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Where to Get the Best Chinese Food in Cincinnati


Chinese foods are unique, and each type of dish has a recipe attached to it that has a meaning. Whether it is spice, vegetables, or meat, every ingredient holds a meaning representing the deep culture of China, which has been preserved for years. Even the cooking methods are done in a balanced way that makes the cooking quite balanced, to retain all the nutrients that make the cuisine's taste reflect on your taste buds. Whether you are in the mood for fried pork, dumplings, fried rice, Dan Dan noodles, sizzling lamb, or other Chinese cuisines, Cincinnati has several fantastic Chinese joints across many streets and in the city, where you can enjoy a variety of your favorite Chinese dishes. This article is a guide to the best Chinese food joints in Cincinnati.

10. China Gourmet (3340 Erie Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45208)

China Gourmet is situated in the upscale region where it neighbors Hyde Park. This joint offers authentic Chinese food in an elegant atmosphere. According to Wander Cincinnati, the most significant difference it has from other Chinese spots in Cincinnati is the prices on its menu are pricey. But this is because they fit the high-quality food you will be served. When visiting this joint, some of the best dishes you can try are the batter-fried chicken with carrot and onions and pan-fried dumplings. You will come back again.

9. Chung Ching (5842 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45224)

Chung Ching is located in College Hill. Many locals don't know it exists because it is located in a hole in a wall setup. The exterior might be weird, but when you step into the restaurant, you will come repeatedly. This joint serves some of the most delicious Chinese food in that city. Bestsellers try to include sweet & sour chicken with fried rice and egg rolls.

8. Yat Ka Mein Noodle House (2974 Madison Rd. Oakley)

Yat Ka Mein is a unique joint in Cincinnati. This joint serves noodle dishes that it imports from all over Asia, including China. This is an excellent place to visit if you crave Chinese dishes. One of their bestsellers is a dish called Yat Ka Mein, which resembles this joint's name. This is a great staple noodle that originates from Northern China. Other dishes to try when you visit this restaurant include Hong Kong Wonton Mein, which will be served with egg noodles, pork dumplings, and shrimp.

7. Blue Gibbon Chinese Restaurant (1231 Tennessee Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45229)

Blue Gibbon Chinese Restaurant boasts amazing chefs in town who take pride in creating dishes on the menu with flavors that are hard to find in Western culture. According to Beechmont Ford, this joint has been serving its unique creations in Cincinnati for over 30 years. Bestsellers at this joint try to include General Tso's Chicken, Pan-fried dumplings, and Chicken fried rice. You can either go or dine at the restaurant or order takeaway to enjoy your home's comfort.

6. Fortune Noodle House (349 Calhoun St #1332, Cincinnati, OH 45219)

Another great Chinese restaurant in Cincinnati is Fortune Noodle House. It is found on the University of Cincinnati campus. The menu of this joint is packed with authentic Chinese cuisines. You can try Pan Seared Noodles, Sichuan Chicken, garlic eggplant, and cumin beef. The unique thing about Fortune Noodle House is the spices that their chefs use to season their dishes. It has placed this joint a step above most of its competition in the region.

5. Number 1 Kitchen (1090 OH-28 suite c, Milford, OH 45150)

This is another top-notch Chinese restaurant in Cincinnati situated on the Far East side of the city in Milford. The beauty of this restaurant is its quick service and friendly staff. The joint has excellent prices and generous portions. Please, it would be best to try chow-fried rice and wonton soup when you visit this place. You will not wait for long as you wait for your order.

4. Uncle Yip's Seafood (10736 Reading Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45241)

When you drive towards the northern side of Cincinnati, you will find this incredible Chinese restaurant. Uncle Yip's Seafood neighbors Evendale. This joint is famously known for their dim sum. There is a massive list of authentic Chinese dishes on the menu, such as stuffed eggplant with shrimp, Chicken Sui Mai, steamed shrimp, Vietnamese spring rolls, and more. Another great thing about this place is that all the dishes are served in large portions, and you can carry some takeaway with you.

3. KungFood Chu's AirAsia (521 Madison Ave, Covington, KY 41011)

KungFood Chu's AirAsia is found across the Ohio River when you visit Covington. This joint is among the best around Northern Kentucky. It is raved about by anyone who sees it for its laid-back atmosphere, tasty dishes, and excellent service. The entire menu at this restaurant is filled with mouthwatering authentic Chinese food such as Mongolian beef and different house-made hot and sour soup.

2. Sichuan Chili (10400 Reading Rd #205b, Cincinnati, OH 45241)

This great place was named after the Sichuan province in the southwestern part of China. It offers amazing traditional Chinese food in Cincinnati. You will find this restaurant if you want to fill your taste buds with excellent food in the northern neighborhood of Evendale. Sichuan is famous for the exemplary services that the staff offers. Dishes are served in large portions to ensure you are satisfied. The menu contains delicious items such as Dan Dan noodles, dumplings, and sizzling lamb. If you love pork, you can enjoy twice-cooked pork on the menu.

1. Oriental Wok (2444 Madison Rd # 104, Cincinnati, OH 45208)

When you visit Cincinnati, this top joint will be opposite Hyde Park. Since it opened its doors, this restaurant has been serving delicious Chinese cuisine in large portions. It has the best customer service in the region. The menu is impressive, and you will be spoilt for choice because every Chinese dish is authentic. Bestsellers to try are fried pork, fried rice, and fried chicken.


While there are many Chinese restaurants around Cincinnati, the one above on the list deserves particular attention to visit. You will enjoy their fantastic menu and welcoming service that you will visit again.

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