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The Five Most Expensive Restaurants in Orlando

Victoria and Alberts

There are so many family-friendly things to do in Orlando, Florida, it may be easy to overlook some of the higher-end locations where animation is set aside for culinary masterpieces. However, one of the top tourist locations is not all about the movies and reliving your childhood, you can also find some amazing cuisine. So, if you prefer to take an evening away from the hubbub of rides and parades you may want to try one of the five most expensive restaurants in Orlando.

5. The Palm - $136.50

This restaurant is located at the Hard Rock Hotel in Universal Studios. According to their website, Pio Bozzi and John Ganzi opened the first Palm restaurant in New York City in 1926. Their initial concept became the go-to for a lot of celebrities and other people in the upper echelon of society. One of the things that makes this restaurant stand out from others on the list, is that it is nationally known as a spot for regulars. So, many people well accustomed to the hefty price tag will seek out the location regardless of the location because they've come to know the restaurant's quality and reputation. Throughout the restaurants' storied history they've kept the same philosophy, put guests first. Their website also boasts event planning so that large or small you can host your party in style.

4. Shula's Steakhouse - $183.00

This restaurant has one of the more relaxed dress codes; jeans are ok so long as there are no visible tears. So, if you're fresh off the beach or on a day at the park you may want to consider another option. Like other restaurants on this list, they've won numerous awards for both food and beverages. They are also the Orlando Sentinel's Critic's Choice for not only Best High-End Steakhouse but also Best Chair and Best Restaurant Overall. According to their website, their current check is Antwan Ellis who started at the restaurant as an intern and worked his way through the ranks to helm the kitchen. The restaurant is also a go-to choice for people wanting to hold business or family events.

2. Victoria and Albert's - $250.00

This restaurant is located in Disney's Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. Where you may be able to go to one of the pricier restaurants and find a less expensive option, that isn't possible with this restaurant in Orlando because they have, a tasting menu where guests can sample the chef's daily creations. They are the premier place to feast while inside the Magic Kingdom and pride themselves on not only being one of the best restaurants within the park but also in the Southeast United States. They have many accommodations including AAA's Five Diamond Award and Forbes Travel Guide Five-Star rating. The restaurant closed at the start of the pandemic but is scheduled to reopen by the end of this year. The restaurant is so popular they accept reservations three months in advance. Guests younger than 10 are not permitted in the restaurant. It's to be expected since formal dining attire is required.

3. Bull and Bear - $253.00

The restaurant was named one of the top 100 by Open Table. Aside from their stellar menu, they are also well known for inventive beverages. Some of the signature dishes include Escargot and Gnocci, Veal Oscar, and Dry-Aged Tomahawk Ribeyes. They have received numerous commendations including TripAdvisor's Certificate of Excellence and Orlando Sentinel FOODIE Award for Best Steakhouse. Bull and Bear's wine menu has also seen its fair share of acclaim winning the Wine Spectator Award for Excellence. The initial inspiration for the restaurant was one by the same name in New York City. Both locations are within Waldorf Astoria hotels. The concept has carried well and left a piece of the iconic city in a location best known for a cartoon mouse. For those looking to book a small event, this may be a great option. The restaurant has a private area that seats up to 24 guests.

1. 21 Royal Disney $1250

The location for this restaurant is a site that Walt and Lillian Disney originally thought about using for a family home as well as a place to host the many famous people who come through the park each year. Since it is located in New Orleans Square and upstairs from the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the restaurant has tried to maintain that atmosphere throughout the years its been open. According to the website, your meal is more than just the food, its an evening of magic that only Disney can provide. To start the evening, you will have the opportunity to tour the house while sipping award-wining cocktails. Before you can sample the food, you will have to take in the table which is set out with a full focus on Southern hospitality. Dessert is served on a terrace which provides a bird's eye view of things going n in the park. While visiting the 21 Royal Disney, chances are you'll learn a few signs about the park's history you didn't already know.

Final Words

Aside from the ones listed here, Club 33 inside Disney tops the list of the priciest places to eat even though it's not the menu that will get you first. If you want the exclusive privilege of going there, your application must first be approved, and then you have to have $50,000 in your bank account. Nonetheless, this collection of Orlando restaurants will certainly set you back and are best.

Liz Flynn

Written by Liz Flynn

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