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The 10 Richest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn

Cobble Hill

Brooklyn, a.k.a. Kings County, refers to the most populated of the Big Apple’s five boroughs, with 2.6 million residents. The borough, which is situated across the East River from Manhattan and attached to the borough of Queens, is named to honor the Dutch town of Breukelen, with some debating that it really means Broken Land.

Brooklyn is the most centrally located borough, as the Bronx is to its northeast, Manhattan is due west, Staten Island to its south (via the Verrazano -Narrows Bridge), and Queens to its east.

Brooklyn is rooted in a rich history dating back to the 1683 Dutch settlement of New Amsterdam. It was an independent city until it was consolidated as a New York City borough in 1898. Brooklyn is home to a laundry list of remarkably talented musicians, actors, athletes, influences, and, of course, various iconic landmarks –

  • The Brooklyn Bridge.
  • The Manhattan Bridge.
  • The Brooklyn Botanical Gardens.
  • Prospect Park – Brooklyn’s green space that was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux.
  • Coney Island and some of the best views of lower Manhattan’s skyline.

Brooklyn has gone through many evolutions with regard to its neighborhoods. In fact, some of the current richest neighborhoods in Brooklyn were once – and not too long ago, considered dangerous and undesirable. So, which are the wealthiest neighborhoods in Brooklyn? Our list is below.

Our Methodology

To determine the richest neighborhoods in Brooklyn, our analysis applied two fundamental metrics related to the wealth of residents and the value of the homes in the 77 defined Brooklyn neighborhoods.

  • The first metric applied is the median home price for Brooklyn neighborhoods. Zillow reports that the median home price for Kings County/Brooklyn is $822,433. When a neighborhood’s home prices reveal the presence of expensive properties, these areas attract those residents who can afford to pay the costs required to reside in these wealthy Brooklyn locations.
  • The second metric refers to the location’s median household income, which can be sourced from various government and data/statistical websites. For the richest Brooklyn neighborhoods, we reviewed data and information sourced from reporting sites (i.e., U.S. Census, Point2Homes, Data USA, etc.).

Given this current data and the application of some basic statistical analysis, we formulated the list below of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

15 Richest Neighborhoods in Brooklyn (Updated 2023)

Here is an overview of the 15 richest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

15. Marine Park, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $768,698
  • Median Household income - $77,630 per year

The first entry on our list of the richest neighborhoods in Brooklyn is in the borough’s southeastern section and is known as Marine Park. The area is named for the park – Marine Park, which is among Brooklyn’s largest. Marine Park is primarily a residential neighborhood; however, it is characterized by waterfront properties that are located along Jamaica Bay, with public and private access. This part of Brooklyn lacks direct subway service but has limited bus service to other boroughs, including Manhattan.

14. Bensonhurst, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $886,220
  • edian Household income - $61,008 per year

Bensonhurst is a residential neighborhood originally known as the Little Italy of Brooklyn. Now, however, it is best known for its cultural diversity, with a mix of Italian, Chinese, and Russian residents. This part of Brooklyn was memorialized by John Travolta in the 1970s hit film – Saturday Night Fever – with an opening scene shot under the train tracks in Bensonhurst that serve the residents of the neighborhood. Median home prices remain under the one million dollar mark, which has become enticing for many interested in moving to this southeastern section of Brooklyn.

13. Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $1,015,228
  • Median Household income - $95,589 per year

Williamsburg is a neighborhood in northern Brooklyn that has long been an established hub for creative folks and artists, with many eclectic boutiques, galleries, and venues. Williamsburg has undergone significant gentrification, leading to changes in the socioeconomic landscape. The neighborhood features a revitalized waterfront area along the East River, with parks and recreational space. The influx of young professionals, a 25-minute direct train ride to Manhattan, and an increase in property values have recently transformed Williamsburg, which has landed it on our list of the wealthiest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

12. Prospect Heights, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value -  $1,121,200
  • Median Household income - $123,848 per year

Prospect Heights is a northwest Brooklyn neighborhood that is diverse and vibrant and home to the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn’s cultural/entertainment hub - Barclay’s Center (home of the NBA Brooklyn Nets and the WBNA NY Liberty), and a wide range of diverse culinary options, from restaurants, cafes, and local eateries, and modern amenities. This neighborhood, characterized by historic architecture and rows of persevered Brooklyn brownstones, offers access to a variety of subway lines for access throughout Brooklyn, Manhattan, and other boroughs.

11. Mill Basin, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $ 1,124,941
  • Median Household income - $118,708 per year

Located in the southeast part of Brooklyn, Mill Basin is a neighborhood situated along Jamaica Bay, with many places having a waterfront view. This Brooklyn neighborhood is known for its private docks and marinas. Unlike other Brooklyn neighborhoods, residents in Mill Basin are usually car-dependent Because public transportation in this part of the borough is limited. This Brooklyn neighborhood is primarily known for single-family homes, which gives it a very residential and suburban feel for an urban location.

10. Fort Greene, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $1,165,392
  • Median Household income -  $123,848 per year

Fort Greene, which is home to Fort Greene Park (an urban park that was designed by the same architects who designed Central Park), is located in the northwest part of Brooklyn. The area has a rich history, with historical significance related to the American Revolutionary War. The area offers tree-lined streets and historic brownstone townhouses that are served by various subway lines that offer access to most city locations and beyond. Fort Greene has recently seen renewed interest, which has led to an active real estate market.

9. Greenpoint, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $1,207,970
  • Median Household income - $110,385 per year

Situated in the northernmost part of the borough of Brooklyn is Greenpoint, which has recently undergone urban development and gentrification efforts, which is changing it from its original character as an industrial section (including factories, warehouses, shipyards, etc.) and an area with a significant population of those with Polish heritage. The neighborhood’s Transmitter Park is along the East River and offers Manhattan views day and night. The neighborhood, which has always tended to have an artistic flair, is known for its mix of trendy cafes and local eateries.

8. Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $1,292,323
  • Median Household income -$148,282 per year

Brooklyn Heights refers to a historic neighborhood located in northwest Brooklyn and is among the richest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Heights Promenade is the neighborhood’s highlight as it offers incredible views of Manhattan, the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges and Ms. Liberty herself. This exclusive Brooklyn neighborhood is known for its charming residential streets, elite private schools, some the Statue of Liberty, and cobblestone streets, museums, historic brownstone architecture, plus rowhouses, condos, and new renovations. This Brooklyn neighborhood is only one subway stop away from Lower Manhattan, which makes it a quick commute for those who work in NYC’s Financial District

7. Park Slope, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $ $1,356,234
  • Median Household income - $145,100 per year

Like many Brooklyn neighborhoods, Park Slope is characterized by tree-lined streets of historic brownstones, but in Park Slope, these are seen on sloping streets that include Victorian mansions. Park Slope, with its quaint charm, gardens, and townhomes, is among the most desirable of Brooklyn neighborhoods as it is on the edge of Prospect Park, which offers recreational facilities, like walking and biking paths, playgrounds, and even the Prospect Park Zoo. In addition, this diverse Brooklyn neighborhood is home to many cultural institutions like the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music and the Brooklyn Arts Exchange. Residents have many subway options to traverse Brooklyn and the other boroughs.

6. Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $1,461,984
  • Median Household income - $58,669 per year

Manhattan Beach is a wealthy Brooklyn neighborhood that sits along Sheepshead Bay in southern Brooklyn and offers both a scenic and peaceful urban setting.  The neighborhood is primarily residential and offers its residents a private beach consisting of many waterfront properties, including single-family homes, townhouses, and larger estates. Manhattan Beach, which is home to Kingsborough Community College (a CUNY school), is primarily accessible by car, although there are limited bus routes serving the area.

5. Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value -  $1,536,099
  • Median Household income - $119,728 per year

Boerum Hill is centrally located in northwest Brooklyn and is among the wealthiest neighborhoods in this borough. The area includes cobblestone streets and well-preserved 19th-century buildings, including residential rows of brownstone townhouses – some single families and some divided into condos and apartments. Atlantic Avenue and Smith Streets are the neighborhood’s main thoroughfares. These commercial streets offer an eclectic mix of shops, trendy boutiques, restaurants, and eclectic cafes. Invisible Dog Art Center is situated in one of the richest neighborhoods in Brooklyn.

4. DUMBO - Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $1,616,295
  • Median Household income -  $148,282 per year

DUMBO refers to a section of Brooklyn with old-world charm and stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and iconic bridges and its piers, parks, and panoramic spots. Its industrial warehouses, once housing manufacturers of coffee, paint, and more, have since been repurposed into luxurious loft apartments and chic eateries for the wealthy and ultra-chic. As industry departed, artists began moving into the neighborhood to take advantage of the cheap loft spaces at Brooklyn Bridge Park and the flea market. The DUMBO neighborhood is quaint and old world with cobblestone streets offering a unique feel for an urban, waterfront location.

3. Cobble Hill, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $1,634,005
  • Median Household income - $134,960 per year

As its name suggests, Cobble Hill is a historic Brooklyn neighborhood with many streets lined with cobblestones from another time long gone. Smith Street and Court Street are the main retail corridors (with additional shopping and dining opportunities) running through this northwest section of Brooklyn that ranks among the wealthiest. Cobble Hill Park was bought and dedicated by the city in the 1960s and revitalized to win the Art Commission/Park Council’s annual Award for Excellence in the late 1980s. The area is well served by subway, buses, and even a ferry that can be taken to NYC from Brooklyn Bridge Park.

2. Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $1,652,972
  • Median Household income - $150,320 per year

Another of the richest neighborhoods in Brooklyn is Carroll Gardens, which was traditionally Irish and Italian but recently has seen an increase in upper-middle-class people and even wealthy French people, so much so that it is now known as Little France. Carroll Gardens ranks among Brooklyn’s most desirable locations due to its close location to Downtown Brooklyn, Manhattan and its easy public access to various parts of Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan via subway lines and bus routes. In the 1987 movie starring Nicolas Cage and Cher – Moonstruck – the two meet at a bakery on Henry Street in Carroll Gardens.

1. Red Hook, Brooklyn

  • Median Property Value - $1,725,007
  • Median Household income - $121,638 per year

Red Hook is situated along the Brooklyn waterfront and is the only neighborhood in New York that has unimpeded views of the Statue of Liberty. This once maritime, industrial area, brimming with parks but an urban feel, is now among the highest neighborhoods in Brooklyn. The Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, on historic Pier 12, is a departure point for cruise ships leaving the city. While this chic neighborhood has no dedicated subway lines, there are bus lines and a ferry across the East River into New York City.

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