The 10 Best Seafood Restaurants in Long Beach, CA

Parkers Lighthouse

Like many coastal locations, Long Beach boasts many outstanding seafood restaurants. Many of these have menus featuring, fresh, locally caught fish and seafood. When choosing a seafood restaurant, you will find that there are options to suit all occasions and budgets. There are also some restaurants serving traditional American fare, while others serve seafood dishes inspired by international cuisines. The following is a brief overview of the 10 best seafood restaurants in Long Beach.

Long Beach Fish Grill

10. Long Beach Fish Grill

A family-owned seafood restaurant on Redondo Drive, Long Beach Fish Grill is known for its affordable prices and the extensive menu. The options on the menu include shrimp served in various ways, more than 10 varieties of fish, and a handful of vegetarian options. While adult diners can enjoy a glass of wine or beer with their meal, younger diners can choose a meal from the kids’ menu and receive a free scoop of ice cream for dessert. There is the option to dine outside on the patio to enjoy your meal in the sunshine. This restaurant is noted for its welcoming vibe and friendly service.


9. Pike Restaurant & Bar

Considered a hipster’s joint, Pike Restaurant & Bar on East 4th Street is a great choice if you want to dine somewhere with a lively vibe. It is next to the beach and there is live entertainment every evening. They also host some events during the day, so it is worth checking out what is on before visiting. This restaurant is also known for its grilled seafood and for its affordable prices. This is the place to eat if you fancy a bite to eat late at night as it stays open later than most other eateries in Long Beach.

Pier 76

8. Pier 76 Fish Grill

Describing themselves as an American seafood eatery, most of the options on the menu are typical American fare, such as clam chowder and lobster rolls. There are also some dishes with an international influence, such as Peruvian style ceviche. If you have people in your dining party who are not fans of seafood, then this is a good place to eat as there are some meat options available. Former diners have praised the customer service at Pier 76 Fish Grill as the staff is friendly and helpful.

Parkers Lighthouse

7. Parkers’ Lighthouse

The location of this restaurant on Shoreline Village Drive overlooking the harbor is a huge draw for diners who want to enjoy views while they dine. To make the most of the views in warm weather, it is best to sit outside on the patio area. This upscale restaurant has a notable aroma once you enter the property, and this is because their signature method of cooking is using Mesquite wood for grills. Diners love the elevated seafood dishes, and there is a two-story-high wine cellar that offers plenty of labels to accompany your meal. The third floor of Parkers’ Lighthouse is a club with live music.

Crab Pot

6. The Crab Pot Restaurant and Bar

As the name of this restaurant suggests, they specialize in crab dishes. However, you will find a vast array of fish and seafood on the menu that is grilled, fried, or steamed. One of the most popular items on the menu of this waterfront restaurant on North Marina Drive is the giant steamed seafood bucket. Other than the food, the main reason to visit this restaurant is its fantastic atmosphere. It is a family-friendly eatery that has a separate kids’ menu for younger diners.

King's Fish House

5. King’s Fish House

Two of the best features of this restaurant on West Broadway are the large dining room and the extensive menu. When you read the menu you will see that not only is the name of the dish listed, but there is also information about where the fish and seafood were caught. Some of the ingredients that you will see listed on the menu include shrimps, clams, crabs, oysters, and octopus. There are also some sushi options on the menu. Although all the seafood used is fresh, the freshest is the lobsters as they are kept live in the restaurant in aquariums.

Big Catch Seafood House

4. Big Catch Seafood House

A popular option for those working in the business district is Big Catch Seafood, as this restaurant is located on East Broadway Street. With a sports bar type vibe, this is a casual venue that specializes in seafood dishes. Most of the options feature lobster, crabs, clams, shrimp, and crawfish. However, there are a couple of options with fish or oysters. Most people who dine at this laid-back eatery order a beer to wash down their meal.


3. Gladstone’s Long Beach

Three Best Rated lists Gladstone’s Long Beach as one of the top three seafood restaurants in Long Beach. This is a casual and affordable restaurant that serves typical American seafood dishes and has happy hours. Expect to see dishes such as crab cakes, clam chowder, crab bisque, and California roll on the menu. There are regular meal deals and offers on cocktails at this restaurant on South Pine Avenue.

LV Seafood Restaurant

2. LV Seafood Restaurant

LV Seafood Restaurant is a Chinese eatery that specializes in seafood. It differs from other Chinese restaurants in the area as it promotes healthy eating. The dishes on the menu are MSG-free, low in sodium, cholesterol-free, and use fresh ingredients. All the seafood is beautifully prepared and mildly spiced, and there are some vegetarian options on the menu. Located on Norse Way, this restaurant is a brilliant option for dining out with friends.

Roe Seafood

1. Roe Seafood

According to Trip 101, the best seafood restaurant in Long Beach is Roe Seafood, which you will find on East 2nd Street. There is something for everyone at this restaurant, as there is an upscale selection of caviar, shucked oysters, and an entrée list of seafood-centric dishes. There are both indoor and outdoor seating options available at this restaurant.

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