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The Five Best Steakhouses in DC

Washington DC is a mix of classic and modern. Whether you are casually meeting with friends, touring the nation's capital, or joining a power lunch, Washington DC steakhouses are the place to be. There are many great DC steakhouses, each with its own feel. Washington DC is certainly the one place in the United States of America where steak means business. Here are  our picks for the 5 best steakhouses in DC.

BLT Steak

BLT Steak doesn't just offer the best cuts of meat and delicious sides, BLT Steak offers a great steakhouse atmosphere and is at the center of Washington DC's social scene. Located at DC's 1st Street, BLT Steak carries its sophisticated ambiance t hroughout its bar, dining room, kitchen and private dining venues. The restaurant has everything you would expect from a sophisticated twentieth century steakhouse including cozy red leather booths and adds a modern flare. The award winning BLT Steak's menu features the most excellent meat including Japanese Kobe beef and American Wagyu cuts. Diners have a choice of succulent sauces from Peppercorn to Red Wine specialties. Sumptuous side include seasonal vegetables like asparagus and sides like delicious hash browns. Don't forget BLT Steak's Raw Bar and warm popovers. If you're in the mood for a hamburger, try it with Wisconsin CAB, apple, bacon and cheddar. Lunch is delicious as well with a variety of salad, sandwich and side options.

Bourbon Steak

Located in the posh Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown, Bourbon Steak is the DC place to be and enjoy a good classic steak dinner with the town's celebrities and politicians. Internationally renowned and award winning chef, Michael Mina, established Bourbon Steak as a classic steakhouse with modern twists. Mina's kitchen is "Green". Herbs and small greens are grown in a pocket garden along the C & O Canal. Seasonal ingredients enhance the natural and organic hormone free beef cuts. The decor of Bourbon Steak is truly classic. It's refined and warm with cozy partitioned leather brown booths. Guests can view the wood burning grills in the open kitchen. The sophisticated bar features a long list of wines, beers and spirits with clever cocktails. The menu includes the best prime aged wood grilled steak cuts and much more. The lunch menu features a large 10 oz steak burger with hot fries crisped in duck fat, pickle slices and Cabot clothbound cheddar. Along with the classic steaks, the dinner menu features items such as the signature lobster pot pie and oxtail braised in red wine, grilled foie gras, and, don't miss, the fresh baked rolls.

The Prime Rib

Like an elegant supper club, The Prime Rib is elegantly decorated, serves prime steaks and a great place for conversation. Like every great steakhouse, The Prime Rib was started by brothers Buzz and Nick Beler who opened their family restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland in 1965. A decade later the restaurant reached DC. In 1997, The Prime Rib hit the Philadelphia scene. The Prime Rib feels like its name. It's old fashioned and classic. The decor includes broad leather chairs, fresh elegant floral arrangements, leopard print carpet and art deco accents. Not only is the decor in the style of an elegant 1940's supper club, but the waiters are set to serve you in classic style including black tie. The ambiance extends to the Lucite topped grand piano that is accompanied by bass for both lunch and dinner. The Prime Rib serves the best tender aged steak. At The Prime Rib you can enjoy more than just great prime beef. Fresh regional seafood is also on the menu.

The Palm

When Bruce Bozzis, Wally Ganzis and Chef Dominic Zazzera opened The Palm in New York City, it became a part of family tradition and still is. The popular restaurant was the epitome of the early and mid-twentieth century classic American steakhouse. The Palm's longtime managers, Tommy and Ray Jacomo opened a second Palm in DC at Dupont Circle in 1972. The grand opening of the DC restaurant hosted 400 guests. The place was an instant success and attracted DC diners including Henry Kissinger, the DC Mayor, Frank Sinatra and George Hamilton. Washington Post journalists Woodward and Bernstein met at The Palm for lunch. Today, The Palm continues to be a mainstay for celebrities and politicians. Recently, Russian President Vladimir Putin arrived with his entourage. Back in 1972, the Jacomo brothers were left with little money to spend on decor. They turned to the local comic syndicate and bartered with budding cartoonists for art for the walls in exchange for meals. The Palm has kept the tradition. The walls feature cartoons and caricatures. The Palm's lunch menu features the signature beef salad served over sliced tomatoes and Italian Cajun inspired dishes. The dinner menu includes corn fed USDA prime steaks aged for at least 35 days and non-beef options, and don't miss the huge lobsters served with sides like cottage fries and creamed spinach. The menu also features bite sized gourmet menu items. The Palm serves a variety of classic and modern cocktails with an extensive wine list.

Bobby Van's Steakhouse

Nothing says Steakhouse like Bobby Van's Steakhouse. The ubiquitous Bobby Van started his iconic steakhouse in Bridgehampton in 1969. The original restaurant with its great service and top beef quickly became a gathering place for the Hampton and New York City elite. Bobby Van's Steakhouse soon spread to Manhattan with four more locations and to the nation's capital with two more locations since 2000. Bobby Van's Steakhouse features a Men's club atmosphere with casual elegance and dark upholstery. The menu remains superb with the best filet mignon, porterhouse, sirloin and rib-eye. Fresh seafood is also on the menu including the best Maine lobster, scallops, crab cakes and pepper shrimp. Those enjoying Bobby Van's Steakhouse for lunch have choices including a huge 10 oz hamburger with fries and onion curls, a burger stuffed with bleu cheese, a magnificent Caesar Salad and more. Don't skip the Clam Chowder or, for dessert, the Chocolate Truffle Cake. The wine list is amazing and there is also private dining.

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