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The 10 Best Restaurants in Lima, Peru

La Mar

Many travelers bypass the beautiful city of Lima, Peru in order to head towards more popular tourist destinations such Cusco and Macchu Picchu. However, Peru’s capital city is more than just a travel hub. Lima is a fascinating landscape of geographical and historical hotspots. It’s exactly the kind of place you go to experience new adventures. And if you happen to be in the mood for some culinary explorations, Lima will definitely not disappoint. These 10 best restaurants in Lima, Peru will have your mouth watering for some delicious dishes and more.

Embarcadero 41

10. Embarcadero 41

Peruvian gastronomy is definitely the next big thing in the culinary world. Embarcadero 41 stands out among an ocean of seafood restaurants in Lima because of its unique menu and incredible flavors. The location is also one of its strong points. Embarcadero literally translates to jetty in English, and one can only imagine how fresh the ingredients are in the restaurant’s dishes. The good news is the restaurant has several locations spread throughout Lima. Make sure to try the Pulpo al Olivo or the Choritos a la Chalaca on your visit their site.

La Locanda

9. La Locanda

Just because you’re in Peru doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy other global cuisines. La Locanda happens to be one of Peru’s best European restaurants. Located in the Swissôtel Lima, La Locanda has been serving excellence on a plate for over 20 years. The name is of Italian origin, but La Locanda’s menu is as diverse as ever. Using only the finest local Peruvian ingredients, La Locanda offers dishes such as Oxtail rice, Squid fideua, Piacentina chicken, and Mediterranean-style fish.


8. Nanka

Peruvian cuisine is diverse in itself, and many restaurants in Lima try to showcase that diversity in their menu. However, Nanka raises the bar with their creativity and flare. Nanka also showcases the healthiest menu options in Peruvian cuisine. Nanka believes that healthy doesn’t have to be limited. If you were adventurous enough to try alpaca, Nanka would be the best place to do it. Nanka also offers many vegan and vegetarian options.

Barra Maretaza

7. Barra Maretazo

It may be small, but Barra Maretazo makes up the lack of seating space through its fantastic flavors. Seafood is the star of the show at Barra Maretazo, and Peru happens to have incredible seafood in abundance. The Latin flavors of Peru are also highlighted here, and you can taste them from dishes such as the seafood chicharron and the fried rice. Make sure to order a couple of Pisco Sours to enjoy—it’s a crowd favorite.

Josela by Rigoletto

6. Joselo by Rigoletto

If you’re looking for a finer and more traditional ambience, Lima’s Joselo by Rigoletto is a good way to go. Joselo by Rigoletto is Italian food done the right way right at the center of Peru. This restaurant offers 5-star service coupled with large portions and reasonable prices. It might be counterintuitive for the Lima visitor to dine at an Italian restaurant, but Joselo by Rigoletto is just too good to pass up.


5. Maido

At this point, you’re probably realizing how important global fusion is to Peruvian cuisine. Dining at Lima’s Maido is a unique and stunning experience. Maido features a Japanese and Peruvian fusion menu, which both highlights seafood like no other. The result of the combination is an explosion of flavors in your mouth. Maido is a standout place that many consider to be the best in Lima. It’s a must experience while you’re in Lima, but make sure you reserve your table ahead of time. Maido is quite in demand in the area.

Pescados Capitales

4. Pescados Capitales

With so many restaurants offering ceviche in Lima, you’d be hard-pressed to choose a favorite. Let the locals speak for you with their pick: Pescados Capitales. Established in 2001, this restaurant doesn’t hold back at all. Your eyes can feast on vibrant colors from the appetizer round all the way to the desserts. You will leave with your stomachs filled with satisfaction. From deep fried whole fish to sea urchin cocktails, you can go from conventional to radical in one sitting.

Cafe Alfresco

3. Restaurante Alfresco

The name says it all. Fresh seafood is what it’s all about at Restaurante Alfresco. Try the Parmesan Scallops if you’re brave enough; otherwise, you can always enjoy the guaranteed Salmon Munier with Ravioli. You can also never go wrong with a risotto and langoustine pairing. Restaurant Alfresco has been specializing in fresh seafood since 1992. It’s something that no Lima visitor would ever want to miss.

Cafe Museo Larco

2. Museo Larco Café Restaurant

The ambience here is top notch. Dining at Museo Larco is much like dining in a dream. The garden aesthetic may be dreamlike, but it’s the food that takes it all to another level. Museo Larco Café Restaurant is true Peruvian cuisine. From their menu selections, it becomes instantly apparent that Museo Larco takes pride in its heritage and culture. Sample the Huancaína or enjoy a meal of Salmon a la Parrilla. You might just find yourself coming back for more. The good thing is that at Museo Larco, you can admire the greenery after dinner. It's a dining treat you won't find anywhere else in Lima.

La Mar

1. La Mar

To have a truly authentic Peruvian dining experience, you’ll need two things: seafood and a seascape. La Mar offers both in an indoor/outdoor restaurant. The colors here are vibrant, and they definitely bring out the stunning colors of the ocean right onto your table. La Mar clearly offers fresh local seafood like many other Peruvian restaurants, but it’s easy to pick up subtle differences in seasoning and flavor. La Mar is Peruvian at heart, and that’s something completely evident in their dishes. Of course, you’d have to try the ceviche while you’re at La Mar, but make sure you venture out to other favorites too.

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