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Five Gorgeous Luxury Hotels on the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is arguably one of the most romantic places in the world. It is a 43-mile stretch that is seamlessly integrated into the Lattari mountains along the Italian shoreline and is right around the bend from Naples. The Amalfi Coast is popularly referred to as the 'vertical landscape', alluding to the exquisite way in which it was carved to fit into the mountains by human labor thousands of years ago.

Today, the Amalfi Coast is one of the most top rated locations for private getaways for lovers. The deep blues of the sky and the sea melt into each other, creating a divine view for tourists especially at sunset and during the sunrise. The little towns along the coast have narrow stairways and cobblestone paths tucked away into the rocky frame of the mountains so beautifully that it is hard to imagine that it is real.

Despite the vast overcrowding in peak seasons, the Amalfi Coast still continues to be a picture of romance for all kinds of tourists including the mountain trekkers and the pool loungers with its vast expanse of headlands, fjords, bays and inlets. The towns on the Amalfi Coast that receive the most visits throughout the year include Positano, known for its delectable cuisines and breath-taking views of the sea, Amalfi, delicately perched at the very mouth of a deep gorge, Sorrento, the gorgeous town halfway from Naples and the Amalfi Coast and Ravello, the enchanting cluster of buildings in the mountain range above Amalfi.

Some of the must-sees on the Amalfi Coast include Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea, Camo, Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta and Grotta dello Smeraldo. A trip to the Amalfi Coast will assure you a truly remarkable time. To transform your stay into a heavenly experience, you certainly must live in a luxurious setting created specifically to enhance the already enchanting experience of visiting the Amalfi Coast.

Below are five of the most luxurious hotels along the Amalfi Coast that will ensure that your stay is well worth recounting.

1. Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel & Spa

Originally a 17th-century monastery, the Monastero Santa Rosa has been delicately restored to its present glory, and intentional care was taken to honor its rich history. This hotel has been featured in prestigious publications such as the New York Times, Departures, InStyle, and TIME magazine. The sole occupant of a long stretch of the Conca Dei Marini, this hotel is a sight to see especially at sunset when all lights are turned on and it is glowing like a candle amidst the dark expanse of the mountains.

Cleverly located mere minutes from the idyllic towns of Positano, Amalfi, and Ravello, the Monastero Santa Rosa allows its guests to set the theme of their vacation, be it a relaxing experience on the grounds of the hotel or a tourist vacation of the whole coast. One of the main attractions of the Monastero Santa Rosa Hotel is its beautifully manicured gardens. With four levels filled with over 5000 handpicked plants imported from 10 different countries, the beautiful gardens always have some exotic species in full bloom, ensuring that at any point in time that you choose to visit, you are assured a phenomenal experience amidst the botanical wonder.

The property also includes a spa offering treatment rooms and large-scale amenities including a sauna, steam, mosaic-tiled experience shower, hydro pool, and tepidarium. The infinity pool is located on the lowest level of the gardens and blends seamlessly with the sky and the sea. other facilities include the outdoor fitness area equipped with latest Techno Gym equipment and a view of the sea and the Sunset Terrace for quiet nightly viewings of the sunset.

The Monastero Santa Rosa has only 20 rooms, each of which are equipped with the following amenities: Spectacular sea views from every room and most bathrooms, air-conditioning, ceiling fans, and windows that open wide to let in the fresh air, central heating featuring heated floors, flat-screen television and international channels, minibars in all rooms and suites, pomegranate Santa Maria Novella bath salts, hair dryer, complimentary high-speed internet access throughout the property, in-room safes and 24-hour room service.

The cost of staying at this exquisite hotel depends on room choice. Prices range from $550.00 in high season and $400.00 in low season for the Sea View Superior Room which is the least expensive option and $3,000 in high season and $2,000 in low season for the Sea View Premium Terrace Suite Additional terrace which is the most expensive room in the facility.

2. La Conca del Sogno

Conca Del Sogno

The Restaurant La Conca del Sogno was built in the exact location of a rock mine where activities lasted until the 1950s. The son of the quarry's owner, Pietro Tizzani, realized the beauty of the spot and thought to turn it into a small family restaurant based on seafood specialties to manage with his wife Giuseppina. Today, this restaurant is the star attraction of the La Conca del Sogno Hotel.

The kitchen of La Conca del Sogno magnificently incorporates the daily fresh catch which guests can directly choose from the big basins of sea water. The restaurant also serves a wide selection of pasta dishes, among the most well-prepared on the Amalfi Coast. La Conca del Sogno it's located conveniently between Capri and Positano and is easily reachable by sea from both towns. Amazing scenery from sea view terraces with a view of "Li Galli" islands is what a guest should expect while spending a relaxing day at the Beach Club Conca del Sogno.

The hotel also features a bar where music is carefully selected by the in-house DJ to throw vibrancy into the atmosphere of this stunning location. The La Conca del Sogno is dearly described as 'where the green of nature and the lovely blue sea blend in a perfect harmony'.

The property offers standard and superior double rooms, all with a wonderful sea view and include services such as a private terrace with sea view, a private beach, a solarium, a mini-bar, a television, air conditioning and a hairdryer. Guests who are interested in staying at the lovely La Conca del Sogno should call the number listed on their website for a price quote.

3. Casa Angelina

Casa Angelina

The Casa Angelina is located in Praiano (derived from Praia, meaning beach) which is a small town on the Amalfi Coast in Campania nestled between Amalfi and Positano. Its location means that it is ideal if you want a relaxing holiday and still want to be very near the wide range of tourist attractions. The Casa Angelina features the 'Un Piano Nel Cielo Restaurant' headed by Chef Vincenzo Vanacoreat who infuses his unique personality into the delectable gourmet dishes created with fresh produce and with centuries old culinary traditions which translate directly into the culinary delights enjoyed by all guests.

The 'Un Piano Nel Cielo Restaurant' with its captivating terrace suspended in the mountain space between sky and sea, is a perfect reflection of a certain Italian-style 'Art de Vivre'. The Casa Angelina also has a wine cellar crafted by the talented Sommelier Rosario Landi for the Un Piano Nel Cielo. He developed a wine list boasting exquisite Italian and international wines with around 400 labels and 3000 bottles in all.

At Casa Angelina, the rooms and suites are very contemporary with clean lines and elegant white furnishing enhancing the idyllic views of the Gulf of Salerno and the Amalfi Coast. With deeply comfortable beds wrapped in soft, white Bellora cotton sheets, generously equipped bathrooms with l'Occitane Toiletries, modern amenities including Bang & Olufsen flat-screen TVs and free wi-fi internet access, the casa Angelina is right on the trend wave in terms of their decor. In addition, some rooms are equipped with iPod docks, notebook computers and Nespresso coffee machines.

The Single Sea View room is the most inexpensive option in this hotel and it goes for $350.00 per night. The Eaudesea Experience room is the most expensive option with the nightly price of $700.00. Some special room packages that guests can opt for include the Romance Retreat, Body& Soul, Moonlight Shadow and Dolce Vista which are usually two or three-day luxury experiences.

4. Hotel Santa Caterina

Hotel Santa Caterina

Originally a late 19th-century liberty style villa, the Hotel Santa Caterina is an elegant seaside residence surrounded by the Mediterranean sea and sky, by vibrant bougainvillea and by artfully cultivated olive groves and fruit orchards. It has two restaurants, one in the main building and the other on sea level, where the Hotel Santa Caterina has earned its great reputation on the international gastronomic scene.

The Restaurant Santa Caterina is the recipient of a plethora of prestigious culinary awards, listed in most noteworthy publications and is a host to world-class guest chefs. A wine list featuring very prestigious labels and an elegant dining room add to the appeal of Hotel Santa Caterina's main restaurant, the Restaurant Santa Caterina. At the sea level, the Restaurant Al Mare is open from May to October each year, the months best suited for enjoying the warmth of the sun and cool breeze from the sea. Lunch is served at the Beach Club's Restaurant al Mare which is a terrace perched just above Hotel Santa Caterina's private beach.

Delicious grilled fish and gourmet pizzas cooked in traditional wood burning ovens are some of the specialties of the relaxing Restaurant Al Mare an informal meal of the Hotel Santa Caterina. The hotel also features the Bar La Terrazza which is convenient for an aperitif amongst colleagues, a small snack before heading to the beach or a romantic after-dinner drink with a loved one. A fine selection of cocktails and homemade lemon liqueurs are the specialty of the Bar Terrazza and they are served with a choice of warm or cold canapés.

A wine cellar stocked with rich selections that will delight lovers of Bacchus' favorite tipple is also a high point of the Hotel Santa Caterina.The facility has developed its own line of face and body care treatments crafted from pure essential oils and plant extracts, Darphin, that are available for purchase.The Hotel Santa Caterina's Spa is an exclusive wellness center well known on the Amalfi Coast. Guests can indulge in a fabulous range of face and body treatments to re-establish a natural balance and leave them feeling relaxed, energized and rejuvenated.

Other amenities included the beach club, boutique (with an impressive selection of exquisite majolica ceramics from Vietri Sul Mare, jewelry, and coral) and a gym (which is equipped with the latest machines). There are three types of rooms in the Hotel Santa Caterina: Junior Suites, Partial Sea View, and Honeymoon Suites.

Double Partial sea view bedrooms run at a rate of $350.00 - $825.00 per night whereas Special Suite (2 persons) sea view has a nightly fee of $1200.00 - $3500.00

5. Bellevue Syrene

Bellevue Syrene

The Bellevue Syrene is a luxurious five-star hotel among Sorrento’s well-known. The picturesque town on Sorrenti is "one of the most fascinating places that the Romans used to call Campania Felix”. Bellevue Syrene came to being as a reconstruction of a patrician residence turned majestic villa, former home to the highest Roman aristocracy, among whom includes Emperor Augustus himself.

It is open all year and regularly houses intellectuals, artists, and heads of State. A hotel of such high standing has obviously won a lot of awards and notable mentions, chief among which includes the Relais&Chateaux Savoir-faire Trophy 2016, the best Hotel in Italy and in Europe and third place in a podium among the world’s best hotels. Its Roccia Suite was awarded the title 'Sexiest Bedroom' in 2015. The Bellevue Syrene has two world renown chefs; Ivan Ruocco, First Chef and Salvatore Buonocore, Secon Chef, that are responsible for running the world class restaurants situated in the Bellvue Syrene; Restaurant La Pergola, ideal for hot summer days and winter restaurant Gli Archi.

In the same cellars of the ancient villa which housed the fine wines of Emperor Augustus, the very cellar of Bellevue Syrene Hotel can be found. The highly celebrated Sebastiano Cascone is the resident pianist of the Bellvue Syrene and is known to play alluring and tasteful tunes as guests wine and dine. All rooms in the hotel have an exquisite view of the sea and the Gulf of Naples. Other facilities that the Bellvue Syrene offers are a private beach, a reading room, winter garden, Dali' cigar room, and a beautiful pool.

The running rates of rooms in this hotel range from $550.00 for a Classic Room and $1,600.00 for the Lord Astor Suite.

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