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The 20 Best Seafood Restaurants in Dallas

The Keeper

When thinking of the culinary scene in Dallas, Texas, it is probably steakhouses and Tex-Mex joints that spring to mind. However, there is so much more on offer when dining out in this city. Another popular option is seafood restaurants, and there is a diverse range of options when it comes to this type of restaurant. There is everything from budget and family-friendly eateries to upscale fine dining establishments, and traditional American fare to globally inspired cuisine. To help you decide which are the best seafood restaurants to try, here are the 20 best seafood restaurants in Dallas.

Sea Breeze Fish Market

20. Sea Breeze Fish Market

All the seafood ingredients you would expect to find in a seafood restaurant are available to buy from the market to take home or to have cooked for you in the restaurant. Many people sit at the bar with a beer to eat their food, as this is a very casual place to eat. One thing that you can count on is the freshness of the ingredients served. One of the most popular options on the menu is the lobster roll, which former diners have reviewed as delicious.

Dallas Fish Market

19. Dallas Fish Market

Despite its name, this is not a market at all; it is an upscale seafood restaurant located in Downtown Dallas. The restaurant is run by executive chef Richard Triptow who produced elegant seafood dishes that look stunning on the plate. The menu is created using only the freshest ingredients, including oysters that are flown in daily. One of the more unusual items on the menu is the tuna pizza, which is a tortilla topped with fresh tuna, chile tomatoes, serrano, wasabi mayo, and pickled red onions. Once a week, there is sushi night.

Cajun Tailgators

18. Cajun Tailgators

Cajun Tailgators began life as a Dallas food truck, says Dallas Eater. Now it has a permanent space in the Dallas Farmers Market and has its own seating area. This is one of the best places to enjoy a casual seafood lunch that is full of Cajun flavors. Expect to see items such as gumbo and po’boys on the menu, or try the house specialty crawfish pistolettes.

Hook, Line & Sinker

17. Hook, Line & Sinker

A funky restaurant with a trendy vibe is Hook, Line & Sinker. On the outside of the restaurant, there is a patio seating area with old boat motors hung around the space, It is equally as interesting on the inside of the restaurant. The menu features crowd-pleasing dishes, such as gumbo, seafood chowder, shrimp Po boys, fried oysters, and snow crab dishes. There is a vast array of side dishes available, and the desserts are divine.

Lovers Seafood & Market

16. Lovers Seafood & Market

Lovers Seafood & Market is the second restaurant opened by Lynae Fearing and Tracy Rathbun, and their food concept is Shinsei. In addition to the restaurant, there is a market where you can buy the same ingredients included in the menu to take home and create your own dishes. A popular option in the restaurant is the sharing dish tempura-fried lobster spoons. Other popular options include the pan-seared halibut, the pecan-crusted rainbow trout, and the battered fish and chips.

Montlake Cut

15. Montlake Cut

You will find Montlake Cut on Westchester Drive in the University Park district of the city. It is a nautical-themed restaurant with interior design features including boat paddles. The menu is inspired by the Pacific Northwest and features everything from taco plates to noodle dishes. This restaurant also has a raw bar, an oyster bar, and a Neo Crudo. It is worth noting that the accompaniments on the menu are interesting and delicious. This restaurant is owned by restaurateur Nick Badonvinus, and it has a sophisticated vibe that is perfect for special occasions.

. The Boiling Crab

14. The Boiling Crab

Cajun style cooking is synonymous with seafood, and fans of Cajun cuisines will love The Boiling Crab. Located in North Dallas, this restaurant has a build-your-own style menu. This means that diners select their preferred catch and then add a sauce and a spice of their liking. Some of the options include mussels, crab, shrimp, lobster, and crawfish. Some of the serving options include lemon pepper, garlic sauce, or the restaurant’s specialties The Whole Sha-Bang! And Rajun Cajun. There are also fried options and side orders available on the menu.

The Oceanaire Seafood Room

13. The Oceanaire Seafood Room

Paper City Mag lists The Oceanaire Seafood Room as one of the top places to eat seafood in Dallas. The restaurant is located inside Galleria Dallas, and it serves a wide array of fish and seafood, including lobster, redfish, salmon, and swordfish, Many of the dishes are simply prepared with lemon butter so that diners can enjoy the natural flavors of the seafood. This restaurant also has an oyster bar, and there are three-hour happy hours on weekdays when diners can enjoy food and drink at reduced prices.

Rex’s Seafood Market

12. Rex’s Seafood Market

Located in the Lovers Lane area, Rex’s Seafood Market is a big hit with the locals. This casual restaurant is especially busy during lunch service. Although the menu is varied, it is the fresh oysters and the oyster dishes that are the most popular options on the menu. The restaurant has a great vibe that is perfect for hanging out with friends while enjoying a casual meal and a few drinks.


11. Truluck’s

Truluck’s is a chain restaurant with a location in Dallas on McKinney Avenue. Diners can enjoy a wide range of seafood or steak dishes in swanky surroundings with the option to sit at the 90-seat bar. One of the highlights of the menu for seafood lovers is the seafood tower. The stone crab dishes are also a delicious option. There is an extensive wine list to choose the perfect wine to accompany your meal, regardless of whether you have opted for seafood or steak. There are happy hours throughout the week when diners can enjoy cut-price food and drinks.

Café Pacific

10. Café Pacific

In business for more than 30 years, Café Pacific is a well-established business that has an excellent reputation for both its seafood and its steaks. This old-school style, upscale restaurant features marble floors and dark mahogany. Despite the traditional appearance, it has managed to remain current over the years by adapting the menu so that it includes both old favorites alongside innovative, modern food. While this has attracted new customers, they have also maintained a regular client base by delivering consistently good customer service. Customers can snack on complimentary shoestring sweet potato fries before ordering. It is advisable to book a table in advance and make sure you follow the dress code, which prohibits flip-flops, shorts, and T-shirts.

20 Feet Seafood Joint

9. 20 Feet Seafood Joint

For those who enjoy the simple and delicious flavors of fried seafood, the Dallas Observer recommends 20 Feet Seafood Joint. The chef at the helm of this shack-like restaurant is Marc Cassel, who formerly worked at the Green Room. He has earned a reputation for his excellent culinary skills, and he is now applying these to serving some of the best fried seafood in Dallas. In addition to the regular menu, there are quirky specials to shake things up a bit. This is a casual establishment with a relaxed ambiance.

Water Grill

8. Water Grill

The original Water Grill was opened in Southern California in 1989, and then the Dallas location was added later. There is an oyster bar for oyster lovers, and the main menu features dishes including house-made seafood tortellini and traditional fish and chips. Diners can choose between various seating options as there is seating around the bar, individual tables, and an outdoor patio area. This venue is also known for its cocktails, and there are happy hours on weekdays. The Water Grill has a light and airy feel, thanks to the high ceilings and the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Hudson House

7. Hudson House

Laid-back yet smart, Hudson House serves up all the ingredients you would expect to find at a highly-rated seafood joint. For example, you will find freshly shucked oysters, whole Maine lobster, fresh clams, Alaskan crab legs, and maple planked salmon. This reasonably priced venue is one of the best in the area for oysters and lobster rolls, and there is a happy hour session held on weekdays where many of the dishes and drinks are served half price.

Ocean Prime

6. Ocean Prime- Dallas

An upscale restaurant, Ocean Prime serves delicious food in swanky surroundings. Despite the fancy vibe, it is a child-friendly restaurant that offers a kid’s menu. It is also conscious of people’s varied dietary needs, so there is a gluten-free menu and the staff is happy to accommodate dietary requests. Although seafood dishes are the highlight of the menu, there are also steaks and surf and turf options. The drinks here are noteworthy as they serve signature cocktails and a wine list that has been honored by Wine Spectator.

The Keeper

5. The Keeper

One of the latest additions to the seafood restaurant scene in Dallas is The Keeper. Visitors are met by an inviting outdoor terrace before entering the chic interior that has a nautical theme. The menu is inspired by the Pacific Rim, and the focus is on serving wild, sustainable fish and seafood that is caught on private fishing boats in areas including Alaska and Hawaii. There are both raw seafood and cooked fish dishes on the menu, and there are flavors from around the globe. Although this is predominantly a seafood restaurant, it will please meat lovers to learn that there are many meat offerings on this menu.

Uchi Dallas

4. Uchi Dallas

Sushi lovers should head for Uchi Dallas, which is run by award-winning chef Tyson Cole. Reserving a table in advance is recommended, although it is sometimes possible to walk in and get a table if you are lucky. Although sushi and other seafood options comprise most of the menu, there are also meat dishes for diners who are not seafood enthusiasts. Eating at this restaurant has been described as an innovative Japanese culinary experience.

TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market

3. TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market

TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market is a restaurant in the Oak Lawn district of Dallas that has been open since 1989, so it is well established and has built an excellent reputation in the local area. The menu consists of warming favorites, such as crab cakes, fish tacos, and shrimp enchiladas. Diners can accompany their meals with an array of interesting and creative sides. There is an extensive wine list featuring both red and white wines that compliment fish and seafood. If you visit this seafood restaurant, save a bit of room for one of the decadent puddings.


2. Tei-An

Reserving a table in advance is a necessity at this restaurant due to its popularity. This has been the case since it opened in the Dallas Arts District in 2008. Chef-owner Teiichi Sakurai has been nominated for multiple awards for his cooking, so it is hardly surprising that people flock to try his creations. There is an Asian theme running throughout the menu, including sushi and sashimi. The hot entrees are imaginative, and soba dishes are a specialty of this restaurant.

Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck

1. Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck

According to 10 Best, the best seafood restaurant in Dallas is Five Sixty by Wolfgang Peck. You will find this restaurant on the top floor of Dallas’ most iconic landmark, Reunion Tower. It is a revolving restaurant with floor-to-ceiling windows that allow diners to enjoy the stunning panoramic views across the city. This alone makes it a destination restaurant before even considering the menu. It is a modern Asian seafood restaurant with sashimi and sushi featuring strongly on the menu. However, there are plenty of other seafood options along with several dishes featuring meat. This venue is also known for serving some of the best cocktails in the city.

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