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The 20 Best Places to Live in Texas


Texas has long been referred to as "The Lone Star State" and the residents are proud of being called "Texans." While it's been rumored that everything is bigger in Texas, some would call it a small piece of heaven. There are lovely metropolitan areas for those who enjoy city life, and homes near the beaches on gulf shore communities. Texas is a southern state that has a great deal of diversity to offer and there are plenty of options to suit almost every taste when it comes to finding the perfect area to live. We've put together a list of the 20 best places to live in Texas, for your consideration.

20. Timberbrook, Texas

Timberbrook is a suburb of Plano, Texas. It's a small community that has a population of just 5,744. If you enjoy the feeling of a small tight knit community then this is a place that offers residents the feeling of the suburbs. There are a lot of amenities in Timberbrook including restaurants and parks. The public schools have a high rating and most of the residents are homeowners.

19. Terrell Hills, Texas

Terrell Hills is a suburb of San Antonio with a population of 9856. It's rated as one of the best places to live in Texas for people who want to own their homes as most residents in the city do. There are tons of amenities including coffee shops, parks, bars and restaurants. It's a place where many retirees settle. Terrell Hills is a neighborhood in San Antonio, Texas with a population of 9,856. Terrell Hills is in Bexar County and is one of the best places to live in Texas. Living in Terrell Hills offers residents a suburban feel and most residents own their homes. In Terrell Hills, there are a lot of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks. Many retirees live in Terrell Hills and residents tend to lean conservative. The public schools in Terrell Hills are highly rated.

18. Denton, Texas

Denton is a college town with a population of 39,000 students, who attend the University of North Texas. This city is a place that attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors to their Denton Arts adn Jazz Festival. It's known for its music scene with plenty of live music, the Civic Center Park with numerous sponsored events as well as the North Texas State Fair and Rodeo which has been ongoing since 1928. This is one of the most highly ranked cities in Texas for young people and musicians.

17. Houston, Texas

Houston is the largest city in Texas and the fourth-largest in the United States. NASA's Johnson Space Center calls Houston home, and it is also the home base for the Houston Rockets, the Texans and the Astros. The museum district attracts millions of visitors each year and there are several Fortune 500 headquarters located in the city. It's a good place to live if you like living, working and enjoying the amenities of a larger city, because Houston is Texas' biggest.

16. Plano , Texas

Plano is a city that is the home of several major companies and corporate headquarters such as Frito Lay, HP Enterprise Services, Toyota Motors USA, Cinemark Theatres, Dr. Pepper Snapple Group, Dell Services, and many more. This is the city that is ideal for new college graduates in the business sector who are out to find meaningful and gainful employment. It's one of the wealthiest cities in the nation and also the safest. There are also two very large open space preserves for those who enjoy wildlife, and these are Oak Point Park and Bob Woodruff Park.

15. Fort Worth, Texas

Fort Worth is the home of the largest annual indoor rodeo in the world. The city is filled with cultural sites such as the Modern Art Museum, Kimbell Art Museum, and the Amon Carter Museum. It is also the home of Texas Wesleyan University and Texas Christian University.

14. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is famous for being the home of the NBA team the Spurs. The city is filled with a host of amenities including The Alamo, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, the River Walk shopping and entertainment district, Sea world and the annual San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo. This is an amazing place to live if you don't mind the 26 million tourists who pour in each year to see the attractions. It's ideal for entrepreneurs who want to try their hand at serving the tens of millions of visitors to the city.

13. Dallas, Texas

Dallas is Forbes magazine's choice as one of the best cities in the world for those pursuing a career in business. The city is home to 12 Fortune 500 companies, in addition to the State Fair of Texas held at Fair Park. The local economy of the city is strong and it is set up to accommodate the needs of busy professionals.

12. Garland, Texas

Garland offers those who prefer to live in a more low key city with access to a metro area at a stone's throw. The quality of life is high in Garland with 60 parks, the Spring Creek Forest Preserve, Lake Ray Hubbard, 6 recreation centers, the Patty Granville Arts Center with two theaters, two major colleges and a ton of amenities.

11. Austin, Texas

Austin, Texas has long been known as the "Live Music Capital of the World." It's a place where people with eclectic or liberal lifestyles will feel right at home. It's the capital of the state as well as the home of the University of Texas. Austin is rated as one of the safest large cities in the United States, and it's a great place for those seeking employment in the business and corporate world because its economy is strong and fueled by multiple industries including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, information technology, and huge entertainment industry. The top ten best cities to live in Texas are more geared towards people with families who are looking for safe, affordable and comfortable regions to raise their kids.

10. Beaumont, Texas

The population of Beaumont is 498,663 residents. The average yearly salary is higher at a little over $47,000 with the median home value at 118,900. This suggests that the cost of living is excellent in Beaumont with salaries higher and home prices lower. This is a large city for those who enjoy having a ton of amenities within a short distance of one another. There are lots of shopping, dining, recreation, entertainment opportunities in Beaumont and they are known for having some of the better neighborhoods within certain sectors of the city.

9. El Paso, Texas

El Paso has a population of 838,527 residents. It's a larger city that is packed with amenities including shopping, dining, coffee shops, museums, theatres, and other entertainment opportunities. The median annual income is $38,610 with the average home value at $151,300. It's worth noting that the population in El Paso has been declining, so there are more people moving out than there are moving in. This creates a better opportunity for newcomers to secure employment and to get a better deal on the purchase of a home.

8. McAllen, Texas

The population of McAllen, Texas is large with 839,539 residents living within the borders of the city. It's a big metropolitan area with lots of amenities including restaurants, coffee shops, dining venues, entertainment centers, theaters, museums, shopping malls and more. The average annual income is $36,380 with the median home price at $107,300. McAllen's close proximity to Mexico makes this a popular winter home for snowbirds who like to move to a warmer climate to live out the winter, so the population tends to fluctuate up and down with the coming and going of this crowd.

7. Brownsville, Texas

Brownsville has a population of just 402,000 residents, making it one of the larger cities in the state. If you like the amenities of big city life, then Brownsville is filled with entertainment, recreation, fine dining and lots of shopping venues. The median annual salary is just over $35,000 per year, but the average home cost is a little more than $88,000, making it more affordable to buy a home in the area versus renting. The unemployment rate is around 6.2% which isn't too bad. Brownsville borders the country of Mexico as well as the sandy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico which makes it an attracting place for those who enjoy beach and ocean excursions.

6. Cinco Ranch, Texas

Cinco Ranch is a small community of just over 17,000 residents. If you enjoy small-town living then this may be the ideal place for you to settle. It is ranked as the number 6 best place to live in the state of Texas. For a small city, the area is packed with amenities which make life there more enjoyable. There are theaters, libraries, parks and a variety of other entertainment options.

There are also ample shopping and dining opportunities in Cinco Ranch. This is a community that was planned and developed and the residents are all connected in a safe and comfortable community with choices of gated and non-gated options. The cost of living is 28% higher here than the national average, but this is because of the high desirability of the location. The crime rate is 59% lower than the US average with a median household income of $135,439. The median home value is $318,500, and the schools have a remarkably high rating.

5. Frisco, Texas

Frisco is a city in Texas with a population of 145,646 residents. It's ranked among the top ten places to live in the entire United States because of its high livability score. The cost of living is about 11% higher than the national average, but this is because of its high desirability. The average annual income is over $117,000, and the crime rate is 47% lower than the national average, making it one of the safest cities in the nation. The median home value is just over $300,000 with monthly rent a little more than $1,300. The schools have test scores and graduation rates which are 91% and over, making them among the best rated in the country.

4. League City, Texas

League City is another great place to raise a family. The population is 94,976. The one downside is that there is a lack of diversity with a primarily white population of 81% and a little higher percentage of the population is married with 47% having children. The livability score is rated high because of low crime rates, good weather, and excellent employment opportunities. There are ample amenities with multiple venues for shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreation. The schools have a near-perfect rating and the housing is ranked as being affordable. You'll also find coffee shops, libraries, and parks for your enjoyment.

3. Allen, Texas

Allen is the third best place to live in the state of Texas. The population is 94,710 residents and the city is loaded with amenities including recreational opportunities, entertainment, shopping, and dining. Although the cost of living in Allen, Texas is about 14% higher than the state average, the median household is much higher to compensate with an average income of a little over $102,000 per year. The housing is 27% higher with schools ranking among the highest in the state and a low crime rate which makes Allen a great place to live if you plan to raise a family. An additional perk of living in Allen is that it is inland and not as prone to flooding from inclement coastal weather.

2. Lake Jackson, Texas

Lake Jackson is voted one of the top ten medium-sized cities in the United States to live. The population is just over 27,000, so if you enjoy living in an area that is free from the hectic pace and noise of a larger city, this may be a town to consider. The cost of living is 6% lower than the Texas state average with an average annual income of $75,473, and a crime rate that is 25% lower than the state of Texas average. The median home price is $148,700 with the average monthly rent at $937.

1. Seabrook, Texas

Seabrook is ranked as the number one city to live in the state of Texas. It's received livability awards that rank it as the number one city in Texas, the number one city in the USA, and the same rank for the best medium-sized city in America. Seabrook is loaded with amenities with opportunities for shopping, dining, entertainment, and recreation.

This is a coastal town located right on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf. It offers ample recreational opportunities including boating, beach activities, fishing, and more. The cost of homes is about 9% higher than the state average, but the crime rate is 61% lower than the state average, household income is 55% higher at $84,764 per year. The schools are rated 15% higher than the national average, making this the ideal place to live whether you're raising a family or living alone. The only major drawback is the threat of hurricane activities and flooding which occasionally happen.

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