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The 20 Best Things to Do in Houston at Night

Go to a Late-Night Opening at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

Houston, Texas, is a city with something for everyone. No matter how long you stay in the city, you will find that your days are filled with fun and interesting activities. While there are many attractions to fill your days with, you will also want some activities to keep you entertained at night. Fortunately, there is a multitude of ways you can spend your evenings in this exciting and diverse destination. Here are the 20 best things to do at night in Houston.

Have Fun at the Kemah Boardwalk

20. Have Fun at the Kemah Boardwalk

Kemah Boardwalk is located on the shores of Galveston Bay and Clear Lake. It is home to a fun theme park that has various rides and attractions. One of the rides is an illuminated Ferris Wheel, and riding the Ferris wheel is a fun way to enjoy city views. The park also has various shops, restaurants, and seaside shows to enjoy. If you are not interested in the rides and attractions at the theme park, you can simply take a leisurely walk along the boardwalk, which is a free activity to enjoy.

Go to the Downtown Aquarium

19. Go to the Downtown Aquarium

You may assume that the aquarium in Houston is a daytime activity. However, it is open until 10 pm on Friday and Saturday nights, and until 8.30 pm from Sunday to Monday. In addition to the general tour of the aquarium seeing the marine life, the Downtown Aquarium offers a unique dining experience. Guests dine in an underwater tunnel surrounded by reticulated rays, guitarfish, and sawfish.

Take a Haunted Walking Tour

18. Take a Haunted Walking Tour

Houston is home to many historic landmarks, and many of these have spooky stories and creepy legends associated with them. Taking a haunted walking tour is not only a fascinating way to hear these stories, but it is an excellent way of exploring the city at night. A costumed guide leads the tour, giving interesting snippets of information about the various venues. The tour also includes stop-offs at four bars that are allegedly haunted.

Test Your Wits at the Escape Game at Houston

17. Test Your Wits at the Escape Game at Houston

Overseas Attractions says that testing your wits at the Escape Game in Houston is one of the top night attractions in this city. There are five unique games from which you can choose, depending on the age, size, and skills of your group. You are shown a video with a story, instruction, and rules before beginning your chosen game.

See a Movie

16. See a Movie

ON a rainy or cold evening, you may want to enjoy a warm and comfortable activity. A great option is to spend a night at the Landmark's River Oaks Theater, which is a historic movie house that has been in operation since 1939, and the building is a striking example of Art Deco architecture. Although there is a varied program of movies at this movie theater, it is particularly well known for art-house and foreign movies. Every Friday and Saturday night, there is a Midnight Madness movie session. On warmer nights, you can watch a movie outdoors at the Rooftop Cinema Club.

Watch a Dance Performance

15. Watch a Dance Performance

Houston is home to the METdance Company and Center, which is a professional dance organization. They regularly host performances throughout the year by both the professionals and their youth company at various venues across Houston. Also, they hold open dance classes for adults, teens, and children. The best way to find out if there is a performance during your visit or to check out the availability of dance classes is to visit the METdance Company and Center's official website.

Sample the Food in Chinatown

14. Sample the Food in Chinatown

Houston has the second-highest population in the United States after Los Angeles, and it has a particularly large Chinese community. Many people from this community live in Chinatown, which is one of Houston's most vibrant areas and a great place to visit at night. The buildings, lights, and smells from the many restaurants will overload your sense. There are many shops that stay open until late at night for you to shop. However, the main reason to visit Chinatown is for the food. There is everything from food stalls selling traditional street food to fine dining restaurants and to budget-friendly banquets and buffet options.

Experience the Twilight Epiphany Skyscape

13. Experience the Twilight Epiphany Skyscape

One of the most distinctive landmarks in Houston is the Twilight Epiphany Skyscape, and it offers a unique experience for people to enjoy in Houston at night. Renowned artist James Turrell designed the pyramid-shaped structure, which can accommodate 12 visitors over two levels. It is acoustically engineered to act as a laboratory for music students and to host musical performances. One of the highlights of the visit is the LED lights sequence. The lights are projected onto the ceiling and through an opening in the roof that creates a visual spectacle.

See a Comedy Show

12. See a Comedy Show

If bars with live music are not your thing, but you want to enjoy some live entertainment on a night out drinking, then head to one of the venues that host comedy nights. One of the best places to go is The Secret Group, which is a nightspot that regularly hosts both music events and comedy nights to give local music artists and comedians a platform from which they can gain experience and establish themselves. The venue also has a bar area and a rooftop patio. Some other venues where you can watch comedy shows include Houston Improv, Station Theater, and Rudyard's.

Go to a Live Music Venue

11. Go to a Live Music Venue

Many of the bars in Houston have live music to enjoy while you have a drink. Some of these venues also serve food. Therefore, you can enjoy a meal accompanied by a drink while having the pleasure of artists performing live music. Some of the top venues recommended by Thrillist include White Oak Music Hall, The Raven Tower, The Continental Club, Satellite Bar, Warehouse Live, House of Blues, and Revention Music Center.

Catch a Theater Show

10. Catch a Theater Show

Travel Mag recommends catching a theater show while you are in Houston. One of the best places to see a theater performance is at the A.D. Players Theater in the Galleria-Uptown District. It is a vast venue measuring 35,000-square-feet with a seating capacity of 440. It also houses a children's theater and spaces that run workshops throughout the year. If you want to watch a performance at this theater, it is advisable to check what is on and book tickets in advance. Some other venues in the Theater District include The Hobby Center, Alley Theater, Wortham Hall, and Jones Hall. The latter is home to the Houston Symphony and the Houston Ballet.

Take an Evening Segway City Tour

9. Take an Evening Segway City Tour

If you want to explore the city but do not fancy the typical historical, food, or pub tours, then an alternative is to take the Segway city tours. These tours take place in the early evening, and they are a fun activity for those who prefer outdoor or active activities. Each tour has only seven people or fewer, and the tour lasts for approximately 1.5-hours.

Go on a Houston Pub Crawl

8. Go on a Houston Pub Crawl

There is no shortage of bars and pubs in Houston, so a popular activity at night is to go on a pub crawl. While there is nothing to stop you from simply moving from one pub to the next of your own accord, there are also fun tours that take you to some of the best pubs and bars in the city.

Sample the Wines at the Beckrew Wine House

7. Sample the Wines at the Beckrew Wine House

Breckrew Wine House offers guests a variety of different experiences. There is the option to book as a group to enjoy private tastings or blind tastings that are led by a professional sommelier. Alternatively, book a meal in their outstanding restaurant to enjoy a meal from their delicious menu, and the sommelier pairs wines with the dishes you order.

Dine at the Bayou and Bottle

6. Dine at the Bayou and Bottle

Bayou and Bottle is one of the best restaurants in Houston. It is located in the lobby of the Four Seasons Hotel, and the chef at the helm of this restaurant is restaurateur and celebrity chef Richard Sandoval. In addition to the outstanding food, the restaurant is known for its extensive selections from the bar, including a long wine list, more than 150 types of whiskey, and some of the best cocktails in the city. A unique element of dining at this restaurant is the opportunity to enjoy the Topgolf simulation experience after your meal. If you want to dine somewhere a little more laid back, enjoy a burger and a beer at the Onion Creek Café.

Enjoy a Drink with Views at the 3rd Floor Rooftop Bar

5. Enjoy a Drink with Views at the 3rd Floor Rooftop Bar

One of the top venues for enjoying views of the city skyline is the 3rd Floor Rooftop Bar, which is at 2303 Smith Street. In addition to the inside bar area, there is a patio at either end. One of the patios faces north, giving views of the downtown skyline. The south-facing patio has a view of the Spec's sign. Most people visit this venue to enjoy the drinks, which include 1- cocktails, 47 draft wines, and 47 draft beers. However, there is also a small menu if you want some food to accompany your drink, and the menu includes shareable sandwiches and meat or cheeseboards. Another place that makes excellent cocktails is the Anvil Bar and Refuge.

Watch a Baseball Game at Minute Maid Park

4. Watch a Baseball Game at Minute Maid Park

As a major city, Houston is home to many sports teams and their grounds. One of the most popular sports in this city is baseball, and the home team is the Houston Astros, who play at the Minute Maid Park Stadium. The stadium is in Downtown Houston, and although some games take place during the day, the night matches are more atmospheric. There is plenty of beer and hot dog stands to grab refreshments during the break.

Enjoy an Overnight Trip at the Houston Space Center

3. Enjoy an Overnight Trip at the Houston Space Center

An unusual activity to enjoy is an overnight trip at the Houston Space Center, which is one of the most popular attractions in the city. While most people visit during the day, there is also an overnight package that includes camping on the grounds of the space center, enjoying an evening meal and then breakfast at the space center's restaurants, and enjoying various activities around the topics of science, mathematics, technology, and engineering.

See the City Illuminated on a City Lights Tour

2. See the City Illuminated on a City Lights Tour

In the evenings, Houston is transformed as the buildings are illuminated against the night sky. Therefore, even if you have taken a tour of the city in the day, it is worth taking a different tour at night as it is a completely different experience. One of the best ways to see the city at night is to take the City Lights Tour, which involves riding on the upper deck of an open-topped double-decker bus. The tours last for around 90 minutes, and they take you through the city's Historic and Theater Districts. Complimentary hot chocolate is included in the tour, and music plays in the background as you travel through the city.

Go to a Late-Night Opening at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

1. Go to a Late-Night Opening at the Houston Museum of Natural Science

According to Trip 101, one of the best things to do in Houston at night is to go to a late-night opening at the Houston Museum of Natural Science. Although people usually consider museums a daytime activity, the Houston Museum of Natural Science is also open some nights, and they offer a program of fun, interactive, and educational activities, along with seeing the exhibits. There are even some nights when dinner is included, or there is a stage presentation or planetarium show.

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