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The 20 Best Sushi Restaurants in Newport Beach


Newport Beach is a coastal town in Southern California. It is a city that radiates elegance and class. Newport Beach is famous for its coastal life, making it popular among sailors, yachters, surfers, and swimmers. Coastal life means you enjoy eating fresh seafood. There is a wide variety of seafood in this city, with sushi being the most popular. After a day of surfing, swimming, and cruising the bay, there is no better way to end than with a fresh bite of sushi. You can choose the type of sushi you want or allow the chef to choose for you. If you are looking for a place to eat sushi, here are the twenty best sushi restaurants in Newport Beach 2022.

20. Sushi ii (100 West Coast Hwy Suite 202)

Sushi ii is the best restaurant to visit if you want traditional Japanese sushi. They offer one of the best Omakase-style courses and different types of sushi. Omakase-style is a Japanese form of dining where guests don't order anything and allow the chef to serve them a seasonal meal. The meal is usually artistic, elegant, and made from premium ingredients. Chef Susumu Li is the main chef in this restaurant. He is trained and competent in all manner of Japanese cuisine. Their attention to detail is amazing. Everything is made to perfection. According to Wander Log, you will enjoy fine dining and sushi presented artistically. After your meal, you can complement your sushi with wine and Dassai sake.

19. Buddha’s Favorite (634 Lido Park Dr)

If you love the ocean breeze and eating sushi, head to Buddha's Favorite. Here you will get to eat your sushi as you marvel at the beautiful ocean. The restaurant was started by Masaki "Yoshi" Yoshitsuka and his beautiful wife, Miko. They both grew up in Japan and are well versed in preparing Japanese meals. At some point, they had to return to Japan. They then sold the restaurant to Matt and Nicole Paskerian, who have continued with their legacy. Buddha's Favorite is found along the bay, and they offer visitors the chance to reserve a dock. You can order and enjoy your sushi on the boat.

18. San Shi Go (205 Main St)

San Shi Go is one of the busiest sushi restaurants in Newport Beach. It is a vibrant restaurant constantly buzzing with people who appreciate the taste of delicious sushi. When interviewed, many of the guests who visit this restaurant said they loved it because it has friendly staff, fresh sushi, and experienced chefs. They have an exquisite menu, but you can request omakase sushi. Their omakase experience is on another level. It is educational and interactive. You will love this restaurant, especially if it is your first time in Newport Beach. They also have an option for making reservations.

17. Sushi Roku (327 Newport Center Dr)

Sushi Roku is a beautiful and elegant restaurant. It is the perfect spot for people who appreciate fun and innovation in their sushi serving. They have a versatile menu to suit the needs of their guests. The chefs here are well trained and can satisfy your cravings. You will find Japanese cuisine and Latin American flavors with a special touch of olive oil. The ambiance of the restaurant is peaceful and attractive. It is a modern restaurant which is evident in its interior décor. According to Yelp, they have paper lanterns and beautiful bonsai trees.

16. Café Sakana (1703 Westcliff Dr)

Café Sakana is a charming Japanese restaurant located in the shopping plaza. It is a beautiful restaurant that will lure you with its string lights and soothing outdoor patio. The restaurant is family oriented. Many families love to come here with their kids for casual dining. Every meal is made to perfection using the finest ingredients available. You can order their omakase because it is affordable and delicious. They usually serve it in a bento-style box. If you don't like omakase, they have other options. The blue crab hand roll is one of their top dishes. It is delicious, and you can never go wrong with it.

15. Nobu (3450 Via Oporto Suite 101)

Nobu is a popular restaurant in Newport Beach. The restaurant is well known, but probably few have tried it because of the celebrity hype. Besides hosting the biggest celebrities in the country, Nobu makes the best sushi in Orange County. Chef Nobuyuki is the main chef in this restaurant. He is well experienced in Japanese cuisine. Mr. Nobuyuki has a way of using Peruvian ingredients for cooking delicious Japanese dishes.

14. Bear Flag Fish Company (3421 Via Lido)

It is a counter-service food place serving all kinds of seafood. Even though it is a high end restaurant, people love to come here for tacos, sandwiches, sushi and poke. Besides, it offers a wide selection of foods, making it a great restaurant to come and relax with family and friends as you enjoy seafood.

13. SOTA Sushi (3344 East Coast Hwy)

The restaurant is named after the celebrated Chef Sota. He is a renowned chef mentored by the crème de la crème in the sushi industry. Chef Sota later opened SOTA Sushi. His restaurant is well known for its tasty Japanese cuisine made from fresh local ingredients. The seats in the restaurant are arranged for smaller parties, like two people, to give people an intimate dining experience. Some popular dishes are omakase sushi and omakase rolls, prepared upon request.

12. Lido Bottle Works (3408 Via Oporto #103)

It is a polished venue serving American cuisine. They have the best beer, cocktails, and wine in Orange County. Here, you will experience a wide range of seafood, particularly sushi. This restaurant's food flavor and décor will keep you coming back for more.

11. The Cannery (3010 Lafayette Ave)

Cannery restaurant has existed in Newport Beach for over eighty years. It is one of the best restaurants in this region when it comes to sushi. The restaurant is found in Cannery village. They offer the tastiest and freshest seafood because meals are prepared in a water-grill room. According to OpenTable, visitors who come here praise them for their sophisticated menu and delicious meals, including salads, juicy steaks, and chops. They also offer soothing cocktails and a signature margarita.

10. Benihana Restaurant (4250 Birch St)

Benihana restaurant offers a dining experience like no other. The restaurant is designed in such a way that guests sit in groups around communal hibachi grill tables. Every table will be assigned a personal chef who performs the Japanese art of Teppanyaki. You will get to see the chef prepare a mouth-watering dish from scratch. The main dishes are tender chicken, succulent seafood, and juicy steak. If you want sushi, you will get the finest in town prepared by a sushi and sashimi chef. After that, they will serve you award-winning hot sake and a signature cocktail.

9. CP Restaurant and Lounge (2800 West Coast Hwy)

CP restaurant is both a contemporary eatery and a nightclub. The restaurant is known for its sumptuous Chinese dishes and sushi; the main meals served here. Their sushi gets guests' attention because it is prepared uniquely, making it extremely tasty. Other meals served here are wonton soup, beef broccoli, and orange chicken. All meals are prepared using fresh, natural ingredients. The staff is friendly and will welcome you with a warm smile.

8. Ohana Sushi & Ramen (514 W Balboa Blvd)

If you are in Newport Beach and are craving sushi, head over to Ohana restaurant. As its name suggests, the restaurant has cemented itself in preparing delicious sushi and ramen noodles. The employees here are very friendly and courteous. From the many online reviews, many people describe it as an awesome place to sit and dine. They have one of the most delicious sushi in Newport Beach. In addition, their ramen noodles are out of this world. According to Tripadvisor, typically, guests wait for about 15 minutes to receive their orders.

7. Fuji Yama (4511 West Coast Hwy)

Fuji Yama is a cool restaurant with a beautiful and peaceful ambiance. They offer good sushi, although their prices are slightly higher than other restaurants. Nevertheless, the dining experience is worth it. Why not if you don't mind spending a few notes to get the perfect and finest dining experience? The restaurant is open every day from 4 am to 9 pm. The staff is friendly, and they will make your experience here unforgettable. Additionally, the restaurant is located in a great neighborhood with beautiful spots.

6. Newport Fresh (3305 Newport Blvd Suite F)

For a funky Japanese and American dining experience, Newport Fresh is here for you. The restaurant is known for serving delicious meals. They serve amazing sushi that will leave you asking for more. Apart from sushi, they serve chicken and eggs or raw fish as their signature dish. The owner of this restaurant is kind and friendly, making his restaurant a bee hive of activities. They offer plenty of parking. After dining, you can go and relax or take a walk on the beach. It is a family-friendly restaurant, and you can come with your kids.

5. WaSa Sushi & Teppan (1346 Bison Ave)

Special sushi, sashimi, and other delicious meals are what you will find at WaSa Sushi and Teppan. Those who come here see how sushi and sushi rolls are prepared. Every bite of their sushi is filled with freshness and tasteful flavors. People who come to this restaurant always return to enjoy another round of sushi.

4. Newport Fusion Sushi (21135 Newport Coast Dr)

Newport Fusion Sushi is known for its unique sushi preparations. The restaurant has embraced Japanese culture in its décor by having contemporary décor and intimate dining space for its guests. It is a fantastic restaurant with fresh sushi. You can come here with your family and friends and have a wonderful time together. Their convenient services offer a welcoming space with great food and service. According to Locale Magazine, the restaurant has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating online.

3. Roll it Sushi & Teriyaki (4221 MacArthur Blvd)

This is it if you are looking for a restaurant with top-notch services. Roll it Sushi and Teriyaki offer good food. Most people here order sushi rolls because they are famous for making different sushi rolls. Besides the good food, the best thing about this restaurant is its staff, who are extremely helpful and super friendly. If you want to order takeaway food for different people, they will make sure they label the food to know to whom it belongs. They will also give you additional sources.

2. Nana San (3601 Jamboree Rd)

Nana San is a sleek but casual Japanese restaurant in Newport Beach. They have a sushi bar serving one of the best in this coastal town. They also serve tempura and combo meals. The restaurant is good with kids, and they offer an amazing place where they can relax as they enjoy the best sushi in town. Many people come here to eat sea bass sushi, sashimi, and shrimp. For lunch, the top of the menu is amazing balls of omasake.

1. Otosan Sushi (6480 West Coast Hwy Ste 140)

Otosan Sushi is one of the best sushi restaurants in Newport Beach. If you are hungry and craving sushi, you will not regret it if you come to this restaurant. You can order sushi or other meals like miso soup. Their customer service is top-notch, treating every guest with the warmth and kindness they deserve. They have great reviews, and everyone who comes here recommends others visit this restaurant. According to Visit Newport Beach, the restaurant is open every day from 11 am to 9 pm.

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