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The 20 Best Places to Visit in Michigan


Michigan is a state that sits in the Great Lakes region in the upper Midwestern part of the United States. The population in Michigan is approximately 10.12 million and covers an area of 250,000 square kilometers. In terms of population, Michigan is the 10th largest state in the U.S. Far from that, Michigan is a great spot for travelers looking for the best destinations in the United States. As opposed to the belief by many people, Michigan will entice travelers in one way or another. From the tall-standing dunes to the edge of Detroit, Michigan is a good state to explore.

Isle Royale National Park

20. Isle Royale National Park

The Isle Royale National Park in Michigan is as original as the name. The park is located on the Canadian-U.S border, and it is good to get there when you have time to spare. According to treehugger, the park covers 894 square miles. Its wilderness feel will be good for people who want to experience Michigan’s natural beauty. The park is a good spot for bikes, backpackers, and kayakers. As you explore the ark, stop at Rick Harbor Lighthouse and gather important pieces of history.


19. Detroit

Commonly referred to as the ‘Motor City,’ Detroit has many attractions that will give visitors of every age an awesome vacation experience. Many museums in Detroit, including Henry Ford and Automotive Hall of Fame museums. Detroit is not short of family activities, some of which include riverboat cruises on the Detroit Princess. The Detroit Zoo and Legoland Discover Center are other spots you must visit.


18. Saginaw

Saginaw hosts sites like the Saginaw Valley Trail. The city has many opportunities and cultures in the form of museums and much more. Among the activities that you should try in Saginaw are visiting Tea House and the Japanese Cultural Center. This is among the most original Japanese tea houses in the Midwest. To experience the stunning views of nature and the town, ensure to catch the boat tours. The Saginaw Art Museum is also worth visiting since this is among the town’s most prominent cultural and historical sites.

Mackinac Bridge

17. Mackinac Bridge

The Mackinac Bridge is among the most iconic bridges in the town of Michigan, connecting the lower and upper Peninsulas. This bridge is a busy transportation route along the main highway. However, that does not stop it from being a tourist destination for recreation and sightseeing. According to Mackinawcity, this bridge was constructed in 1956 and has remained the longest bridge stretching over 5 miles in length. The best time to visit the Mackinac Bridge is during summer when people come for photography or bird watching.

Windmill Island Gardens

16. Windmill Island Gardens

The Windmill Island Gardens, nestled in Holland, prides itself on the blooming tulips stretching for many miles. This colorful array of tulips is something that visitors embrace. Windmill Island Gardens boasts 36 acres of properly-maintained botany. The place hosts the remaining authentic Dutch windmill that you will see in the U.S. It is beautiful and massive, trapped in the heart of a very colorful show. Located on Lake Macatawa banks, amazing waterfront views are free to view.


15. Manistee

Water lovers will find Manistee a paradise as it is almost surrounded by water. Manistee’s surrounding waters include Manistee Lake, Lake Michigan, and the Manistee River. For that reason, the town becomes an ideal spot for any outdoor enthusiast who enjoys kayaking, paddle boarding, and other water-based outdoor activities. Other favorable spots in Manistee include Manistee Marina. This place hosts shops, bars, restaurants, and some historical landmarks. When you visit Manistee during summer, you will enjoy its many hiking trails and water adventures.

Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

14. Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Lying along the shores of Lake Superior is 40 miles of fantastic natural beauty, according to nationalparks. At the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, get ready to see a diverse landscape comprising dunes, beaches, sandstone cliffs, and waterfalls. Along the backdrop, hikers have something to enjoy. Hiking trails are stretching for 90 miles, with some offering backcountry camping. Other activities you can enjoy here include swimming, cycling, boating, and picnicking. There are also ranger-led tours and programs, which include day hikes, boat tours, and evening programs.

Traverse City

13. Traverse City

With a population of around 15000 people, Traverse City has remained a ‘Big’ City. There are superb restaurants and eateries perfect for couples. Some activities to enjoy in Traverse City include parasailing, beach lounging, and kayaking, just to name a few. The city has excellent boutiques that shopaholics will enjoy exploring. If you are into nightlife, you will also enjoy your stay in Traverse City. Be sure to pass by the bookstores and grab your perfect read.

Ann Arbor

12. Ann Arbor

One good thing about Ann Arbor is that despite looking like a small city, it has as much to offer as the big cities. You will find museums, restaurants, theaters, and the best shopping joints here. This one is a cultural city that hosts several art galleries. The notable one is the University of Michigan Museum. You will find at least 20,000 artworks in the museum, like the paintings by Diego Rivera and Pablo Picasso. Theater lovers ought to stop at the Michigan Theater for a thrilling experience.
The Great Lakes Bay

11. The Great Lakes Bay

Touring Great Lakes Bay is definitely among the things you will want to do as you enjoy your time in Michigan. This region is a good destination for a summer gateway as a group with friends or family. Kick off your tour with Frankenmuth town. In this town, kids will have fun in the kids’ museum and the indoor water parks. You should also try not to miss Midland, also known as the Modern Explorers City. This is where the Midland Center for Arts is located, where you will enjoy endless performances and exhibitions.

Soo Locks Boat Tour

10. Soo Locks Boat Tour

In this boat tour, visitors enjoy cruising one of the largest waterway traffic systems in the world. Soo Locks offers a passageway for the freight ships that pass from the U.S. to Canada through Lake Superior. This boat tour presents a good chance for tourists to experience a boat ride via the locks. There is a huge ship that picks up passengers at two different docks before making its way to the American Locks. The tour will later exit through the Canadian Locks.

Silver Lake

9. Silver Lake

Someone lied to you that there are no dunes in Michigan? Prove them wrong by visiting Silver Lake, among the coolest places with dunes. Many people visit Silver Lake annually for its dunes, among the tallest found in Michigan. Actually, according to Laist, Rasputin’s daughter has lived here. Other than dunes, Silver Lakes has activities for all ages and tastes. You will find a little beach that has a playground for the kids to play. Again, ride a dune buggy or an ATV right on the sand while at Silver Lake. You will find some companies offering the service normally hired full day or for hours.


8. Marquette

Marquette is a college town that has something for everyone in any season. During summer, for instance, the place is so quiet with the students home for their summer break. This is the time that residents get to enjoy the outdoors. In Marquette, get ready for biking and hiking trails leading to some scenic waterfalls or overlooks. Some people say fall is the best period to visit Marquette due to the amazing fall colors. Since there are so many trees around and in this city, you will definitely enjoy the spectacular colors. You should also visit during winter as the hilly landscape makes it good for snowballing, skiing, and snowshoeing.

Grand Rapids

7. Grand Rapids

Beer lovers should not miss Grand Rapids, commonly known as Beer City, USA. Grand Rapids sits along the banks of the Grand River near Lake Michigan. You will find more than 80 Craft Breweries and many other rewards here. If you are not a beer lover, there is a lot more to enjoy including shopping and amazing art galleries. While you tour the Sculpture Park, kids will be busy in the John Ball Zoo. Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the Grand River Heritage Trail, a 41-mile waterway.

Port Huron- Blue Water Area

6. Port Huron- Blue Water Area

Sitting on the shores of St. Clair River and Lake Huron, Blue Water Area is a place worth visiting. This is among the most popular spots in Michigan. One of the experiences here is swimming in the clear blue waters. The Blue Water Area prides itself on magnificent waterfront communities you will enjoy exploring with your friends. You will have an amazing time on the water as you enjoy kayaking, boating, and similar activities. According to, there is a 10-mile water trail for these water-based activities. There are many activities to enjoy on land, including shopping at boutique stores, golfing, and much more.


5. Charlevoix

Michigan experiences dark skies, which makes Charlevoix one of the best regions to visit in Michigan for stargazing. This region prides itself on vast nature preserves and fewer lights, making it a great spot to see meteor showers and northern lights. Charlevoix is a mix of attractions from farmer markets to antique stores and art galleries. You need to spend quality time here, especially in the Cultural Corridor. You can take a cooking or art class from the many local merchants here.

The Porcupine Mountains

4. The Porcupine Mountains

For people who are looking forward to an unplugged Michigan trip, Porcupine is a great spot to visit. Located on the Upper Peninsula, this area will allow you to explore some of the areas of Michigan that have been unexplored for a long time. Hiking enthusiasts always come here to enjoy the scenic hiking trails stretching for 87 miles. Apart from that, Lake Superior offers 21 beaches where you will enjoy seeing so many clouds over the forest valley. Another major attraction in this area includes the waterfalls in the mountains. Among the many waterfalls in the area are the Agate and Bond Falls.

Beaver Island

3. Beaver Island

Michigan offers so many stunning places you should visit and experience so much beauty. Among these, Beaver Island is a no-miss as it is in the middle of L. Michigan with a population of only 600. The area is well secluded, setting it the best spot for stargazing in the U.S. Even though it requires some effort to get to the island, you will agree with us that the effort will be worth it. According to bibco, the island is 13 miles long. People get here either by plane or ferry from Charlevoix. You will enjoy kayaking or canoeing along the paddle trails stretching 42 miles around the island. If you are conservative, your heart will melt with the island's ‘leave no trace principle of the island.

South Haven

2. South Haven

This lakefront is a good place for people who enjoy being outdoors. South Haven hosts very spectacular sunsets over L. Michigan, and there are so many water activities to participate in. You will not be limited in terms of the outdoor activities you can enjoy in South Haven. Very nice biking, hiking trails, and noteworthy beaches are ready for visits during summer. Food lovers are not left behind in South Haven as well. The area has tasty restaurants and some cool breweries for beer lovers.


1. Saugatuck

The history of Saugatuck town is deep in arts and crafts, which makes it a great arts scene. Here, you can expect to find so many art galleries with artists busy showcasing their prowess. According to the locals, Saugatuck loosely translates to ‘Art coast of Michigan.’ Therefore, everything related to art is to be found in this location. Besides art, Saugatuck town prides itself on a beautiful beach scene. You will love the sunsets on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Additionally, there is so much hiking in the area for hiking lovers.

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