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The Top 20 Restaurants in NYC in 2019

Gallagher's Steakhouse

New York is one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the world. Millions of tourists from all over the globe visit the city every year. A big part of the whole experience that New York offers is all the different types of food that is available. From world-class restaurants to street vendors, you can find any type of food that you are looking for in the city. Twenty of the best places to eat in New York are listed below.

20. Daily Provisions

This cafe is open all day and is especially good for breakfast and lunch. They do a wide selection of baked goods and sandwiches that can be enjoyed up to 4pm, and are conveniently located near to Union Square. Their dinner menu includes simple dishes such as roast chicken and lasagne, but they are expertly cooked and this makes them into something special. They also have a selection of beers and wines to go with your meal. Their desserts are well worth a try regardless of the time of day you are eating.

19. The Pig And Whistle

This pub is located just off Times Square but it doesn't get as hectic as some of the chain restaurants in this area. There is a very relaxed atmosphere and it is the perfect place to get something to eat after a busy day sightseeing. They have a full menu if you want to be seated to eat, and also a bar menu which is a great option if you just want something quick. The drinks menu is also very extensive and includes beers, wines and cocktails.

18. 4 Charles Prime Rib

Located in the theater district, this is the perfect place to go for a late night dinner. After a show is the best time to go because it does get very busy at all other times. It is important to the restaurant that they keep as many original features of the building as possible, as explained on their website. The room has wood paneling and vintage light fixtures which creates an intimate dining experience. Although it is primarily a steak house, one of the most popular items on the menu is the cheeseburger.

17. Fedora

This restaurant has existed in one form or another for over one hundred years. Today it takes on the atmosphere and feel of a modern speakeasy. It is located in the basement of a townhouse in the west village. Visitors to the restaurant end up being just as impressed with the cocktails as they do with the food. Fedora is only open for supper and the menu has been created by chef Jin Kang. Reservations are accepted but a portion of the restaurant is reserved each night for walk in guests.

16. Superiority Burger

You can't go to New York and not have a burger, but this restaurant serves burgers with a difference. Everything on the menu is vegetarian, but if you are a meat eater, then you shouldn't let this put you off. According to Time Out, the main reason to go is that you will get the best veggie burger you have ever tasted. Their menu is not extensive and they do not serve alcohol, but it literally is all about the burgers here. In addition to their regular menu, they also offer specials every day of the week.

15. Carbone

If you want to eat in an Italian-American restaurant that looks like something from a mob movie, then you won't go far wrong with Carbone. The restaurant pays homage to the restaurants of the 20th century where people could go to enjoy the very best food while not having to sit in surroundings that were too pretentious. The restaurant has all the dishes you would expect in somewhere that serves Italian cuisine, but the skills of the chefs mean that they are taken to the next level. Carbone is a place that is in demand and reservations can only be made one month in advance.

14. La Grenouille

Eating at this French restaurant is really like stepping back in time. There are no children allowed so it is not somewhere you can dine as a family. It is expected that the men will wear jackets and all cellphones must be checked in as you enter. Some of the best known celebrities from all over the world have dined here including Richard Burton, Frank Sinatra, David Bowie and Sophia Loren. The restaurant first opened in December 1962 during a blizzard and in the middle of a newspaper strength, but it soon gained a reputation for being the best French restaurant in the city.

13. Russ & Daughters Cafe

For over a century people have waited outside to be served the food that they would eat for breakfast or lunch from Russ & Daughters. The 'appetizing store' is one of the oldest Jewish businesses in the city and a cafe was opened to celebrate the centenary of the business. The cafe has an open kitchen so you are able to see your food being prepared. This also recreates the atmosphere of the original store where people are served over the counter. The cafe also has a soda fountain, and all the sodas served are homemade.

12. Keens Steakhouse

Some of the most famous names in American history have dined at this restaurant and it is decorated with tobacco pipes that they have smoked. Every member of the Pipe Club had their own pipe which was kept at Keens for them to use when they visited. Members of this Pipe Club included Albert Einstein, J.P. Morgan and Teddy Roosevelt. Today Keens is one of the few buildings that remain from what used to be the Herald Square Theatre District. It is still considered to be one of the best steakhouses in the whole of New York.

11. Cote

Korean barbecue has really taken off in the last few years, and in New York no one does this as well as Cote. The restaurant is the perfect mix of Korean barbecue and American steakhouse and this combination creates something really unique. Every table in the restaurant has a smokeless grill which helps to ensure that all the food is served piping hot. Another highlight of the restaurant is their creative cocktail menu where all cocktails have been designed to be the perfect accompaniment to the food that is served. If you prefer a glass of wine, then there are over 1200 labels to choose from.

10. The Modern

This restaurant overlooks the sculpture garden at the MoMA. The menu at this restaurant has been designed by Chef Abram and all the cuisine that is served is very contemporary. The menu changes often to make the most of seasonal ingredients and an award winning wine program complements the food that you will be served. Pastry Chef Jiho Kim has created the dessert menu. The restaurant has been awarded two Michelin Stars which is very impressive considering the restaurant has not been open that long.

9. The Bombay Bread Bar

The interior of the restaurant was designed by film set designer, Kris Moran. This helps to create a unique dining experience, but what really sets this restaurant apart is the food. Chef Floyd Cordoz wanted the restaurant to show New York the very best parts of his home, India. The food served is a reimagining of traditional dishes along with a taste of the street food scene. There is no other Indian restaurant in New York that does things quite like The Bombay Bread Bar.

8. Miznon

You won't realize how many great things can be done with a pita until you visit this restaurant. The Miznon brand began in Tel Aviv but now has restaurants in cities all over the globe. The newest of these can be found in the Chelsea Market in New York. The food that is served at each restaurant is based on the local cuisine and so it is a different experience at each of them. The ingredients that are used are always fresh and locally sourced. The menu will vary from season to season.

7. Upland

It may be a cold and grey day in New York, but a visit to this restaurant will make you feel as if you are in sunny California. Natural wood and leather furnishings come together to create a sophisticated atmosphere throughout the entire restaurant. Everything from the food to the wine has a Californian influence as this is where chef Justin Smillie hails from. The restaurant has an open kitchen and this really adds to the excitement and buzz that diners experience here.

6. 5 Napkin Burger

The restaurant is described as a burger joint, but this is an injustice to the full service experience that you will get here. It gets it's name from the fact that the burgers are so juicy that you are going to need more than one napkin. The ethos of the restaurant is that the burgers are to be enjoyed while sitting down so you can take your time and savor every mouthful. You will be given a knife and fork but you have the choice whether to use it or not. There is an extensive range of wines and craft beers that you can enjoy with your meal.

5. Piccola Cucina Osteria

This is a tiny restaurant in the heart of Soho, but the small size only adds to the atmosphere. The owners like to see that everyone is enjoying their food and when you are in such close quarters you also get the chance to meet the other customers and this increases the friendly atmosphere of the restaurant. All of the food is home cooked in a traditional Italian style and the menu has all the classics that you would expect.

4. The NoMad

The service that you will get at this restaurant is some of the best in New York. This is something that the restaurant prides itself on. The restaurant is located within the hotel but it is not as pricey as you may have been expecting. The brains behind the restaurant are Chef Daniel Humm and Restaurateur Will Guidara and the two have worked together on other projects before. The atmosphere of the restaurant is very relaxed and it can be described as a casual dining experience.

3. Joe & Pat's Pizzeria

A visit to this pizzeria is well worth making the journey to Staten Island. The restaurant was first opened in 1960 and it has been voted as the number one pizzeria in Staten Island for the seventh year in a row. The pizza bases are very thin and they have been baked in the same way since the restaurant first opened. As well as pizza, they also do a wide selection of pasta dishes as well as traditional Italian desserts.

2. Gallagher's Steakhouse

One of the best features of this restaurant is the meat locker which can be viewed from the street. It has become somewhat of a tradition to have your photo taken in front of this window after you have eaten at the restaurant. It is the only steakhouse in New York that still cooks steaks in the traditional way of being grilled over hickory coals. This method of cooking keeps the flavor of the steak while ensuring the steak itself is so tender it will melt in your mouth.

1. Eleven Madison Park

There were concerns that this restaurant would lose some of its touch when it closed for refurbishment, but thankfully this is not the case. It is still considered to be the very best fine dining restaurant in the whole city. Many food critics go one step further and describe it as the best restaurant of any type. It is located on the corner of 24th Street and Madison Avenue and has breathtaking views of Madison Square Park. In the main dining room you will have a choice between an eight and ten course menu. There is also a smaller menu available in the bar area along with a choice of cocktails.

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