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Where To Find the Best Indian Food in Brooklyn


Indian cuisine is getting more and more popular in the states every year. Millennials are discovering delicious curry flavored dishes, tasty breads and intriguing deserts. That being said according to an article in Business Insider, both Chinese and Mexican restaurants outnumber Indian restaurants here in the states. Be that as it may, Indian food is making itself known especially in Brooklyn, New York. Knowing this, let's take a brief look at what to look for in a good Indian restaurant and where to find the best Indian food in Brooklyn, New York.

Authentic or Contemporary: Know What You're Looking for in Indian Food

When we say, "know what you're looking for when it comes to Indian food", what we're actually saying is to educate yourself on the difference between restaurants that serve authentic Indian food or Americanized Indian food. Both classifications have delicious offerings for you to enjoy. For this article, we're going to look at the most popular restaurants in Brooklyn, meaning some will serve spicy, authentic fare or contemporary Indian cuisine. If you are new to Indian cuisine, the Food Network put together a brief introduction designed to set you on the right path.

How to Choose a Great Indian Restaurant

When searching for a restaurant serving Indian cuisine, in Brooklyn or anywhere else for that matter. there are several things to look out for. First, decide whether you're in the mood for authentic Indian or Americanized Indian food. Both are delicious and suit specific customer palates. For instance, Indian restaurants which serve Americanized Indian dishes do so to appeal to the taste buds of American consumers. Their dishes are delectable to be sure, but the spice level is kept low, whereas authentic Indian restaurants serve food rich in texture, color and spices. Next, always check out the menu before you make your final restaurant selection. You'll want to see a variety of Indian foods on the menu, not just a few offerings. The next consideration is to ask how the food is cooked. This may seem a simplistic question, and you may feel awkward to even ask.

However, it's crucial when it comes to the actual taste of the food you're paying for. For instance, inquire if the ingredients are fresh. Freshness makes all the difference in Indian cuisine. In other words, a dish prepped with prepackaged spices and produce past its date will not be flavorful. Instead, it will come across as so much wall paper paste: Dull, lifeless and without flavor. Food prepared by an experienced chef familiar with the cuisine and who uses only fresh ingredients will be bountiful in both flavor and visual presentation. The taste will be vibrant, fresh and clean. Now that you've decided between authentic and contemporary Indian cuisine, it's time to either make inquiries of customer reviews. Sites such as Tripadvisor, Ubereats, GrubHub and Yelp give both customer reviews and ratings, so it pays to start there. Things to look for are reports on restaurant hygiene, overall ambience and staff responsiveness. Finally, there's always the question, "does this restaurant provide a good value for the money spent?" In other words, is the restaurant affordable, are the portion sizes generous, is service provided you personal and quick?

10. Kitchen Grill 914A Fulton

The Kitchen Grill offers up a casual, appealing and affordable dining experience. While you're waiting for your dish to arrive, take advantage of their free wi-fi. The Indian fare is always consistent, the restaurant is wheelchair accessible and provides catering services, takeout and delivery.

9. Diwan Grill Indian Cuisine 678 Franklin Avenue

Those of you into large portion sizes and attentive staff will enjoy your visit to the Diwan Grill. Food is prepared to the specification of the diner, all that's needed is for you to specify you spice tolerance level. Not only do they offer takeout and delivery, but they also perform catering for events.

8. Namaste 195 5th Avenue

Namaste offers succulent, savory and flavorful Indian dishes crafted from professional chefs familiar with Indian cuisine. Repeat customers enjoy the consistency of their favorite dishes, knowing that each order will taste as the previous. Delivery, takeout, meat-free options and heated outdoor seating is available.

7. Indika House 943 Broadway

Indika makes delicious Indian food as well as Asian Fusion cuisine. Their food is fresh and appealing with regards to presentation, flavor and aroma. Dishes arrive well-prepared by friendly and knowledgeable servers. Indika offers takeout, delivery, catering and meat-free options.

6. Joy Indian Restaurant 301 Flatbush Avenue

About 1 mile from the beautiful Brooklyn Botanic Garden you'll find Joy Indian restaurant. Known for their responsive service, delicious food and affordability, Joy is a favorite among locals and visitors alike. This vegetarian friendly eatery underwent a change in management in 2020, so if you haven't been there in a while, give it a try as customers claim that the new management runs rings around the old.

5, King of Tanoor 600 Flatbush Avenue

Frequent visitors to King of Tandoor site their vegetable samosas, parratha, and malai kofta as among the restaurants most delicious fare. King of Tandoor's menu offers tasty Indian foods at an affordable price. This restaurant gets high marks for their delivery service with delivery being free for those who reside within one mile of the restaurant.

4. Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant 7315 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn

Located at 7315 3rd Avenue, Brooklyn, the Taj Mahal Indian restaurant is considered to be one of the best Indian restaurants in Brooklyn. The food is tasty, and the service is always on target. Besides their standard fare, they also cater to vegetarians, vegans and those in need of gluten free meals.

3. Bombay Grill 1176 Bedford Avenue

The Bombay Grill is another popular Indian restaurant serving Brooklyn. The foods and refreshments offered are fresh, delicious and economically priced for most. Their menu is diverse and packed with affordable specialties, entrees, desserts and appetizers not to mention their savory homemade breads. With over 20 years of experience in captivating consumer palates, Bombay Grill offers the best in authentic Indian food.

2. Atithi Indian Cuisine 159 Grand Street, Brooklyn

Atithi is a favorite among Yelp users, coming in at number one on their page. Their food is described as fresh and flavorful with decent portion sizes. Servers are noted as being quite helpful, courteous and responsive. As for the cost, Atithi serves affordable dishes as you can see by their menu. Not only do they cater to omnivores, but they also serve vegetarian and vegan food, and their breads are tender, soft and warm. Located on 159 Grand Street in Brooklyn Atithi's is a family-run restaurant which treats you like one of their own, as it provides you with delicious fare.

1. Ghandi's Indian 2032 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn

One Indian restaurant that you'll probably find on most lists for the best Indian restaurant is Gandhi India in Brooklyn. Located at 2032 Bedford Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, Ghandi India is a small neighborhood restaurant that offers customers prompt and courteous service, reasonable prices, pleasant atmosphere and of course, great food. Ghandi India's menu offerings are the direct result of taking authentic Indian dishes and adding their own contemporary twist to each one.

Final Thoughts

Indian cuisine is rapidly becoming more popular in the states.Diners are realizing that Indian fare is much more than enticing curries. Indian food brings with it an exotic flavor that is quite appealing to the diner, offering them a unique dining experience quite different the standard family restaurant fare they've been used to. When it comes time to locate the best Indian food in Brooklyn, begin by asking others, then visit sites such as Ubereats, GrubHub and Yelp to read consumer reviews. Important elements to consider include: Affordability, ambiance, customer service and of course, the quality of each dish served.

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