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The 10 Best Water Parks in Oregon

Wings and Waves

Oregon doesn't have many water parks, and the ones it does have tend to be relatively small. But small can be charming, especially when there are slides, waves pools, dumping buckets, and water cannons involved. If you're looking to enjoy a day splashing around in the water, these are the 10 best water parks in Oregon to check out.

Blue Lake

10. Blue Lake Park, Fairview

On a sunny day, there are few better places than Blue Lake Park in Fairview to cool off. Water fans will have a blast on the splash pad, which comes complete with dozens of fun features that squirt water in all directions, along with dumping buckets and geysers. You could also try some fishing off the pier, enjoy a splash around the lake, or soak up the sun on the sandy beach.

Shute Park

9. Shute Park Aquatic & Recreation Center, Hillsboro

Shute Park Aquatic & Recreation Center has everything you need for a fun-packed day in the water. The aquatic area boasts three pools along with a sauna and a spa pool. Aquatic fitness classes and swimming lessons are also available. If you feel like a workout, head for the recreation center to check out the spin, weight, and cardio rooms. For something a little more relaxing, try booking a massage instead.

Mt. Scott

8. Mount Scott Community Center, Portland

Mount Scott Community Center was built in the 1920s as a wooden bathhouse, but over the years, it's grown into one of Portland's best-loved family destinations. It's not huge, but there's more than enough to keep you entertained, with a relaxing lazy river, a kiddie area with toys and inflatables, a thrilling, sky-high slide, and a mammoth-sized pool to splash around in.

Emigrant Lake, Ashland

7. Emigrant Lake, Ashland

If you want to combine a great time in the water with some fun outdoor adventure, take the advice of The Crazy Tourist and head for Emigrant Lake in Ashland. You could bring along your canoe to enjoy a relaxing float around the lake, or simply splash around in the crystal clear waters. There's a huge two hundred and eighty-foot water slide for thrill-seekers, plus plenty of lovely sandy beaches to relax on or build some sandcastles. If you feel like spreading the experience over a few days, you'll find several excellent campgrounds scattered around the park.

North Clackamas

6. North Clackamas Aquatic Park, Milwaukie

Ranked as one of the best water parks in Oregon by, North Clackamas Aquatic Park in Milwaukie is the kind of park that the whole family will get a kick out off. You can practice your front crawl in the huge lap pool, splash around in the wave pool, or take a relaxing soak in the hot tub. There's also a fun, activity-packed kiddie pool for the little ones to enjoy, along with aquatic classes and swimming lessons. The park is open throughout the year and comes with the additional benefit of a climbing wall and volleyball courts.


5. Pendleton Family Aquatic Center, Pendleton

If you're looking to cool off on a hot summer's day, head for Pendleton Family Aquatic Center in Pendleton. It might not be the biggest water park in the world, but it's packed with attractions, including a huge pool with a dive well for you to practice your tricks and flicks, a kiddie pool with zero-depth entry, water mushrooms, and other fun toys, two giant waterslides that are perfect for adrenalin junkies, and a bunch of smaller slides for tiny riders. Visitors who bring their own lunch will find plenty of picnic areas scattered around to enjoy some al fresco dining.


4. Astoria Aquatic Center, Astoria

Regardless of the season, the indoor water park experience at Astoria Aquatic Center in Astoria guarantees endless fun for all ages. With four large pools on offer (including a mammoth twenty-five-meter lap pool, a recreation pool that comes with a relaxing lazy river and the thrilling Big Red waterslide, and a warm kiddie pool for the little ones to enjoy), it's got everything you need to enjoy a day of wild and wet adventure. The center also offers swimming lessons, lifeguard training, and aquatic fitness classes.

Splash Lively

3. Splash at Lively Park, Springfield

Trip Savvy has named Splash at Lively Park in Springfield one of Oregon's best water parks, and with very good reason. Open all year round, it promises guests hours of fun, with enough activities and attractions to keep the whole family happy. If you feel like relaxing, head for the wave pool. If you're after a thrill, the huge waterslide is guaranteed to get your heart pumping. There's also a lap pool, children's areas with sprayers and inflatables, a play area where you can shoot some hoops, and for the adults, a deeply indulgent spa area. If you get hungry, there's a concession stand to take care of all your snacking needs.


2. Osborn Aquatic Center, Corvallis

If you're looking for a fun time in Corvallis, look no further than Osborn Aquatic Center. With four huge pools to its name, it's the perfect place to enjoy some wet and wild times in the water. One of the pools has both a sky-high diving board and a low diving board for guests to show off their flips, which another boasts a thrilling twenty-two-foot-tall, one hundred and fifty-eight-foot long waterslide. Little kids have their own pool to splash around in, while the whole family will enjoy the water cannons, geysers, slides, and dumping buckets in the play area. If you get tired of the water, the park also has a zip line and two climbing walls to make use of.

Wings and Waves

1. Wings & Waves Waterpark, McMinnville, Oregon

Water parks don't get much more thrilling than Wings & Waves Waterpark in McMinnville. It's one of the biggest aquatic centers in the state, and as you'd expect, is crammed to bursting with fun attractions and activities to enjoy. There are 10 slides in total, including some pint-sized versions for the little ones and a slide replica of a Boeing 747 that takes its lead from the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum (of which the waterpark is part). There's also a wave pool, a leisure pool, a bowl ride, and a vortex pool, along with a bunch of hands-on exhibits designed to educate guests about the importance of water throughout history in the most fun way possible.

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