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The 10 Best Places to Live in Austin for Singles

South Menchaca

Austin, Texas is a thriving city that appeals to people from all walks of life. If you're thinking about moving to Austin and you're single without a family or spouse, you might find some neighborhoods more appealing than others. Some areas have better employment opportunities with more affordable housing and things to do for entertainment than others. If you fit into this category and you're ready to make a move, here are the 10 best places to live in Austin for singles who are making it on their own.

Old West Austin

10. Old West Austin

According to Extra Space, The Old West Austin neighborhood is one o the safest area to live in the city. While the median home price is high at $439,620, rent averages are affordable at $1,195 per month for a nice place to live. The crime rate is lower than most other neighborhoods and the commute into the downtown part of Austin is an easy one. You're ten minutes driving time from the center of the city, but this part of town is ideal for singles who are young professionals in search of a suburban lifestyle. If you work in the urban part of the city you'll have an easy drive. This part of town offers convenience with wide-open spaces, historic homes, condos, and town homes, and a short drive to all of the amenities of the city when you want to enjoy the nightlife. There are plenty of restaurants featuring your choice of fast food or sit-down meals including Italian, American, Japanese, and more. There are also quaint bars and pubs to grab a beer and watch your team play on the big screen with the local crowd.

South Lamar

9. South Lamar

South Lamar has a similar average monthly rental cost of $1,122 but it's far cheaper to buy homes in this neighborhood. The median home purchase price is $282,267. If you're a single who has a dream of home ownership, this is a far more affordable place to do so. The safety rating in this neighborhood is also good, ranked as 41 percent safer than other neighborhoods in Texas. There has been a bit of a resurgence in this neighborhood with growth in local businesses and new construction that makes it appealing to young professionals and singles. More people are moving into the area in this category. There are plenty of outdoor recreational opportunities including the Barton Creek Greenbelt, and a vibrant lie music scene. The Broken Spoke dance hall attracts many singles who enjoy line dancing. There are also casinos bars and pubs in the area that were interesting cocktails and provide gaming nights for dart or pool players. There are plenty of good restaurants in the area as well as coffee houses and a decent commute into the metro part of the city if that' where your job is located.

Old Endfield

8. Old Endfield

According to, Old Endfield is a neighborhood worth checking out if you're single. It's located in the downtown part of the city where all the action is. Old Endfield gets an A+ rating for the conveniences it offers for modern everyday living. there are grocery stores close with plenty of fast food and sit-down restaurants, and entertainment venues. The population is 2,707 which makes it one of the smaller neighborhoods in the city if you don't like crowds.

Downtown Austin

7. Downtown Austin

The Downtown neighborhood of Austin is rated as one of the best places for singles who are young professionals to live. Everything you could ever want or need is nearby. It doesn't take long to drive to the grocery stores that are located on the edge of town about 10 minutes away. If you like to eat out there is a restaurant that is likely to be within walking distance of your home. This is a more densely populated neighborhood of more than 12,000 if you enjoy being around people.

Bouldin Creek

6. Bouldin Creek

Bouldin Creek is a small community of just over 5,600 residents. It's neither too crowded nor too sparse. If you're single, you'll find plenty of other young single professionals living in the area. The cost of living is moderate and there are a lot of entertainment options in the area if you enjoy getting out for a night on the town.

Triangle State

5. Triangle State

Triangle State is another neighborhood in Austin that is highly rated for young single professionals. The population is just over 3,000 but it's a popular place for singles who don't want to live in the downtown area and prefer a smaller and more close-knit community. The people are friendly in this area and the cost of living is affordable for those who are living on a single income but have a job in the city nearby.


4. Galindo

Galindo is an Austin neighborhood with a population of just over 3,700. It's a hot spot for singles that gets an A+ rating for comfort and convenience. It's good for young professional singles because it offers an easy commute into the larger city, but Galindo has plenty of options to provide you with a comfortable lifestyle so you won't need to travel to the metro area unless you want to.

North Loop

3. North Loop

According to Curbed, North Loop is a neighborhood that has a liberal yet funky vibe. It's filled with energetic singles who also have a down-to-earth outlook on life. It's a little dated with a 1992 vibe, but we're told that it offers some of the best pizza joints in the area. There are a lot of working-class people mixed in with a bohemian group of residents. There are plenty of vintage stores, coffee shops, restaurants, and convenience stores in the neighborhood. It's a quirky little neighborhood that is good for those who enjoy an eclectic and laid-back lifestyle as a single. The average rent is about $1,192 for a one-bedroom apartment.


2. Cherrywood

Cherrywood is also a quirky and fun little neighborhood of Austin that is ideal for singles. It offers an exceptionally laid-back vibe featuring streets lined with huge shade trees and more of a southern feeling to it. The neighborhood was established sometime between the 1930s to the 1950s and grew together with a collection of small homes and bungalows with more modern stucco and two-story homes. It's not far from the University of Texas. The rental prices are low when compared to the other neighborhoods in the area with prices averaging between $900 to $1,600 monthly, depending on the style you desire. You'll find a lot of faculty and workers who are employed at the university along with students, creative souls, and retirees. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in this university neighborhood with a choice of three major grocery retailers.

South Menchaca

1. South Menchaca

South Menchaca is the ideal neighborhood for singles who are looking for a community that has the vibe of a friendly hometown. The prices of homes are the lowest of any place in the south part of Austin and it's close enough to the major attractions of Austin's downtown to make it a convenient place to live. There are low-key shops, bars, and restaurants to make it comfortable for singles who prefer a slower pace with amenities of the city a few minutes' drives away.

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