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The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg

Florida has a growing reputation for its culinary scene as there are so many fantastic places to eat out. Like many cities in this state, St. Petersburg has a fantastic supply of fresh fish and seafood due to its location on the Gulf Coast in the Tampa Bay area. For this reason, one of the best options when dining out is to choose one of the amazing seafood restaurants in this city. If you are a fan of seafood and want to dine in one of the restaurants in this area, then here are the 10 best seafood restaurants in St. Petersburg, FL.

St. Petersburg

10. Leverock’s Great Seafood

Located on Pasadena Avenue, Leverock’s Great Seafood is a spacious seafood restaurant with an inventive menu. This is an affordable option, especially if you visit during happy hours. It has earned a reputation for serving generous portions and for having friendly staff. Although reserving a table is not necessary, this is a popular venue that can get busy quickly. Therefore, it is best to book in advance, especially if you are dining with a large party.

St. Petersburg

9. Rubio’s Coastal Grill

Rubio’s coastal grill is a seafood restaurant that serves dishes inspired by Mexican cuisine. There are two locations of this chain restaurant in St. Petersburg; one in Tyrone Square Mall and the other on 4th Street. Surrounded by beach-themed décor, diners can enjoy dishes such as ceviche and Baja-style fish tacos. Both locations are open from 10.30 am to 9 pm seven days a week.

St. Petersburg

8. Parkshore Grill

For locals, Parkshore Grill on Beach Drive NE in downtown St. Petersburg is a go-to spot for seafood enthusiasts. This restaurant serves traditional American seafood classics served in a refined way. It also has a steak menu, so there is something for everyone in your party at this establishment. There is a good selection of fine wines that you can pair with your dish to complement its flavors. This is the perfect venue for special occasions and romantic meals. Diners can choose to sit inside in the dining room or to dine al fresco on the patio.

St. Petersburg

7. Mid Peninsula Seafood Market & Restaurant

Those who just want a tasty, casual meal should consider trying Mid Peninsula Seafood Market & Restaurant. Most of the food served in the restaurant is fried fish and seafood, although other crowd-pleasing dishes are available. This restaurant on 49th Street South also has a fish and seafood market that sells the same fresh ingredients that are used in the restaurant.

St. Petersburg

6. The Oyster Bar

If you are a fan of oysters, one of the best places to dine out in St. Petersburg is The Oyster Bar, which you will find in downtown St. Petersburg on Central Avenue. As the name of this restaurant suggests, oysters feature highly on the menu and are available from the raw bar or served hot in a variety of ways from the main menu. A favorite among the locals, diners also visit the establishment to enjoy drinks from the cocktail bar.

St. Petersburg

5. Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish

From the outside, Ted Peters Famous Smoked Fish is nothing to look at as it is only a roadside shack, says 10 Best. However, you should not let the exterior deceive you as this is one of the most popular spots for fish and seafood in St. Petersburg as it is loved by locals and tourists alike. Some of the offerings from this restaurant include fish spread on crackers, clam chowder, and various smoked fish options. All the fish dishes are served with a German potato salad. There are also some meat options, such as burgers, hot dogs, and fried chicken.

St. Petersburg

4. Sea Critters Café

A laid-back option is Sea Critters Café, which boasts typical Floridian-style décor. This is a casual restaurant where diners sit at picnic tables in a dining room overlooking the waters of the historic Pass-a-Grille. There is an ample menu featuring freshly caught fish and seafood. Some of the most popular options include Maine lobster rolls, lobster pasta, crab cakes, gator bites, and shrimp. The fully-stocked bar offers a wide selection of drinks, including some signature cocktails. As this restaurant is in a waterside location, it is popular with boaters. There is free boat dockage by the restaurant for anyone arriving in a boat.

St. Petersburg

3. Stillwaters Tavern

Hoodline lists Stillwaters Tavern as one of the top seafood restaurants in St. Petersburg. The food on the menu of this restaurant is New American fare with seafood options featuring highly, although there are some meat options. You will find this restaurant on Beach Drive NE in downtown St. Petersburg.

2. Rumfish Grill

The Rumfish Grill is set within the RumFish Beach Resort. It is open for both lunch and dinner, with different menus for each service. Some of the highlights of the dinner entrée menu include wood-grilled yellow tuna, jerk swordfish, and mustard seed crusted cedar salmon. There are also some options on the menu for meat-eaters. This is a place that is also loved by wine lovers, as the wine list offers one of the best selections in the area.

St. Petersburg

1. Sea Salt St. Pete

According to 10 Best, the best seafood restaurant in St. Petersburg, FL, is Sea Salt St. Pete. This restaurant is located in downtown St. Petersburg next to the Sundial Shopping Center. In addition to the main restaurant, there is also a lounge and a large oyster and raw bar. There are more than 40 varieties of oysters on the menu, which justifies the need for an oyster sommelier in the restaurant. The entrée menu features fresh ingredients including octopus, scallops, shrimps, oysters, swordfish, ahi tuna, and swordfish. This menu is changed by the chefs constantly to offer seasonal dishes.

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