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Five Last-Mile Delivery Startups to Watch Out For in 2022

Last Mile Delivery

The last mile, or the final leg of a package's journey to its destination, is often the most expensive part of the shipment process. To reduce delivery costs and improve customer experience, companies explore new ways to deliver packages to homes and businesses. Analysts predict that startups will continue to develop new approaches to reach customers within the next five years. The advent of autonomous vehicles like drones and self-driving cars will likely pave the way for innovation in last-mile delivery. Startups aim to utilize these disruptive technologies for creating affordable solutions with faster deliveries. Five startups are expected to make waves in the last-mile delivery industry in 2022.

5. Boosmap

Boosmap, founded in 2016, provides a reverse logistics platform that helps retailers and brands track, monitor, and locally return used or damaged packages that have been returned to stores. The startup uses GPS tracking technology to identify the location of products in real-time. Boosmap allows companies to check the status of every item in their returns process. According to Boosmap, their platform also helps stores and brands to save time and improve customer experience by offering on-demand delivery services. Boosmap also develops software tools for monitoring orders in real-time. It helps brands customize their returns process by allowing them to set time-bound return deadlines, specify items that cannot be returned, and offer in-store credit. The platform is currently operating in Chile with plans to expand in the US, Latin America, and Europe. Since its founding year, 2016, Boosmap has raised millions of dollars in a couple of rounds of funding. That means the startup has some sufficient funding to dominate its market. State-of-the-art technology enables retailers and brands to reduce delivery costs and deliver better customer service by offering on-demand delivery services. Clients save their time with customized return processes by allowing them to set time-bound return deadlines, specify items that cannot be returned, and offer in-store credit.

4. Ryders

Ryders, founded in 2018, is a London-based delivery service that aims to craft better deliveries by providing ground delivery services. The startup has full-time couriers who follow the rules and protocols to improve customer experience with enhanced safety and tracking technologies. Ryders' mobile order routing technology provides real-time updates about package location and status throughout its journey to the recipient's doorstep. It features self-scheduling open availability for fast same-day deliveries and guaranteed time slot options. The company's headquarters are in London, and it has a delivery coverage of more than 100 countries across the globe. With the last-mile delivery services growing by leaps and bounds, Ryders is expected to thrive in its niche because of its strong premise as well as a solid business model. According to the company, it plans to expand its service offerings for more straightforward navigation and booking. It is expected to overgrow in the following years, making it one of the rising stars in the last-mile delivery industry.

3. GetHenry

GetHenry, founded in 2018, is an e-commerce platform that offers on-demand leasing services for electric vehicles. The startup has developed a scalable business model to make it easier for customers to lease e-bikes and deliver packages within the shortest possible time. GetHenry's rental platform features high-value bicycles (electric bikes) equipped with GPS tracking capabilities, theft protection technologies, and mobile lockers. Brands using its rental platform can brand their vehicles with custom paint jobs and logos. Customers can track deliveries on a real-time basis using the company's mobile app. GetHenry was recently acquired by Raleigh Bicycle Co., making it one of the fastest-growing startups in the last mile delivery industry. Moreover, GetHenry leases electric scooters in the US and Germany. With Raleigh Bicycle Co. on board, GetHenry is expected to expand into new geographical frontiers in the coming years. GetHenry has a dedicated fleet of delivery professionals trained with GPS tracking safety protocols and mobile inventory management systems to ensure flexible last-mile deliveries with the most affordable rates in the industry.

2. Citibox

Citibox is a Madrid-based startup company that specializes in last-mile deliveries. The platform enables e-commerce businesses to offer on-demand services and ground delivery options for purchases made over the internet. The Citibox service offers private, secure home delivery of items purchased online. For instance, if you order some products from Amazon or other websites, they will be delivered to your doorstep through Citibox's platform without you having to reveal your address to the courier who delivers them. According to the company, this feature ensures absolute security and maximum privacy for its customers. It only takes roughly 30 minutes for orders to arrive at their destination after being shipped by retailers using Citibox's network of carriers. In addition to its home deliveries, Citibox is expected to expand into other delivery services, such as delivering e-commerce packages from stores to customers' doorsteps. With an extensive network of carriers working with it, Citibox is one of the rising stars in the last mile delivery industry.

1. Urbeez

Urbeez is a Brussels-based startup that leverages the power of electric bikes to provide last-mile deliveries. The platform connects courier companies and delivery professionals with customers who need express deliveries in city centers. Customers have to place an order via the Urbeez mobile app, and within 30 minutes, their packages will be delivered right to their doorstep by professional couriers riding Urbeez e-bikes. According to the company, they have developed a suite of apps for its couriers and customers as well as built software applications such as pickup and dropoff management tools, customer profile platforms, and real-time tracking systems. It also provides courier services for online retailers. Urbeez has reinvented the art of logistics by saving time, money and reducing carbon emissions.


Last-mile delivery is a complex process. Many startups have come up with unique approaches to solve the problems associated with last-mile deliveries. These startups are scaling rapidly, and they could become market leaders in this sector in the next few years. And you can expect delivery services such as Citibox and Urbeez to become household names in the coming future.

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