordable prices will.

4. Simi’s India Cuisine

Where: 4535 Fredericksburg Rd Ste 109, San Antonio, TX 78201-6515

For value, Simi’s India Cuisine is hard to beat. Most appetizers come in for less than 5 dollars, Tandooris average 11 dollars, while biryanis are around the 12-dollar mark. Other than the price, there’s a lot to love about this friendly restaurant, including a welcoming ambiance, great service, and a large but not overwhelming menu. For the health-conscious, there’s even a “Weight Watchers Dream’, featuring Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Shrimp, Chicken Tikka, Mixed Vegetables, and Naan, for just 14.95.

3. Bombay Hall

Where: 8783 Wurzbach Rd, San Antonio, TX 78240

As popular with locals as it is with visitors, Bombay Hall comes in at #3. “First time in San Antonio and wanted Indian food. We read the reviews, and this seemed like a good place. Service and hospitality are amazing, and the flood was not too spicy but enough to make it very flavorful. Love that it was a buffet so you can try plenty of different things to see what you like. Will definitely be back here when in San Antonio. Highly recommended,” one happy guest sums up on Zomato, and judging from the rest of the enthusiastic comments, he’s not alone. Cheap, cheerful, and never short of anything but delicious, this little restaurant makes a solid option for dinner night.

2. India Palace

Where: 8474 Fredericksburg Rd., San Antonio, TX 78229

Great food? Check. Excellent service? Check. Good value for money? Check. Welcoming Atmosphere? Check, Check, Check. With an extensive menu of authentic Indian dishes, an online ordering and delivery service for those that can’t make the trip, a great vegetarian selection, a peaceful setting, affordable pricing, and quick service, India Palace really does tick all the boxes and then some. If you’re dining with a partner, don’t miss out on the chance to sample “The Royal Dinner (For Two)”, a heavenly mix of Tandoori Chicken, Tandoori Shrimp, Boti Kabab, Lamb Curry, Chicken Tikka Masala, Sag Paneer, Vegetable Curry, Nan, and Rice that comes in for the very reasonable price of just $34.95.

1. India Oven

Where: 1031 Patricia Ste 106, Ste 106, San Antonio, TX 78213-1351

If you really want to send your taste buds into overdrive, you can’t go wrong with the excellent India Oven. With an inviting ambiance and vibrant buzz, it’s a great place to linger over some delicious dishes with friends. The restaurant’s fresh, innovative take on modern Indian cuisine is guaranteed to delight, while the moderate prices are equally satisfying.

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