The 10 Best Indian Restaurants in Austin


Austin, Texas, is probably most associated with its steakhouses and the Tex-Mex food. However, there are plenty more options if you are eating out in this city as there is a vast choice of cuisine from around the world to suit all budgets and occasions. A popular option in Austin is Indian food, and there are some excellent Indian restaurants from which you can choose. Each of these restaurants has something different to offer that will suit different tastes. Here are the 10 best Indian restaurants in Austin.

10. Chicken Lollypop

As its name would suggest, the dish for which this restaurant is best known is its chicken lollypop. This is an Indian-Chinese fusion dish or brined and marinated chicken legs that are fried and tossed in sauce, says Austin Culture Map. This is a smaller venue that also serves takeaway food.

9. Teji’s

A great place for meat lovers, the menu at Teji’s is divided up into sections according to the proteins. Therefore, you will find sections for chicken, lamb, and goat. There is also a great selection of appetizers, naans, and lassis. The original Teji’s is located on Cedar Park, although they have now expanded and also have locations in Round Rock and Central Austin. All three locations are popular places to dine out. Although this is predominantly due to the amazing flavors of the dishes, it is also because these restaurants have a great vibe.

8. Turka Indian Kitchen

There are four locations of this Indian chain restaurant around Austin, so you can conveniently access their food no matter where you are in the city. The menu consists of Indian classics, such as biryanis and curries. The food is customizable as you can choose your protein and the spice level of each dish. This chain is also known for its naaninis, which are similar to paninis but consist of a naan bread stuffed with various fillings.

7. Swad Indian Vegetarian Restaurant

Vegetarian diners should head to Swad Indian Vegetarian Restaurant as this is dedicated to serving authentic Indian dishes that are vegetable-based. However, you can enjoy the flavorsome meals at this restaurant even if you are not a vegetarian as the depth of flavor makes up for the lack of meat. If you want to sample several of their dishes, then the thali comes highly recommended. It is also worth noting that this is an affordable option for lovers of Indian cuisine.

6. Nasha

Nasha is the Hindi word for ‘to crave’, which seems a rather apt name as this is where the locals head when they crave Indian food. This venue is well-known for its biryani plates and masala curries. However, it stands out from other Indian restaurants as it also serves Tex-Mex food, such as tacos, enchiladas, and margaritas. This is also one of the best Indian restaurants to visit if you have specific dietary requirements as they have a great selection of vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free foods.

5. The Clay Pit

For those who are looking for an Indian restaurant that is perfect for a special occasion, then one to consider is The Clay Pit. This is a pricier venue than other Indian restaurants in the area, but the quality of the food and the nice ambiance make the extra cost worthwhile. There is a wide range of dishes with protein options including prawn, chicken, lamb, and goat. Vegetarians will also enjoy this restaurant as most dishes are available as a vegetarian option, and there are also vegetable appetizers and side dishes. The chef is willing to adjust the spice level to suit your personal tastes. Eater Austin says that the restaurant has a happy hour, which is ideal for those on a budget who want to try the amazing dishes at this restaurant.

4. Saffron Austin

Saffron Austin is a restaurant that serves a fusion of Asian foods, combining the flavors of Indian, Himalayan, and Nepalese cuisines. In fact, this is the only restaurant in Austin that serves Nepalese food. This means there are lots of choices on the menu. It is a casual venue with a laid-back vibe that is perfect for hanging out with friends or dining as a family. At lunch service, there is a buffet option. This is the ideal opportunity for trying out some new dishes and flavors that are not your go-to order at an Indian restaurant. There are plenty of options for vegans and vegetarians.

3. G’Raj Mahal Lounge & Cafe

Originally, this business began in a trailer, but they are now a proper restaurant on Rainey Street. The menu consists of a range of authentic Indian dishes and some fusion dishes designed by the chef to cater to American tastes. This restaurant specializes in family-style dining. Ordering is easy as you just choose your protein, add a sauce, and let the server know your preferred spice level. This means you will get the perfect curry to suit your tastes. You can also order takeaways or use the catering service at this restaurant.

2. Bombay Express

Both northern and southern regional fare is served at this popular Indian restaurant in far north Austin. Throughout the week, the restaurant serves up daily specials along with its regular menu. At weekends, there is the option to order thalis. The thalis are two small portions of different dishes of the diner’s choice served with rice, dal, and salad. There is also the option to enjoy their food in the comfort of your own home as they offer a takeaway service.

1. Asiana

Unlike many restaurants that focus on either southern or northern Indian cuisine, Asiana has an extensive menu that serves both, says The Honest Truth. The strip mall location of this venue in Far South Austin belies the delicious quality of the food served at this restaurant. Guests can choose a la carte at dinner service or eat from the buffet at lunch.

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